Beginner's Combat Guide To Yakuza 0

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“Guys and welcome to yet another commentary video. I hope every one of you managed managed to be orderly aquaszero if you still haven t i highly advise you give a try as soon as you can moving on to the odd title of the video. I have seen some people in misconceptions who for example think you re physicists have accounting system in combat. When it clearly does and wears.

It as a badge of honor. The aim of this video is simply to cover the basics of the combat in the aquaszero. Which can easily be applied to other officer games as well to give newcomers a better idea of how the combat works and hopefully get them to enjoy your because come back further. And see just how much it really has to offer also just to make this clear come back knee up to zero or any other user game.

It s just the tip of the iceberg these games have a lot to offer besides gilson telling stories. There are countless startactivity hilarious sub stories and entertaining mini games you can have a blast with i mean look at this picking up a phone has never been so epic. This video is intended for newcomers. I will be using footage of that japanese version that i already have to that people who get into this game can watch and learn from this video as soon as they can without further ado.

Let s start with the number one tip of yakuza zero use your lock on locking onto enemies and especially bosses can help you land attacks much more easier and on that specific enemy. You have to hold r1 to lock onto the chosen enemy. Sometimes you will need to hold r1 for specific moves such as counters. Which we will get to later on in this video you can choose not to lock on to attack more loosely in case there are multiple enemies.

However without lock on your quick setting may become less effective for specific angles. But it could work for crowd also attacking without lock on allows you to use directional attacks. Which basically allow you to change the direction of the rush combo. While you re in the mixture that directional attacks can be very useful.

Especially when it comes to trial next up. We have the golden rule of don t smash where to your victory. This is one of the most basic tips..


I could give you a matching square in a game like jakob is zero. It s one of the biggest things you should avoid you will look very ungrateful not realizing that you have tens upon tens. If not hundreds of moves in your arsenal. Especially the more you upgrade kill you or majima.

The playable characters instead do what we call rush combos think of the square combos as the starter and the finishing blow. Which you follow up by triangle as the main course allow me to demonstrate this more clearly in this footage. I press square then follow it up by triangles as you can see this is already so much more effective than mashing square since it can knock down your opponent. Now depending on the character and the style you can press square up to a different amount of time with the curious brawler soil for example you can press square up to four times.

Giving you the ability to generate four rush combos and that specific style to make it even more clear take a look at this this is square triangle as we ve just seen this is square square triangle triple square triangle quadruple square triangle and you can see following this simple tip you ll be able to land hits more effectively and what more brutal while you re at it now compared between matching square. And the defied escape and you ll see for yourself just how much better the performance and grace are for the following tips. We have grads with circle your character can grab enemies for a few possible outcomes for example. Tapping square.

And curious. Growler style while grabbing an enemy with circle will result. In this or you can press triangle. Which will do this or you can press circle again to simply throw them the outcome will likely differ with other styles for example.

Throwing an enemy will circle serious beasts child will look like this you can press l1 to go behind enemies. While grabbing them this is useful for changing the heat action that can be performed while grabbing that enemy so issued a really experiment with each style and characters to see how their moves may differ. For example here. You can see modulized unable to grab in a slugger style.

But he is also unable to drive in his dancer style carry is also unable to grab an inter wash style and will instead do this kick also try not to spam grabs too much because the more you do that the higher the chance enemies will counter it especially bosses or sometimes with bosses when they reach a certain amount of health. They will always counter your grass next up. We have a very vital feature that you should make use of whenever you can or once you get the hang of the gameplay just use it..


Whenever you want here action here actions are very powerful and devastating moves that you can pull off with the character once you fill up your heat gauge your character will glow with an aura. The auras color changes depending on the fighting style. But that s not what s really important here you can pull off these heat actions depending on the situation. There are heat actions for almost every situation got an enemy grab and there is a wall next to you if you re in heat mode you can see the haytham of prompt evolve.

Which tells you to press triangle and you ll be able to do this got a box. The nails in his mouth press triangle to see this spectacle now keep in mind that all reaction prompts are triangle provided that you re just in this specific situation. That requires doing that heat action you ll start the game of limited reaction force you can unlock so much more to upgrading and training the masters. So make sure you get more reactions have more tools in your arsenal to used against enemies.

There are heat moves that you can only use when you re in second gear. And there are other heat actions that you can only use when you re in third gear. But there are also moves that you can use when you re in both second and third gear and of course first year means you re not in heat mode therefore your character will not have an hour on them when buying a heater action it ll mention whether you need to be in second or third gear for it to work as seen here they can be dilation action. They can be gruesome and they can be completely hilarious.

Here actions are one of the biggest things that distinguish your pizza from other games. So go crazy with heat actions unlock them use them enjoy them before i move on to the next section. There s a very important tip you may want to know if you want to first triangle to do a move that s as far as pressing gifts such as stopping this enemy. But there is a heat action.

Prompt that will do a heat action instead of letting you stomp. The enemy. What you have to do is hold l2 and then any heat action. Prompt will be gone.

And you re free to press triangle to stop the enemy also on the oculus gyro specifically finishing off enemies. Where the heat action will let you more money therefore you should try using them. As much as you can now that you are done with the offensive let s move on to points that will improve your defense capability in the game..


The first point we have in defense tips is blocking blocking is a very essential factor. When it comes the oculus combat and every yoke of the game. You hold l1 to block and trust me it can save your life on numerous occasions so block whenever you can when you feel like you ll be hit and when you re getting hit as well blocking what some styles may work differently than usual curing is b style for example. We ll just observe all hits like a bot while rush style will dodge hits while standing still giving you enough room to dodge away from the enemy like this speaking of dodging.

We move on to our next. Major defense that make sure to use dodging dodging is another extremely crucial feature in combat that you must use the avoiding coming attacks. In every yoke. Is again you use x.

The dutch use x. With the analog stick to dodge in different directions. Dodging. While locking on can be much more useful especially for passive and as with some previous point.

It may look different with each style for example. Dodging and curious for all our style looks like this but dodging in qu. The rush style allows you to dodge up to three times making it very useful especially against fast attackers so get behind enemy s attacks. With dodging and attack them.

This can be a very useful strategy for not just weak enemies. But also bottles. I can t stress enough how much dodging and blocking are important to reduce hp loss in this game try to keep them in mind and utilize them. Whenever you can dodging can be more useful than blocking because we re blocking you run the risk of getting your car broken.

However was dodging you may require timing speaking of getting your god broken. There is a regard. The ability that you can get which allows you to guard again right after your god has been broken acquire it if you feel like it ll help you and lastly..


We go to counter countering to get another important part of the officers combat system. I have seen some people before the release of the opposite of zero saying there should be accounting system in combat to give you a better chance. And it is there your cunha s combat is deeper than many people may think at first. I should mention that counters can be very tricky to pull off so we can consider this a somewhat advanced little tip depending on the character and the fighting style you can acquire different counters that you can use in battle let s take a look at one of curious brawlers style counters for example this one can be acquired easily by buying it from the ability menu and to pull it off you need to walk onto an enemy with our one and then press triangle right before an attack lands on you now as i said this can be really tricky as it requires specific timing.

Even i have trouble filling all counters. But try to practice using them because they can really help you in a battle also one thing to note is that you re not the only one who has the ability to counter as certain enemies can break your combos by retaliating with an attack of their own and they may even have hyper automotive wind retaliate in which prevents you from facing them. As that s the specific culture of theirs before i conclude this video. I also want to mention that r2 will allow your character to do a ton.

But be warned that it leaves you open to incoming attacks and it also enrages the way their enemies. Don t differ from one fighting style to another taunting has no effect at first except badassery. But once you re able to you can upgrade it to have it increase your heat after a successful attempt to your enemy. So once you get the hang of the combat you can make the combat look from this just something like this music with all these things mentioned this brings us to the conclusion of the video hopefully with all these tips you start to get the hang of your coded heroes combat.

Basics. And understand how it works so don t forget lock on brush combos like key lesson blocking dodging countering with these in mind i m sure you ll have a much more enjoyable experience with the oculars hero with that said. I hope this video has taught you a single shout out to solve the rising sun processing. Me with the making of this video.

This is devily and 7 and i am out music. ” ..

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I apologize for the poor quality of the mic, I was planning to make this video after I get a new mic at the end of this month, but I thought this video had to be done as soon as possible to help newcomers before the release of Yakuza 0.

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