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“I m on the roof of the old gotham fm building. Someone s after me me i don t know who he s gonna find me i need help music batman help me what are you doing up here. There s someone after me. He s trying to kill me who i think he works for strange that bastard has me working on his damn tower for six months and no sooner is it all operational he has me thrown in here.

What were you working on there are a number of signal relay points around the top of the tower. The specification. I need to set up a crime scene here it s the only way to find out who killed this man the bullet. It here shot was taken from somewhere around here.

I should scan. The area there s the shell casing. Alfred take a look at the image. That s just uploaded to the bad computer.

It is deadshot is in arkham city. It seems unlikely. But i m not ruling anything out the world not him send me the full database entry for deadshot. I ve uploaded everything i know about the victim.

I ll be in touch music the bad computer has detected another round fired from deadshot s weapon. I ve analyzed the impact sound and the bullet struck in this approximate location..

His next victim will be here somewhere deadshot must be stopped music looks like i found another deadshot victim. I should scan this area for evidence the bullet impacted here deadshot struck again some of the prisoners in here are not your typical bad guys. Barbara. There are a number of political prisoners people who crossed strange others who were tied into the mayor somehow there s a pattern here.

I just need to figure out what it is i m going to check out the location. He fired from through the water tower. He s obviously using customized high powered weapons and ammunition deadshot left behind a tripod maybe. It holds a clue about where to find him deadshot made a mistake.

He doesn t know he made it he used a tripod to steady his shot the tripod has trace elements of a rust like metallic compound. Wherever he stored his weapon must be made of that compound this isn t my first day on the job barbara. The particles contain a small amount of a specific lead compound that was used in paints for a short period 20 years ago. I ve isolated the possible locations.

But there are too many to check deadshot s getting sloppy. If he makes another mistake like this he s mine batman. I ve detected the distinctive sound of deadshot sniper rifle firing again inside arkham city. I ve triangulated the bullet impact sound to this location.

If deadshot is killed. Again..

The victim will be in this vicinity. Feel this place getting worse minutes music this sucker don t know man. It was here when i got here someone. Though who he was how do you know there are dead people all over this hellhole.

This was an execution one bullet to the head perfect shot. Really what s so special about this guy. The only thing. I know is that whoever killed it will be long gone people who do hits like this don t hang around a third victim.

It looks like he was hiding behind this car when he was killed how did deadshot do it good. He s killed again we need to stop him first both were strange. The first victim was a specialist in wireless. Broadcast technology.

He worked on the tower communication system and the other one i can t find any information about what he worked on which is suspicious enough if you ask me. But he was previously contracted on military projects specializing in advanced weapon delivery system deadshot s clearing up strangers mess. I ll track this shot to see if he left anything i can use to find it good work bob music. The bullet hit here that s how he did it deadshot ricocheted.

His shot off this shutter to make the shot dead shot would have been lying down his body heat melted. The snow..

There we ve got em oracle. I ve isolated a number of very distinctive plastic phase particles and identified items that use this material in their construction. So i see looking at the possible choices. I assume you ve decided on the power substations right exactly cross referencing this against locations that would definitely contain the metallic particles from the second crime scene gives us i ve marked the map i ll let you know what happens the only way i m gonna find deadshot is to check out each of the locations that match his forensic profile music.

There s an electrical substation in this area. It could be the one deadshot used deadshot was here he was using this substation to store his equipment and a pda it s heavily encrypted. I ll need to bypass the security. If i m going to find out any more about deadshot and what he s doing here.

This pda was definitely given to deadshot by hugo strange. It looks like he was smuggled into arkham in order to take out a specific list of threats. Too strange. His position let s see deadshot only has three targets left jack ryder bruce wayne and batman.

Damn he s working to a schedule ryder s his next hit. He s marked his current location. He s going to kill him in two minutes. If i don t get to him in time music third.

Bruce wayne get not in our sub city. Music..

Joke. Is that ed lavandera music music. Music. Jack ryder s going to be killed.

In less than a minute music. You made me miss my target batman. I never miss i could play this game all night batman after i kill you i ll kill jack ryder. Bruce wayne.

Then i can just collect my check music you want to try your luck go on then stop hiding like a baby and fight. Where have you gone music music and over batman hi. He s not a problem. Anymore.

I ll let gordon. Know where he is and come back for him later. ” ..


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Batman: Arkham City Side Mission Walkthrough Video in High Definition

Game played on Hard Difficulty


Side Mission: Shot in the Dark

Start Location: Amusement Mile

Character: Deadshot Floyd Lawton


Related Achievements Trophies:
– Forensic Expert
– Contract Terminated
– Perfect Knight – Day 2


Game available on: Sony PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 u0026 PC
Video recorded on: Microsoft Xbox 360


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