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“What s going on guys come on mozzie here. And with there being less than than 48 hours. Before battle fires. Ross worldwide release.

I felt it would be a time talking about some of the most important things you should be focusing on once you reach 120. I did choose to omit certain activities such as war fronts through them releasing a few weeks later and the war campaign is that something you should focus on completing while leveling from 110 to 120. If possible let s jump right in take a look reputations are going to play a very large role in the first few weeks about a fair azeroth in our in my opinion. The most important area to focus on each faction has four specific reputations that correspond to their own faction and to neutral reputations.

That are shared between both factions. The champions of azeroth reputation is the most important rep to focus on is reaching friendly honored and revered with them grants a quest with the reward being 15 iron levels not artifact power levels. But actual item levels to your heart of azeroth neckpiece. The honor abandon seventh legion reputation is depending on your faction are also very important as your veer is required to unlock the final chapter of the corresponding factions of war campaign.

One of the fastest ways to gain reputation with the report of the new items called contracts they re very similar to the old tabards used to be able to wear in dungeons that would grant you rep with said reputation there are contracts available for every reputation except for the honorbound and seventh legion for horde and alliance respectively. They are made by inscription and can you purchase from the auction house. My recommendation is to purchase or craft. The one for the champions of azeroth as the 15.

I level neck rewards are very important once you actually finish with that one feel free to purchase whichever. One is most important to you world quests are obviously another great way to gain rep with specific factions. You will receive a small amount of reputation with your chosen contract as well as rep with the reputation the world crest corresponds to upon completion most of your honor and bounded seventh legion rep will come from world quest in the opposing faction zones of the first few weeks. So make sure you get those footholds established early while leveling.

It is also worth mentioning if the follower mission table is back and operates pretty much the exact same way it does in legion rewards will vary between gold artifact..

Power reputation tokens and various other items at times the other four factions have toys recipes pets mounts and gear that you can purchase a friendly honored revered and insulted it s worth noting. If the gear you can purchase at revere is item level 335 and the exalted gear is item level 350. I ll have a link to a list containing each fashions rewards in the description below if you are shooting for 21 or more levels on your heart of azeroth before the opening goal tier doing your daily heroic as well as potentially a few extra heroics will give a decent bit of artifact power he first random daily heroic reward 300 attack power with 150 artifact power being the reward for heroic dungeons run after the first one that day running normal bfa dungeons rewards. 125 artifact power at the end which is not much for difference from heroic if you already have a premade group for mythic sera.

Dungeons and battle for ezra make sure to get them all done or as much as you can in week. 1 blizzards. Already stated for those who are interested in rushing to 120 and trying to squeeze in a few before the normal weekend you reset. That s not going to be an option that there will only be opening after the normal reset.

Time on tuesday for us. There are 10 total dungeons that are open on launch each faction has one dungeon k2 behind us were camping seeds borealis for the horde and king rest for the alliance. Our said dungeons and will take a bit of time to unlock even though the titan forage camp is lower than it will be when both old dear mythic busts open. It is important to be as weird as possible if you plan on pushing or grinding with it plus the week it opens.

So be sure to knock them out if you have the time another great source of artifact powers island expeditions with war fronts not being open until a few weeks after launch. I expect a good portion. The player base will be grinding expeditions both pvp and mythic mode expeditions reward. 300 ap win heroic grants.

225. And normal grants a whopping 150 rfi power it s worth mentioning that there s a tracker at the top with the island exhibition table that tracks your weekly as a write collection once you reach. 40000 you are rewarded with 2500. Firepower seeing as how each wing gives 6000 as right it should take 7 wins to reach that 40k or a different mix of wins and losses.

If you have some free time on your hands..

Once you reach 120 or technically. I suppose. While you re so leveling gathering professions going to be a great way to make money in the first week a battle for azeroth herbalism mining. And even skinning in a sense.

We ll be raking in the gold with everyone fighting over scarce amounts of herbs or other crafting materials. One change. I m a big fan of myself is the fact. That high level.

Bo. P. Crafted. Gear has returned at battle for azeroth tailors.

Blacksmiths and leather workers can each craft. Two specific pieces of gear for themselves. As they are bo p. And start idle level 355.

They are then upgradeable 370 and eventually 385. Which is the same idol of as mythical deer loop with all the loot not being personal as well. It might be a long time before you see that pair of legs or gloves drop. But you re after so being able to craft a specific piece would be amazing.

They are very costly..

However each requiring a great deal of expo. Some they can only be acquired from gathering professions alchemy transmutes or from the actual gear scrapper. Which we ll get to in a minute here the required sanguine sell materials for the 370 and 385 versions drop an old deer from bosses. So you should have enough to craft a piece in the first few weeks of old deer and the final topic that i wanted to discuss today is the scrapper or more specifically the shred master mk1.

It is located right near the profession trainers and zola s are for the horde and the trade winds market. If your alliance. It is a new device that allows the breakdown or scrapping of good quality armor and weapons alike. It can refund a good bit of materials including common uncommon and rare cloth different types of ore and most importantly expo.

Some this seems to be the main waiver. Blair is outside of alchemist to actually gather expose something for crafting needs. Seeing as how we do require a great deal of it for the 355 370 and 3 to 5 fee of p. Crafting gear.

It s extremely important that you save all of your leveling gear and drops. That are good quality are better for the. Scrapper if you have some kind of mobile mailbox you can. Mail the bewe items to an alt.

While leveling. If your bags are full and send them back at a later time for scrapping thanks for watching guys hopefully this quick guide gave you a much better understanding of certain tasks that should be completed at 120. And what should be focused on in the first few weeks of battle fans are off. I have to admit that i m a pretty big fan of the returning.

Bo p..

Crafted. Gear. And the scrapper is also pretty neat addition to the game. As well.

It actually gives players who aren t enchanter or something to do with all. The lettering. Rewards and be a weaselly require. While leveling.

Besides. Just simply actually been during them. I ll be dropping a good bit of links in the description below pertaining to a lot of the topics discussed here if you want to read a bit more on them as well if you guys want to see more work out of content in help support the channel smash shows like share and subscribe buttons. As your support really helps thanks so much here.

I said i ll see you on less than 48 hours in battle for as raw piece. uture. Without having to rely on youtube. Which can be all over the place and something that really is not stable so check that out if you re interested and check out the website as well a really great community.

There the facebook community a lot of people playing this and many other games. So if you want to group up and meet some people and be social as a gamer those are great places to do so that s gonna wrap it up. Though thank you for watching and as always have a nice night ” ..


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Seeing as how Battle for Azeroth launches in under 48 hours I felt it would be a great time to take a look at important tasks and reputations to focus on at 120! I did choose to omit some as certain modes of play and are opening a few weeks after BFA s actual launch! Let me know what you think and what else you feel is important in the comments below!

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