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“Back ladies and gentlemen to another video. This is ibanez gaming and in this video. Video. I am going to focus on a combo build for the ranger.

If youn t seen the previous one i suggest have a look it s a really really nice. Elemental ranger build focuses on eyes. And. But the this one focuses on three combos lightning ice and fire.

The way you want to use this build. Gives as follows use one of your weapons. Renewed courage to freeze the target. Let s see a turret after after the tank in this frozen.

Use the sword launcher detonates. The combo after it s detonated keep in mind you cannot detonate again at the same target. Which is primed by the same element. You need to change the primer to detonate it again example if a toilet is frozen.

I detonate it once with the sole on chip. I can t detonate it again who the soul launcher. Even though..


The turret is frozen. So change. The element attack with the grenade explosive place put the target on fire again fire recruit. Vengeance.

Now. The target is the place detonate. The combo switch back go john our swat lightning build prime s the targets. You change.

The element. Again lastly use rampage detonate the combo with the with a meal. That s it now let s focus on the rest. Now going into a bit more detail.

Let s have a look at the grenade explosive place sets enemies on fire. It s a primer to detonate those combos. I use a saw launcher so launcher every time. I did an ad combo.

It gives me a hundred percent charge. And i also have two hundred percent gear charges. Which gives me three rockets in total right..


And then i have the support gear support gear. Gives me additionally well two hundred percent more charges of q. Which gives me two bombs so far because i have two hundred sent more charges. I then again have another two hundred percent gear charges.

So that gives me three grenades to use as i see fit the support gear will only give you the two hundred percent gear charges when you use it and additionally provides two hundred percent more charges of q. When used or when in recharged mode. So if you don t use it you will only have one grenade. Oh sorry you ll only have two grenades.

If you use it that jumps up immediately. So we use this van use van as rampant as much as you can you have three charges of it don t be silly now to summarize the build. I have three grenades three assault launchers and three van guns ramp and shields to use in quick succession one after another keep in mind these numbers will drop if you don t use van gaal s rampant so if you see one of these numbers not being there quickly use the support gear in the numbers will increase quickly i use jairus roth. A primer nearby enemies because this one plus.

The short range of lightning in an arc in front of me. And then i detonate the combo with a melee rampage. You can also use the soul launch app to detonate the combo by prefer this one it s in a close range and 200 weapon damage helps out with these two what s going on with these cupboard now renewed courage. I made this one a primer by adding the focus freeze.

It s about mama after each ten consecutive heats freezes to target and then again i can either detonate. It with the ram pager or i can use two ass or launcher to finish the job now focusing on the components. I have airborne advantage..


The reason. I m taking this one it s because it increases my impact damage by 50. The chris s blast damaged fine. But i don t use that all my combos are using impact damage and also hoovering increases all resistances by 25.

I also take soft and blows. It gives me that much needed shield tip of the spear increases impact combo damage by 60 which i really need as i mentioned i m focusing on the impact damage and impact combos combined arms increases grenade by 30. I have four grenades so i need that increased damage he took an enemy woody gear increases q damage cube gear damage by 45 keep in mind the build does not focus on q. Eq e or e.

Q. Eq. It s actually it goes really really quick in all these 10 seconds. So you prompt the target you detonate.

It woody because you just used recurring vengeance. Now as i mentioned in the video. The same primer cannot be detonated choice. So you need to change the primer in my case.

The primary is q. So you immediately after you detonated the combo. The enemy is not dead you re gonna attack with the cube to change the element on the enemy and then again you re gonna attack with e so these ones will work in quick succession doesn t matter the order they are in focused freeze..


One of the best items in my build. Because it freezes the target and it s it stops those annoying tourists on mon destroying me. I have some increased impact damage again and q recharge. I love it it helps out to the whole built with the combos and what you see power you know.

Which is already i m not going to tell you but it gives me another combo. But damage and gear recharge. Which i need well pretty much that was it let me know what you think about the build do you have a better one do you have a worst one what would you change. If you were to play with the ranger and use this build.

And i will see you in the anthem. Add me in the game. My name is in every video. Description.

And if you have any questions do let me know i m happy to answer them what s going on with these cupboard tubes. Come back all right. There s a mama hi mom turner that idea. ” .


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