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“Has a track record of hiding a ton of funny and cool easter eggs throughout throughout their games. And they ve been doing it for years and with them working destiny in more recent years. There s really no surprise that bungees managed to hide some really great easter eggs in both destiny and destiny. So today.

We thought it d be really interesting to take a look at some of the best easter eggs found in destiny and destiny. So let s go ahead and jump into it in destiny. If you are on the tower and run over to this random ball you can pick it up and it will activate the floor is lava as a minigame this one s pretty funny because essentially you can jump around all you want as long as you don t stand on the pavement floor. If you stand on the ground for too long you ll explode and die.

Which is kind of funny. However the easter egg actually doesn t end there. If you jump. All the way across it to one of three possible exits.

There s actually a glowing section. That will give you a buff that essentially increases your speed and jump dramatically. Which makes doing parkour around the tower. Really fun having this buff makes it really easy to get into secret rooms and areas that are either impossible to get into without or really difficult to get into without and when you re waiting for your fireteam to get all the bounties that they need and you re already done it gives you something to do plus.

It s kind of fun just to fly around at a faster speed also in the tower. If you take the purple ball and push it all the way over to a specific circle. It will actually light up some fireworks and dissolve and if you take each ball to its respective position in the tower that it needs to go to you actually can activate a firework show while also spawning a giant traveler sized balloon that s kind of fun to play around with if you go to the farm. There s actually another little secret.

Where you can do a full on hidden race. It s kind of fun to check out if you go to the hangar section of the tower. There s a button switch you can press that will actually call in your own ship. Which is kind of fun to see your ship in comparison to your guardian.

If you have a weapon that shows you information on where enemies are and you walk by the drifter. You ll actually appear an enemy. Because of the backstory behind this character is kind of ambiguous and we we don t know where he stands morally also in the hangar. There s a days without an accident poster and if you jump off the edge and come back to the poster that number will reset.

It s kind of funny. But besides just things in the tower bungie also put a lot of effort into putting little easter eggs and references in some of the descriptions and names that go with guns and locations. The hardlight auto rifle. If you go to the lower section has a reference to the reveal of the iphone.

It s kind of funny to see as it s almost verbatim the weapon..

The sturm and drang are a reference to a german artistic and poetry movement from the 18th century called sturm in drain. The shotgun called threat level shotgun has the description hold until midnight. Which is actually a reference to the tv series the office. Where michael scott produced his own film called a threat level midnight and it s pretty glorious.

If you do the read rick s broadsword questline every single step that you must go on is actually named after an episode of the tv series los randall. The vandal is a fan nickname given to a fallen river vandal. Randall spawns with health and attack ratings much higher than most enemies making him abnormally difficult to defeat. It s a reference to a glitched devil splicer in destiny.

One who gained a bit too much health and took forever to kill. This was a pretty well known glitch. Though back in destiny. One days also in destiny kade.

6. Says this line. I don t have time to explain what i don t have time to understand. Which is a reference to align by the exo stranger in destiny.

1. And there s a mission on io called don t look back in anger. That has you travelled to the lost oasis. Which is a reference to the oasis song.

Don t look back in anger. The character ana breaks about rescue in detecting. A lot of activity in a place in the a dz called the weep she mentions that strangely not a lot of shots were fired this is a reference to an exploit where people were just going in through the back way repeatedly to get the chests over and over again. Without having to run the entire lost sector.

It s kind of funny because they patched. It and then made a little joke about it in the lore in destiny. One. If you go to meridian bay on mars.

There s an led sign hanging from the ceiling. That reads a bunch of letters that are pretty hard to understand what it s saying. But if you do a caesar shift of nineteen characters the text actually translates to adam andrew aubrey. Coolie.

Derek drew ethan jeff jeremiah josh lars leif make steve that anton these are the names of the bungie artists and designers..

There is a loot cave easter egg. Which is an easter egg in skywatch old. Russia on earth in the monster cave in front of the large building. There s a pile of bones.

That can be activated to play. A dialogue line a million deaths are not enough for master rahul. This line was a reference to the fact that players were able to use and exploit their to farm engrams before bungie fixed. It with a hotfix on the planet titan.

There s actually a sea monster that appears in the water. And you can typically see it if you just wait for a couple of minutes and stare. In the same spot long enough in the last wish raid. If you put a certain entry into the wall puzzle.

You can actually activate an easter egg. That makes it where when you kill enemies. It actually shoots confetti out of their heads and makes a funny noise. This is actually a reference to the popular halo easter egg grunberg.

A party and it s cool that they put it in in a new and different way on the raid kings fall. There s actually an oryx basketball court hidden in there. Which is kind of cool and in destiny. Too there s a ton of emotes that make references to a lot of different things that have happened in pop culture.

Whether it s things like flossing. There was actually a really cool emote that was a reference to monty python. However this email was actually used as an exploit to glitch through walls and resulted in bungie completely removing the emote from the game. There s also a lot of firefly references to the character cayde.

6. Who is voiced by nathan fillion. Who is one of the cast members originally on the tv show firefly. If you watch bungees.

More recent video con shadow keep there s actually a ton of little easter eggs sprinkled throughout some of the more notable ones are the references directly to halo whether it s just showing a few halo figures here or there. It was really cool to hear them use the tagline finish. The fight one more time when referencing. The new expansion coming to destiny to finish the fight was actually a tagline it used to promote halo 3.

And was very heavily used back in the promotion for that game..

It definitely was a nod kind of showing respect to with some of the fans who have been around since the halo days in the intro for destiny. 2. You can actually see the destiny one starter weapon. The kostov on the rack when shax opens up the door for you and if you look in the corner.

You can see the ball that was in destiny ones hub world. And it looks like it was deflated. But it s still kind of cool that it was there similarly we have the hard working robot that was sweeping always trying to clean up our messes and destiny. One also have an appearance in the intro to destiny 2 desperately trying to clean up the debris from a attack.

However he does make his way into a new corridor in destiny meaning. He survived all of the events that happened in the tower. So while i was editing this video. I found a bunch of more little references and easter eggs that we wanted to include so i m just gonna talk about them myself since elijah is currently on holiday.

And i don t want to make him record first of all there s too little over washy stacks that we found the first one being the description of the crucible cornet launcher play of the game says show no mercy. Which is obviously a reference to the character mercy and overwatch is also known for its play off the game system. And it s even not that far fetched. Because bungie was signed with activision and the second overwatch attack.

You can trigger by getting a 20 player kill streak in the crucible once you hit a 20 kilobyte streak in the iron banner. Then ouncer will go die die die. And then coffin. And say bunch of other things.

I ll just play it for you because i can t reenact. It as well i ve been watching jax just a question. I m not old and it only says a reference to the character repo from overwatch actually lord saladin and rehab of shared. The same voice actor keith ferguson and what we already talked about weapon descriptions.

There s also some gear descriptions in destiny. One that have little easter eggs and references. There s a bunch of little flooding macomber rough references in some hunter gear and if you don t know who flooding macomber office. He was selected as one of the original members of the soviet union s cosmonaut corpse.

He was the first cosmonaut to fly into space twice and he actually died on re entry when his parachutes failed to deploy correctly. So he was also the first person to die. While on a space mission. So there is a bunch of gear parts actually named after him that have little description referencing him.

But the one that i find the most interesting is actually the cloak of the cosmonaut..

Which has the description vladimir komarov helped build and fly earth s first chips. He gave his life to the frontier and the description for a comrade boots also mentions three american astronauts. Gus grissom ed white and roger chaffee. Those three were part of a poll.

One and died due to higher in their capsule. During a test. So the description of the boots s. Camera grissom white shafie and more souls lost to a higher purpose.

I just like those little space travel history easter eggs. They put in there and then after forsaken came out and you know kate six died. A lot of changes were made to the tower in his memory. Kate s cloak for example is now hanging on the wall of him in the holidays little shop in the hangar also there s a little ace of spades memorial plate as zavala and the picture of kate in the spicy ramen shop.

Also there s a hidden voice message in a community event emblem this ample expected cram and if you put it into the right software. There s actually a message hidden in there. And if you listen to it closely it says. I m in trouble.

Nobody exactly knows what that message means it could be a guardian. Crying for help it could be rasputin s trying to tell your message or it could be a teaser for something that s coming up in shadow keep anyways. This is probably one of the most elaborate and well hidden easter eggs bungie has ever done. But if you enjoyed this video be sure to subscribe with notifications on and leave a comment with which easter egg.

Was your favorite whether we included it in this video or not. And also if you want to communicate with us a little bit more make sure you follow us on twitter. At rocket. Elijah for me or at rocket.

Sloth luke for luke. That s it for today. Guys. We ll see you next time with a brand new video music music you ” .


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Destiny has a ton of content and Easter eggs in the game. Destiny 2 Easter eggs range from small visual details to bigger Destiny 2 secrets. With Shadowkeep around the corner, Bungie will add more Easter Eggs to Destiny 2 in 2019.

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