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“Dark knight. It seems you have earned the right to die at my mechanical hands. Hands. But let us be clear.

We do not meet as equals in fact you have not a hope of victory. Oh. I wish i could say that i have found this one sided rivalry of ours intellectually stimulating. But in truth.

I grew bored of you long ago..

Killing you here will finally liberate me to engage in more edifying pursuits. You will be neither miss nor mechanical homicidal and red and you are mine. So many riddles. There s no way you solve them all sorry eddie.

But it looks like you re cheating to me. No. What are you doing here this is not my cat eddie sweetie. You invited me remember you didn t extract infection.


This one. Thank you can defeat my creations. Perfect perfect victory here you go hit it again go on music geez selfie action. It s funny here take a pic applause thank selena for the daring last minute rescue.

It was very heroic it was under control sure it was now be a good damsel and bestow a kiss on your gallant hero. Play nice you re not playing at all no i m not not anymore. And what s that supposed to mean it means. This is the an selena it means.

We can t i can t i will see you again right no one will gotham needs something more something worse to defend her..

She needs a new myth. The legend more powerful than i can be right now a legend that can only rise from the ashes of the batman. Some things you can t do alone bruce. And some things you have to call if you need me i won t i know i just wanted to say it music where am.

I what s happening to me you re a smart man edward. I m sure you ll figure it out cheated catwoman cheated he stole my victory from me a fight i couldn t win that doesn t even fit your definition of playing fair. It was bear it you weren t able to bypass the robots multi layer encryption decipher their unique operating system and reprogram the mid battle that doesn t mean you get to call an assistance you need help music how d you go nygma. I could have brought me here twice as quickly well riddle me this was green crowd and ass kicked all over how exceedingly droll.

I won t be needing a lawyer you jumped up security guard..

I will represent myself music. Oh you forget you bothersome bat every time you overcome my puzzles. I learned that little bit more about you soon enough. There will be a riddle that leaves you dead.

Alfred. It s time for ” ..

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Batman Arkham Knight Riddler Boss Fight (All Riddles Obtained)

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