Borderlands 2 PC vs. CONSOLE!

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“What s up guys anthony here for rev3games with another pc to console. Comparison this this time borderlands. 2. You may have heard of it.

It s the one with the web webs and the boom. Booms music. Let s jump into it you might remember that the original borderlands on the pc. Had quite a few issues.

It was a really stable port. But it was very clearly a port menus were designed with the console. In mind mouse and keyboard controls. Never felt right worst of all it used gamespy for multiplayer borderlands.


Is obviously a game that is way better with friends and gamespy was a terrible solution for matchmaking even in 2009. But now two and a half years later so much has changed. Claptrap wrote. A love letter way back in march.

Promising that borderlands. 2. Would rock on pc. And i am happy.

To say. That it s delivered borderlands. 2. On the pc is beautiful.


So. Everything you re seeing. Here is straight from the pc build with settings on high. So the textures are much sharper and the difference in the particle effects is striking so take a look at these two explosive weapons.

One from the xbox 360. Build and one from the pc built water effects. Look great. And the draw distance is amazing.

There are several points in borderlands. 2. Where you get these like sweeping vista views of pandora. And everything is rendered in brilliant detail in the pc version now that s not to say that the 360 version.


Does not look great it does. But the texture definition and the lighting on the pc version really bring the art style to life. It has almost every feature you could possibly want on a pc game. Okay.

Everything is customizable in the menus resolution field of view frame rate caps anisotropic. Filtering texture details ambient occlusion and physics effects. But you re going to need a compatible nvidia card to make that one work you can scale the hud as well which is great if you re playing on a tv. Every element of the game is tuned to work with both the controller or keyboard and mouse and you can swap between the two on the fly.

There s even a mouse. Only feature that allows you to mark items in your backpack as good or bad. Which makes inventory management much easier. Most importantly.


The game is on steam. So you can throw your game spy friend list away because you still have that lying around right. Anyway jumping into a game is obviously very easy on steam. Cloud saves are available and if you want to turn that steam functionality off you could do so as well and play in lan party mode which guys if we could all just work together to bring lan parties back in a big way that would make me super super happy so there you go if you have the rig to run it and you have friends that are going to be playing it on the pc.

Too i highly recommend getting the pc version of borderlands. It s great no matter what console or box. You decide to run it on. But i ll tell you what it s pretty much perfect on the pc music.

” ..

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Okay, the PC version of the first Borderlands had some issues. Big issues. And Borderlands 2 looks pretty damn good on consoles. So how does the PC version stack up? LET S FIND OUT TOGETHER.

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