Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr Ned – Part 2 – Hallow's End!

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“Right horde. Let s go. I ain t afraid you kidding me i ve got got a turret. I ve got a sniper now let s have a rifle.

Which should be using probably will rock the rifle for a bit all right. That worries. Oh wow. Thing is coming down pretty slow.

They re healthier. That s help. I m using that boy that is slow it s like watching paint dry for grass grow. Think i hear a crawler.

Oh hope. Though he s a psycho behind me though well i never had to do it with a badass t ankin stein. I so found a hit by one of them slow me down guys. Because those guys are freaking.

Annoying. Oh. No i got hit by a slow me down. Guy.

Go. Transfusion grenades. Go turret. Oh don t go near me tank and stein.

All right keep you sure it all happy for sure i would be a vana drop the dumbwaiter can t just let going i ll get you the world s what s a dumbwaiter. I feel stephens not really knowing that is alright suicide. Zombie patten duffy. You andy regular zombie and you torso.

There s actually a kind of zombie called torso. Really what is hitting me oh. I think i think that the filers want to shoot the gunk at yeah. Yeah be sure to target them first.

I can get this thing down. There. Do you there s a good chance you make it out alive well yeah. Thanks geez.

I m nothing i m doing pretty good down here. Ma am this sniper. Our volcano is getting weaker. It s definitely getting weaker and you make sure i m hitting them in the head.

Otherwise. It ai. N t can be a one shot kill oh no screw you pukey how much loot is down here. Where s my legendary.

I deserve a legendary don t act all fancy and waste my time get on the damn thing up to dish. I think i m going to go ahead and loot all this crap that drop. Thank you very much sir the world is that think it s a texture glitch maybe. Oh.

These are giving me more brains. I hope i hope. There s like a quest like you need to go bring me. A hundred zombie brain.

Sounds. Like oh. Why are you have andre. You take.

Oh okay. Then how do you funny. I think i ve got everything there is to get ear. Though oh let s grab that just because all right.

I m on ah. We going i m confused. I m confused. I don t like being confused.


I supposed to run around what so i need to be up on that thing. Very confused very confused and apparently this isn t involve going what the hell you would think i m just supposed to stand in here. But there s nothing like no turning thingy here it up there it is if you could barely see the thing. It s barely even glowing and also it isn t working why hover my mouse over it i was very confused there for a moment.

But everything s okay now okay like out we took forever to get down there and then he s like well hurry up and get i got bear. It s like what it s made me wait so long. I guys say i love this treehouse. I just got up here and this is already pre this is pretty cool what s in your mailbox.

Sorry flame. Oh. I need some of that okay then i probably went about this all the wrong way. I m a doctor.

I make people better. I just wanted everyone to be okay. I made the zombies. I was never as good as my totally not made up brother zed and were totally different people i need a drink brock.

Ned. I m helping those are totally different people huh. Wow. Team now that s more for keen basing because i can help me to my achadjian.

I do have brains for compliments. But that s something that doctor said says not you dr. Ned made a terrible mistake. And he needs your help to fix it all right.

There may be some side effects. Oh well. If you want to help with the crap. An old man who created an end of the world epidemic.

You ll have to head to the old hospital past. The graveyard near jacobs cove. You ll need to find a sample of an antidote. I was working on i based it on scag dna.

Since they don t seem to have undead tendencies. Get the sample and bring it to my claptrap in town. Oh. Almost forgot the gate key to the hospital grounds was lost a long time ago.

But there is more spooky way in just look for the old gravestone on the beach. That doesn t belong the old gravestone on the beach. That doesn t belong all right then so the actual quest. Text.

Itself is that was testing. A scag base antidote to zombie plague. The skaggs are immune to the illness. And that believes his antidote could be effective bring the antidote sample the claptrap in town.

So ned can continue his research. But if i was going to a spooky hotel and i should before he run dead. I like it too lee since. The health vials um.

You know it means better to go out there. It s actual full right am. I right i think i m right all right i don t know why you re trying to argue this i think i think pretty right i should got there with relatively full health. Because that ski hill guy used to be a bit.

He could be a little bit. Now is this all there is here grant reality. This is a giant tree house and all i m getting to see of it this just go see apocalypse doesn t mean you don t need no manners well get to it zombies aren t gonna cave in their own heads. I gotcha buy one this i figured i would explore more yeah.

We re supposed to go to that wait huh just go find a spooky entrance by the grave thingy. Then i ll take us over to you know apparently it ll take us over to that hotel. Which is weird. So i figured we would be in here.

I am going to hollows who i m going to hallows end. I know you don t care. What anybody says i think i m in a glitch. I think i just fell down.

I m going hollow zen..

It s happening. I m not on how we get there let me get there before we end off this episode. We re gonna go see what it s like i m sure. There s gonna be question stuff there.

But i m going i m pretty sure ways go up this way and make a left. But i could ve sworn we saw the hotel. No we did know the hotel was in the last zone not to i keep calling the hotel. The hospital.

Yeah. It wasn t the last time he s right hallows end is this way it better be like boiling stew. If it s like boiling. Stew.

Hungry. So happy. So happy. So happy.

So happy. So happy. Keep. Ryan um.

That s dead end keep going this way retro spooky cave. Oh. Dear god all right let s do it nothing s gonna get between me my hollows in we all done now i assume we are oh no we re not it s actually really dark down that down this way. I can barely even see them the videos usual over there because you can see with the brightness.

But on my moderate dutch hard to see these guys. She s your little fellers alright. Let s get a transfusion grenade out here i kind of like this like massive horror thing. It s pretty cool like these were all bandits like either storing more bandits at us we.

But the fact if they re zombies. It s like yeah. There s actually makes sense. I suppose as much as borderlands can make sense good golly.

There s a lot. I will probably log the audio ai. N t like went to that zombie. All the way back down.

There. Oh oh no auto aim worked right. There at all i used to i got the point where i m just like let s like right click left click right click left click all those and i betcha is gonna be nothing like what borla ensues hallows end is hmm hmm. It does look a bit different.

But same time there are some similarities. I suppose and that these houses do kind of look the same in a way. But it s way different creepy sumbitch here little guy. I want to do is a glute goon.

He looks like frankenstein on loot goon hold on uh. Yeah. I m this guy. I m just going to run this way so on the french fusion grenade transfusion grenade.

I want to kill that lute goon come on yeah. He s gonna drop me at chess yeah. Where s my shot again they ll deal with it they ll deal with what s in front of me. Oh you kick him out got reload.

The shotgun. Only takes a couple years all right we good. I think i had to reload my sniper. What are you running you re trying to spit on me.

There s more of you they never end it s like that song. I can see them everywhere all right loot chest loot chest. I would just get a green and a white guys pretty cool. Though can t really oh i blew off his head.

See i guess you definitely can t see it. But he i looks like right you looks like a frankenstein goliath. It s very cool. I like how we have a little supply shed here.

Oh machine ruk..

How lucky three you have to seriously be the reason. I check a damn machine. There s a legendary in it this one s called the bloody anaconda and i m grabbing. It.

Oh. What s in this. One. Nothing.

Oh. Oh. Sweet god oh um. Hi.

I d like to yeah. Excuse. Me. Please.

French. Fries grenades. He ll fight my turret. I want you at the end.

Connor buzz. I don t even know it does. Oh. Oh.

Sweet niblets. All right. All you have on fire. A little bit.

Just keep that little damage over time ticking. Oh. The headshot is definitely the critical. But i don t need a great go on now whoo.

Okay okay can t look at my new cutting. Please okay look at my new gun. It s actually designed for a level 34. As well.

Which is pre me like it s gonna be a dull pistol called the anaconda. But apparently it s not like the graced legendaries apparently. I learned from the comments. There s different kind slow surgeries in this game.

And based upon the like the severity of the orange like the darker. The orange better. It is apparently this is called a bloody anaconda. It s text is long and strong as sixty.

It does do a lot of damage not as much as the equalizer at close range apparently. But it does seem to do a lot of damage man. We might add that we might end up actually replacing our sniper rifle. Here.

We ll have to see i ll put a put in here. And let s get a look at how she looks oh all right let s see how she performs not that great when i m telling her so far the hit the accuracy. I bet you the flavor tax is something to do with the fact that it s super accurate. I bet that say what s good actually kind of neat is if i have this pistol out and i swapped this one along actually start regenerating all my pistol ammo see out there it s regenerating at all which is very nice alright so we re gonna find out exactly what the anaconda itself actually does to google and i am back to the anaconda itself.

What all it really does is it as good accuracy and damage. That s really all it does is not really anything special to the anaconda itself. It s just compared to other revolvers in the game that aren t legendary s it s probably more powerful and a lot more accurate so you can tell this by the hipfire spread here. Even even as i m moving well of course you can t shoot while sprinting.

But you guys i m moving look at the hipfire spread as compared to can t even see the spread. Oh this spreads actually pretty good on a rifle. Too geez. But still it s a lot.

It s pretty tight and it s got pretty high damage. It s not going to be like a one hit like my other pistol. Which is basically making me want to continue to use my other pistol. But i don t know it s a legendary and we got another one and if you guys saw it.


It said. The shops now have new things in them. So if we actually check these shops. There s a possibility there might be another legendary in here.

So let s go ahead and take a peek. Oh how funny would it be if there actually was another legendary in here all right these are orange. But that s just because it increases. The think wow they cost a two hundred some thousand each now bozer well i guess we re i m just looking around at what hallows end actually has in it here.

But i don t know man. I m sure there s gonna be a mission or something up here he he would drop a sniper. But i was just kind of hoping it would be like kinda like firestone is aboard lanes one versus bore lanes to like you can see how it has changed. Although this layout just doesn t seem similar to me at all.

Although maybe it does the pumpkin patch should be down this way right. Now. There s a sign to enter hallows end right there. I believe here s a zombie and okay.

So yeah. This is definitely a lot different. This is the pumpkin patch as compared to the borderlands 2. Pumpkin patch.

Which is you guys remember that a lot bigger oh look. He s got like a beer hat on that guy dropped a purple. A purple rp gizzle my grab it and sell it yeah it definitely changes a whole lot definitely not the same. But it s cool it s all set so technically the same area and if you were somebody that played a lot of orleans.

One then you got the head 100 dlc that took it always in for four lanes. Okay. Maybe that would be a cool thing maybe you have been like yeah. There s a torso.

Here you re like yeah. This is like the new place it looks a lot different they ve changed. It a lot now if you gave a husband still. I thought it d be cool to come back and look here.

So i think we re going to end off this episode. Here. Maybe we ll make our way. A little bit closer back towards the entrance.

And then yeah went off the episode next episode. We re going to hopefully go through a spooky hotel. Where we have to go and find a gravestone on the beach. That doesn t belong now how funny would be if i went to the beach.

There s nothing but gravestones there and i have to find one that doesn t belong somehow or something that would be pretty weird. Hey humber. Oh okay the getting that one hit kill to the head. So this is the anaconda.

I m surprised it didn t make well who s the guy that made that rat man kind of don t want none unless you got buns hun this rise that wasn t a like a reference being made here that accuracy is pretty good maybe i ll just hit fire people at that distance all right you go left here all of them zombies are coming they are coming i love how i started this plate originally when i started my borderlands 1. Playthrough. I m like i ll use shotguns and assault rifles. So i m not really into pistols and things like that and then here.

I am. I thought the entirety of the playthrough. It s like oh yeah. I use pistols on like everything.

It s like a powerhouse. Place is kind of weird right here huh yeah end up you i mean i ve ended up using sniper rifles and revolvers throughout the majority of this play through this because are so powerful man this gears are powerful and this one i kind of like the fact the magazine size is a little bit bigger than the other one not reloading. After two shots. Everytime is kind of nice now up here is that where we exit.

Oh. There s machines up here come on more legendary more legendary more legendary more legendary subby so cool be so cool so cool be so quick all right nothing in here nothing in here and nothing in here these are orange. I m not sure why these are orange suddenly. I don t think they were orange before i started doing this dlc.

But maybe like that s like the maximum or something. But the old cost of time okay earlier. We got to fill out the hoard and didn t into thing. ” .


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I hope you enjoyed part 2 of my Borderlands “Zombie Island of Dr Ned” playthrough! In this episode we meet Dr Ned himself, and venture over to Hallow s End!
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