Borderlands 3 The Leech Unique Weapon Guide (Healing Pistol!)

the leech borderlands 3 This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Borderlands 3 The Leech Unique Weapon Guide (Healing Pistol!) . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“What s going on guys and jolts here back with another item guide and today. Today. We re gonna be covering don t wave again jeez come on open menu. The leech and you get it for you know progressing the story.

So if you just do the story you re gonna get it no matter what so yeah let s jump into the video alright. So we re on the mission taking flight. The story mission and we have to head to meet tanis. So let s go over there there she is alright.

We re under attack candace..

I won t offend you cut. It yep okay so she wants us to run step over with this car. I shot it up alright one more got him now ellie wants us to find an astronaut chip. And it should be up here at the camp somewhere yep.

That is got it alright so lilith is in trouble. And we have to go save her so let s head over there alright we saving oh epic pistol. What the leech it s unique hey what does it do today a new emperor must seize the throne 40 melee damage underbarrel tasted that deals four damage per second for seven seconds alright uh yeah try it out so this fire that s not look like it or is it only the underbarrel. Ah.

That s fire it looks pretty good..

It s got a blade on the side because of the melee bonus. I assume and a hawk on it you know i do wonder if it s called the leech doesn t actually leech it all like healing. Let s find out it s a normal firing mode is normal damage under barrel. Okay.

That was the spider and that doesn t count oh. It s leeching everybody in the area. But does it heal hold on break my shield. So the underbarrel shot is on cooldown you ve wait forgot to come back all right we got it it does heal yeah.

Look at that very slowly..

Wow. That s actually really good amber full cool final thoughts on the weapon. I do like it the healing is pretty nice the leeching. What are we gonna call it it also handles most situations really well you know if you have a large group of enemies you shoot in the underbarrel and it will eat you everybody and of course.

Even if you re going one on one with an enemy. It s still going to be good damage with the regular shots. Too so yeah. I would definitely say go ahead and pick it up well actually.

It s part of the story mission..

So you have to do it. So you get it no matter what but yeah try it out anyways. I hope you guys enjoyed the video and of course. If you did please be sure to leave a like because that d be awesome.

And if you really liked it be sure to stop because it is for you and yeah you guys have a great day and i will see you all later peace out. ” ..

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