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“I should warn ya crunk. Bunny is a damn prodigy with explosives. But how do do i say this she s not even squirrel yet. I will now read the of cadets you take human whatever a oh baby yourself came to free hammerlock.

Okay look. Here s the deal they re keeping hammy locks and max security. And there s a big old door and he s blowing up haha. But uh.

But she s got complicated and some bandits took my bomb..

So do me a flavor and grab some toppings for this bomb ass pizza pick it up full disclosure. It is actually bomb it s it s a big music in honor of my man. Go man go get that more shorty. We call them onion strings in the biz long wires.

Make the bomb fizzes oh so right. But i just tell them never say that to me. Onion. Is queen its grain.


I need the bottle of nitroglycerin. Which taco sauce can t make a bomb ass pizza. Without sauce. Oh.

It s gotta be a saw storage room somewhere shorty. Nice this bombs gonna be as they say in the business. This is nice music now deliver that pizza to my sniper man. Who i like to call that s not my codename you right you right uh boo boo chuckling do zapper clapper heard a birdie gertie man bird boy sad bird man bird brain son delivered just diaper come on i can t hold out forever on my way boo boo chuckles time to contemplate my own mortality you know i mean i m pushing 20.

And that s like a pertinent and pinned or yours might be time to hang up the old boo me dooms and retire to that farm for abandoned scaggs..

I ve been talking about some haters just kidding. I know you love you some t s wag baby. You know better than to show up here. Without cupcakes.

All right you okay. Pizza is on the way. Okay you ever think about how many people we ve killed how many lives we snuffed out removing all hope for redemption. Condemning our victims to eternal judgment.

Because of our petty whims and desire for loot and glory..

Me neither bitch. Oh. Me i m just musing about the meaning of life the universe and big old juicy butts fusion. Shouting you know full stack of waffle cakes yeah pour some syrup on it it oh you looking for boo boo i love you.

But i m gonna need you to back the hell off okay. I need my space what up i never love nothing like i love me some bombs. And if i ever do imma blow. The hell up that s just a fact right there oh you looking for boo boo boo jody you go full stack of waffle cakes yeah pour some syrup on it is ” .


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