Blue Smelter Demon Guide [Dark Souls II Crown of the Iron King

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“Everyone. This is the fifth in a nine part series of strategy guides for the the bosses and the dlcs of dark souls. 2. Today.

I ll be talking about blue smelter demon. An optional boss in the old iron king dlc. I ll be fighting him at bonfire intensity in the company of champions covenant. Which is roughly equivalent to new game.

Three blue smelters attacks are buffed for most of the fight and have wide hit boxes. So i don t recommend a shield here keep your equipment. Burden low for long rolls in good stamina regen. Personally i like a hard hitting weapon because i have smelters timings down pat does why honda is my favorite because it s two handed or to use a thrust allowing you to keep a safe distance.


While attacking if you re really struggling with this fight you can switch to a faster weapon like a halberd or butcher s knife to give you some extra time to react here s a quick look at my stats. First let s talk about the run back. I highly recommend going through the fyrelizard shortcuts. Because it s faster and more consistent.

There are two strategies to consider here. One you can try to handing a highly fire resistant shield like the guram great shield you can try dodge rolling personally. I like dodge rolling because it s always been a bit more consistent for me so. That s what i ll be talking about here to get through the first tunnel.

Hug the left wall and roll through the fireballs after getting through the gate. Kill. The astrologist and the fume sorcerer to get through the second tunnel. Hug the left wall again and roll through the fireballs consistently running both of these tunnels.


Without taking damage is pretty hard. However just successfully getting through them can be done very reliably after getting through the second gate. Go straight and drop into the last area use life gems to top off your health. Hug.

The right wall and run past the first enemy in your way then run toward and enter. The boss key here is four different run backs showing the same basic strategy sped up a bit feel free to rewind to take a closer look you blue smelter defers from red smelter in three ways one his attacks have a variable delay attached to them. He has a couple of additional moves three his flame or a powerup is also an aoe attack to handle the variable of delay. Sound is extremely important regardless of how much smelter is delaying his attack.

The sound is consistent smelter will swing when the sound reaches its crescendo. This is a little tough to explain so let me show you a couple examples. Okay. Let s take another look at these examples in slow motion with sound turned out notice.


How the longer the attack is delayed the longer the sound goes for in every case smelter swings. When the sound crescendos ie. It reaches its maximum volume as a result your role timing should be based mostly on what you hear it s much tougher to do based on what you see it s much easier said than done. I ll show a couple more examples just to emphasize the point.

Okay. Now let s talk about positioning the ideal position for your character is to be close to smelter just out of range of his flame aura in front of his right leg. In almost every case roll forward and to your left. There are two exceptions to this the first exception is smelters jump attack from which you should roll backward.

This is not so much because rolling backward helps you avoid the attack. But because it maximizes the amount of space between you and smelter this gives you ample time to back away from this aoe attack. The second exception is smelters delayed left hand swing a move that red smelter does not have the trick to this is to roll right. But more importantly to stay close enough to smelter that the attack goes over your head.


The delay on this attack is highly variable it can be from half a second all the way to a few seconds. Even if you re paying attention it can easily get you if you stay close to smelter and roll right it ll miss you completely negating the need to time. The dodge role correctly the three attacks that you should punish our smelters thrust jump attack and overhand ground slam. Generally speaking you can safely punish any of his moves because he has a very slow recovery time however these three are the safest and easiest in my experience smelters jump attack is by far the easiest to punish so if you re really struggling try starting out by only punishing that one the trick is to be close enough to prompt him to use his aoe.

But not so close that you get hit by it it s always safe to attack him as he s getting up. But it s a little bit safer if he does is aoe okay. That s it from a strategy perspective. Here s a full uncut successful run that s it thanks everyone for watching.

And i ll catch you next time ” ..

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