Borderlands 2 Infection Cleaner Effervescent Weapon Guide

effervescent borderlands 2 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Borderlands 2 Infection Cleaner Effervescent Weapon Guide . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“What s going on guys. The jolts here and we re back with another guide guide today s guide is gonna be on a weapon from the fight for sanctuary. That weapon is known as the infection. Cleaner.

Now. If the infection cleaner is an effervescent smg s manufactured by td worth some of you guys might also call it rainbow rarity the red text reads shh i ll take care of everything don t you fred i did a bit of research to figure out if this was a reference to something but nothing popped up if you guys know what this means be sure to comment that below to get this weapon. You re gonna want to kill any new pandora enemy. It could be a pyro it could be a recruit.

It could be a sniper it could be a heavy medic infection ologist..

It doesn t matter these guys spawn in almost every map in this dlc. But i happen to get mine over at the doll. Abandon map. During the story mission winging.

It you enter a camp known as red claw rise in this camp. You will find a bunch of new pandora enemies go ahead. And take them all out to have a chance for the infection cleaner. The bad news about priming.

This weapon is it s a 1 drop..

Chance. Yeah. So you re gonna have to kill a lot of new paint or enemies to get the job just like all the other effervescent items you could tell it by the unique and chinese skin. It has it s gonna be hard to miss it with its massive rainbow glow and a higher light beam.

So if it drops. You will definitely see it mine ended up dropping with a fire element. And it confirmed with a few other people that they got fire element. Too so it s likely this gun.

Only comes in fire element..

The special of this gun is that it has mo regen passively. When you hold it when you reload this weapon you throw it like a bouncing. Betty grenade. It will travel a set distance before exploding.

It also has higher damage and a magazine size compared to a standard t2 or weapon. Also it has a little bit more critical hit damage too it behaves the same way as the pearlescent adventurer. Now you might be thinking okay. It s just the avenger.

It s not anything new..

But keep in mind that this dropped in normal mode. Her lessons can only drop in uv hm. So getting this early on can be really strong for certain bosses overall. I did find this weapon to be pretty good early on i could use it effectively as a gun without having to throw.

It also having that ammo bridgend on an early game was pretty nice too anyways let me know what you guys think about this gun for me. I can t wait to find this on one of my accidents and try it out on some bosses anyways. I hope you guys did enjoy the video and of course. If you did please be sure to leave like cassabi awesome and i will catch you guys later yeah peace out ” .


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The Infection Cleaner is an effervescent weapon that drops in the Fight for Sanctuary DLC! If you enjoyed, then be sure to leave a “Like”.


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