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“To the metagame with me oni black mage here today to help you understand and and maximize your effectiveness with the job system and bravely default. This is a very heavy game by which proper preparation can make even the toughest bosses on hard. Difficulty. And joke.

This will be spoiler free. So i hope this helps if you re just getting started let s start with the basics first there are 24 distinct jobs in the game. And each one can reach a maximum level of 14 job levels grow in a separate experience point than your normal experience points called job points. You can actually boost the number of job points.

You gain in every battle in a few ways listed here. Now let s get the fundamentals of ability scores out of the way as understanding it will allow you to know what you re getting the most bang for your buck with with equipments or jobs first. Understand what each abilities score actually affects as this helps differentiate each class from a stat perspective. Every job modifies.

The base stats of the character. They are not permanent changes. So when you level up your base stat increases are not affected by whatever job. You currently have equipped now when you gain a class and check its status.

You ll see every ability score will have a letter ranking and in short ignore. It reason being what the game says the modifier. What the modifier actually is is unfortunately and actually a little different and inconsistent when we get to job analysis. I ll display the actual statue ages.

Fortunately aptitude bonuses are correctly conveyed in the game every piece of equipment has a letter ranking as well he up to a in the ness. When you equip a job in review quit. Nate you ll see what letter grade. It has for you as in that class here is what each letter grade translates to now here s how you understand it.

As you shouldn t always rely on the game s auto. Equip optimization. Option say for example. We have a sword with a base attack of 10 in the hands of someone in a class with ranked ian s swords that will only have 10 to their physical attack.

However in the hands of someone who ranks c. It will add plus 16 and likewise someone with rank s. Will gain plus 20 to their attack the same applies to armour. Though some equipment has no rank in which case.

It s automatically considered reggae keep in mind that you can equip. Two weapons. But unless you have the ninjas two wheel skill you ll have the physical attack power of both weapons. The dual shield skill of the knight will allow you to equip a shield in both hands and benefit from both fully the magic tech bonus from rods stack and are not have to win.

Dual wielding so feel free to equip two rods to really power up your offensive magic users also the knights. Two handed skill will double the power again of swords katanas axes. Spears and staves. If you wield them in one hand and nothing in the other the equipping.

The appropriate lure skill will raise your rank. 2 s regardless of your current class. Which creates some interesting combination options here are the available lore skills. Now let s analyze all the jobs in this game.

But first a disclaimer to say any classes better than another is to take strategy and application out of context. Every class is useful and the game allows players tremendous flexibility and experimenting with different strategies without feeling limited in power or preparation. Bosses and nemesis monsters that attack narenda are really the only challengers that test any given team and past that there is no one size fits all strategy for every boss in the game. So feel free gonna have fun.


However you want there is no right answer. I ll speak about each class in the order. You can earliest acquire them in the game first and how you can synergize with it once you gain the job. And then which you can consider doing with it and game.

When you ve unlocked everything starting with the introduction chapter. The freelancer is this game starting class. And it doesn t win stats at any point in the game. But it does make up by being a surprisingly useful secondary class.

That s worth keeping leveled up during any grinding sessions at least one person with freelancer can make it easier for the whole party. So consider complementing it with any support character classes it sports. Several use of passive skills for example jp up dungeon master and mp. Plus.

10. Prayer is a cheap long lasting. Buff. That really helps any gambling abilities in other classes especially monks.

Thieves time mages and sword masters. Who have several chance pace abilities. Make is a great crowning ability that will duplicate the last allies action at no mp money or bp cost. Which can result in very strong chaining of otherwise costly attacks despite being the first physical class.

The monk is a powerful class that is consistently and competitively strong throughout the entire game boasting the best hit points in the game the strongest weapons in the game. And the physical stats to back it up the monks basic design is heavy damage across single attacks and a massive health. Wolves soak up its otherwise terrible magic defense. Consider comboing.

It with the dark knight. Who could take advantage of its huge hp pool to power its hp fuel attacks comboing. It with the pirate adds. More options to take advantage of its high physical stats and combo meter.

The valkyrie allows options to now attack groups without competing from compete perhaps also freelancer to take advantage of prayer and mislead as a secondary class. It s not that strong or flexible. They ll complement well with other heavy single strike classes such as the pirate or dark knight. This is a class focus solely on recovery and protection its main options for attacking is the win line of spells holy and damaging undead by healing them as it s the only way to increase white magic and a suitable replacement will come until late game.

Assigning someone as the support character is recommended by picking this up stat wise. It excels at a large mp pool and magic defense. This isn t a late game class. But we ll definitely be seeing action frequently on the way.

There it combo. Surprisingly well as with it as the primary picking up south maker time mage or spirit master greatly expands support ability options and strengthens the healing. It provides. It s even better as a secondary class.

As offensive mages and stronger support classes can balance their roles with light magic. And even physical tanks like knight and templar can improve their effectiveness with the protection recovery abilities of the white mage being the offensive minded mage for the majority of the game this class will be your main source of the common elemental weaknesses of fire. Blizzard lightning for a long time. Don t forget to duel quip.

Rob to really power up your magic attack and try to equip items that boost your elemental damage. Despite the very useful black magic and its many useful magic offensive passive skills because of its stats. The black mage should be mastered as soon as possible as it s actually better as a secondary class to many others stronger magic. Classes despite being a decent attacker.


The knight actually has a strongest defense in the entire game even in the endgame for secondary classes look at the performer or pirate and their ability to draw enemy attention towards you allowing you to take those hints or consider white magic or south maker to add support options for you and the team additionally. While the templar is functionally different from the knight. It has a few party white protections than i can take great use of as a secondary class. The knight is rather limited as it s inherently the best physical tanker and no other class can capitalize on a shield usage.

As well as it can don t forget as a support scale dipping into night to grab two handed at level. 2. Is very smart for any attackers using swords katanas axes spears and staves now moving on a chapter. One this class focuses entirely on speed as it sports.

The game s best x 30 and agility mode. This means in attacks first and often with high hit counts. Though it s focused on what s entirely on stealing abilities and has the speed and accuracy to combo well with many other classes if you want to make an offensive thief. Know that it doesn t have the raw stats to support heavy single strikes as well as others or the defensive powers to tank thus consider capitalizing on its high hit count basic attack by combo yet with the ranger dad tremendous damage with slayer attacks also the ninjas excellent offering an increase in the attack hit count and evasion opportunities to cover for poor defenses.

The application of the thief as a secondary class is fairly singular since it essentially means stealing outside the godspeed strike attack monks would likely benefit most from the skill set firstly the game restriction is wrong the more money ability does not stack and you only need one merchant to enjoy the party wide affects that being said the merchant is all about earning even more money from your battles and while in game. That s actually not very useful. But it s actually pretty useful early on as if you re being consistent building to rend. A village up you will likely find your building.

Faster. That you can afford the items you re unlocking so this helps get you all those special items of components earlier as a primary class it shows poor stats and novelty attacks though it s worth noting. A freelancers mimic is great as a secondary class. Given how the mimicked action will not cost money as a secondary class.

It s decent. Though timing becomes a main concern in order to utilize its support abilities. Well the likely usage for this class. If at all is building toys level.

9. Where you can then enjoy the more money skill. Without having to actually be the class the focus of this class is to add magic damage to physical attacks and be able to counter magic attacks with a variety of passive skills in truth. If class is the first of the jack of all trades classes.

And it s valuable mainly for sword magic. Which should be leveled up and passed on to other classes that can use it even better reason being the class itself suffers rather low stats and no specializations for secondary classes. The spell fencer is a flexible jack of all trades it will do okay. But not great in nearly any role so play it per your tastes.

However as a secondary class. The spell fencer is a superb choice for nearly every physical attacker as not only can they now take advantage of elemental weaknesses. But the drain sword ability that returns damage inflicted as health back to you is a god sent to many classes most notably the hp burning dark knight. This well rounded mages focus more on offense.

But has a large repertoire of utility spells as well as unique offensive and defensive ones. It has the exact same stats as a black mage. But supports staves instead of rods like a white mage. Consider taking either white or black mage as a secondary class.

As this class comes fairly early and is a decent transition for spellcasters. But keep in mind. It will heal a little less than a white mage. It needs rob or if it wants to hit as hard as a black mage also consider freelancer and it s prayer skill to make the best use of the mighty gravity spells.

It s even better as a secondary class. Since the spell list is excellent like the quake series gravity series quick re raise and meteor. It complements any spell. Caster.


Its crowning ability hastened world is a great skill especially to equip on valkyries spirit masters more templars or the classes that mainly consume vp for their attacks now on to chapter. 2. This is the only bo center class. And sports mediocre stats.

But don t be deceived the basis of this entire class is dealing 50 more damage to enemies per their family type as such there s not much to be said of this class okay as a primary class. But sees a lot of potential use as a secondary class. Especially. Since bows are the second strongest weapon class.

In short rangers go well with everything summoners do exactly that casting. One of the six summons as well as improving all summoning including summoning friends summoners our all out offensive mages and they harmonize well with the master black or time mage. It has the same power as a black mage. Supports.

Rods and has a larger and people and better defense. It has a short lifetime as the damage of the summit will be outclassed by higher level black time and conjurer magic especially by the time. You actually get all you this class can cast both low level black and white magic like the spell fencer. What makes this class dangerous is not its raw stats or special attacks.

The red mage is very worth mastering quickly to take advantage of the many ways you time to be used all of its abilities. See a practical use so combine it with another support class like white major time eight. You and the engine is like a much stronger thief both offensively and defensively with a focus on evasion and dual wielding mastery being able to use two weapons to full effect makes them just very fast hard hitting and hard to hit characters serving multiple roles as a straight attacker special attacker or evasion tank. Because an engine performs so well in many physical roles.

It s really up to you what she wants a combo in with the thief and ranger go well with boosting the tremendous number of hits per attack. The ninja can make for example. The ninja is actually pretty unique because it s actually good for every single class in the game as a secondary class. Nearly every physical boss in the game can actually fall pretty easily to the ninjas.

Evasion tactics also consider the sword masters multitask skill as repeating attacks can result. In another few. Dozen free strikes make sure to equip a red may just turn tables and take advantage of the extra vp on to chapter. 4.

As the second strongest offensive casts are in terms of stats. The arcade is designed specifically to boost black magic and inflict status effects. Though it s noticeably hamstrung when facing bosses that are usually miuna. Most of its abilities clearly the archanis was meant to have black magic as a secondary class.

And really that s the best choice. It actually combos pretty poorly with just about anything else though hitting an ally equipped with the red mages bp recovery. Skill and healing. It as a rather handy trick for scoring bp fast given how well this can inflict spazz effects certainly the best class when it comes to protection and recovery with great stats and the highest magic defense in the game.

Many of its abilities are just playing greats and the white mage is the go to secondary class. Though other strong support classes like the performer synergize rather well. Despite. How this class fuels itself on heavy bp consumption.

It s still a good a secondary class for any class wanting to pick up a support role this job is like a knight. But with better magic defense focuses on dealing critical hits for its attacks and has the highest bp cap of any class. This is an excellent tanking class period. Its bp fueled abilities are mitigated by the fact.

That it can store more bp and thus make better use blocking attacks. The pirate is likely the best complement for its provoke and the ability to add some variety to attacks as a secondary class. It will likely be mainly replacing any instance. You were otherwise using night for as it has good offensive options as well as defensive.


This job is actually the blue mage final fantasy terminology as able to learn monster attacks by surviving them called genome abilities. Besides having no deficiencies in stats. The vampire is only as good as a setup put into it with no work on a genome abilities. It s still an okay class with the good mix and abilities.

But it s still not effective in any one role hunting out certain genome abilities. However can suddenly make this arguably the best jack of all trades class in the entire game like the other jack of all trades jobs and hero can fend well as a secondary class. And again like the other jack of all trades jobs this job serves significantly better mastered and complementing any other class in the game. Especially spellcasters has the strongest spells in the game can be gained only by genome.

This is another of the powerful single blow offensive classes with very good strength and above average health and speed the dark knight deals tremendous damage by sacrificing hp. As well as utilizing dark element. Attacks. The dark knight.

Really goes best hand in hand with the spell fencer as a secondary class. As adding drain. Before unleashing its powerful attacks completely fixes. The hp consumption issue with the class and allows it to rage on end.

Otherwise. A south maker is worth considering given how it could force a weakness on darkness of enemies. Which is very useful and double the hp of the user finally a spear master can still help with protection and increasing the hp. Available.

Otherwise. It s self destructive techniques are not so welcomed as a secondary ability. Except perhaps the classroom with high hp reserves. Like monks note that the very powerful see you in hell ability does not work.

If you have rear a s cast on you finally chapter. 6. This class makes summoning worth. It as the strongest magic attack in the game.

As well. As the largest mp pool of the game. With no deficiencies stats. This class is the last obtainable class pretty much for his reason.

As it s arguably the best all around class in the game. Especially for offensive magic users. Many of its skills are oriented towards support and game grinding and waging super boss and nemesis fights so use it accordingly likely you ll be mastering. It for usage of the many excellent support abilities.

It offers still consider using it for your main offensive casting from any the black mage time mage or vampire in order to cater to its strengths in short you can see there s a tremendous depth in the amount of personally customizable teams and powerful combos in this well designed game that wraps up this job. Analysis guide. I hope it helped thanks for watching. If you have some super effective combos.

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