BUY EXTRA BEAST BALLS In Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon! How To Catch Ultra Beast Guide

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“Right i m pretty sure everyone knows how to catch ultra beasts and pokemon ultra ultra sun altra moon. But this guide is meant to make things a little easier your journeys such as did you know you can go to the aether foundation and buy beast balls talk to this receptionist right here. And it s a little shop for beast balls. Now there are only 1000.

Pokey dollars each. Which is a lot cheaper than the millions that they cost in pokemon sun and moon also it is nice you can buy them just straight up. Now you can only buy them in either one or ten batches. So it s not like you can just go ninety.

Nine spin your entire bank and then have a ton of beast balls. But it is much better than the looker exploit of putting your pokeballs on pokemon putting them in the pc. Then we have none of them in your party and then looker keeps giving you beast balls. It s a lot slower that way but like now you just get to buy ten of them that time so little frustrating.

But hey. It s pretty good deal now because you can keep resetting for an infinite amount of ultra beasts. There s no limit on how many you can catch. I just recommend grabbing like thirty at a time or something whenever you run out of run low just come back here.

It s not too far away. You can hop right into a portal and start catching ultra beasts once again now the locations of all. The ultra beasts aren t really a mystery. If you want stack attack ax.

Or blow cephalon. You ll be asked to go to pony grove. During the postgame after you become champion and then there s just a chance you can encounter. It now.

It is gonna be like a special encounter so there s just a chance you get a normal pok mon. Oh sweet sorry i might just catch that just to catch it but then all you do is one around and then stack attack or blow stuff. One may appear stack attack in pokemon ultramoon and then blow cephalon in pokemon. Ultra.

Son. Now. The exclusive pokemon or the exclusive ultra beasts from pokemon sun and moon. Do remain.

So you can catch certain ones. A pokemon sun hook. Certain ones in pokemon moon. And that s gonna be at the altar of the moon or the altar of the sun by using the ultra warp ride.

Now here s the thing about ultra beasts even though they seem allah special you have to do all these crazy things to get them you just you just gotta treat them like normal pokemon. Captures. They also you have to be good at the ultra warp ride..


Because it isn t really super common for a white portal to appear and those are the only ones that all the ultra buttes will appear in after that just boils down to rarity. You have the common ones. Such as natalie go boastful and fair mosa. Uncommon with circuitry car sauna and solace.

Teela and then the rarest one being gus lord. So you just gotta have to like go through it. And then all the portal rules still apply as well one ring is going to be slightly more rare two rings for the more rare pokemon than that and i ve gone into a glowing legendary ultra beasts portal. I was expecting the pokemon be shiny or something.

But no you don t even get that it was a c lle stila. So it also doesn t even guarantee that ll be a guns. Lord as well and as you can see the white portals aren t really super common so you do have to be pretty decent at the ultra warp rod and then just to hope that you can make it in while also not being terrible. Some of the other rules do apply as well like i was saying that you just treat it like a normal pok mon capture except they do have some pretty insane stats.

So try to bring a good ally pokemon that ll help you catch these ultra piece depending on which one you are trying to target. Um. Also they can t be shiny. So finally shiny lock on ultra beasts.

Has been lifted in pokemon ultra. Sun and ultra moon and that just means that you get to soft reset. In from the ultra beast and have one in 4000 obso because shiny charms gonna make it a little easier to get the shiny ultra beast you can also use the oh. That s not good right.

There. You can also go and use synchronize. It s by using synchronize you can kind of have a better chance at getting the nature of the ultra beast that you re looking for which could help out if you re going for shiny or anything like that or just making a competitive ultra piece. They are encountered at level 60.

So it s not too much work to hyper train. Them beast balls. Do increase. The capture rate.

Quite a lot and then overall just get a strong catching pok mon and finally so nearly on let s see how many light years. We had to travel because sometimes your first portal that you see could be an ultra beus portal and other times. You could have to go thousands of light years away so there s our ultra plant that s where we find circuitry and it s not really too difficult to figure out which pokemon is where circuitries is pretty crazy like just look at all the wild circuitry out there and we are ready to cap catch one of them so yeah pretty much you just have to treat it like a standard pokemon battle that has like special encounter requirements like okay you go through the wormhole and then you re good to go iron. That you can still synchronize.

It you can still do all kinds of fun stuff like status. It s make it easier to capture bring a high level pokemon. So i brought level 100. Aegislash gonna fall swipe the circuitry down.

And do as much damage as possible probably not the best idea though because now i m in blade for them go take a lot of damage so that s kind of it circuit resetting. The electric train could get a little dangerous. But but you do have to eat baseball so pretty much the beats ball against ultra beast is going to multiply your capture rate by 5..


So even though the capture rates for these pokemon are kind of screwing you re still gonna be alright so my agent bane s but if you just bring items you ll be okay you can synchronize it you can go for hyper training you can soft reset for shining. There s there s a lot of opportunity here when doing this also have a loon ollis. If i wanted to i qs a hypnosis but i don t think that s gonna be necessary you get them to a low hitpoints and then the beats ball is gonna make it an easy. Capture now you do have to deal with some strength as well like as you can see it gets the boost so.

3 on the special attack these pokemon do not mess around so because of that you know you can either spam beast balls and revives and just pray. Which is an. Option but right now we re dealing with a with an electric terrain 25. Times zurka trees so it means you can also bring other pokemon to respond to the pokemon that you re going to be battling so ground type pok.

Mon lightning rod volt absorb will make it easier against circuitry can also store the move set to the other pokemon that you re encountering then make it easier like a steel type against ally go that s gonna go pretty well as we can see right here. Though one hit points not super hard and then we just have a ton of beast balls. Now so let s go and use some of them i m expecting this to to not give us too. Many problems and we ll go and check out the catch rates of these pokemon.

Once we have caught it and done gg easy. So it just puts up a front of a lot of power and a lot of like weirdness. But again at the end day. It s a simple pokemon catch that it rewards you with a pretty ridiculous pokemon.

You can also just keep going through the ultra wormholes and catch as many of them as you want a competitive ultra beat. So at least a competitive nature ultra boost is gonna be really good for trading for a lot of other pokemon. So if you re not like the best breeder or you don t want to go through that you just grind the ultra wormholes and then use that to trade for competitive other pokemon that could also be set up because we could do level. It s love 100.

Hyper train. It and then trade it for a perfect pokemon in return. So. That s that there s like a nice little economy.

That can be made with these ultra beus right here now as for the capture rates now i feel like the capture rates are kind of all over the place just because of the way the storyline plays out in pokemon ultrasone ocean. Moon that pheromones you have to encounter four of them in pokemon ultramoon and then with card sauna. You have to encounter that four of them in pokemon. Hold.

Your son. So pretty much just throwing a beach ball. At 2 55. Capture.

A pokemon is going to be an instant capture now. What we don t have the full updated numbers at this time for pokemon ultrasound and ultra moon. I m guessing that just going to be the other rates that s a capture rate of 25 for solo stila because you re only encountering two of them and then it s also going to be a capture rate of 25 for the bus and the nollie go is also going to be a captcha rate of 45. While we have circuitry at a captcha rate of 30 buzz you can see one hitpoints beast ball really doesn t make it matter too much and then goes lord is gonna be 15 so pretty much the rare the pokemon get the harder they are to capture.

I m just guessing that bus wolf ramos. A celestina and cartola are all gonna be around 25 capture rate. They re just gonna be dangerously powerful you know make sure you status them early make sure you just kind of get a little bit of damage before they start like trying to snowball through your team and then after that what you can do is just throw..


A baseball and you should be pretty safe from there can only save before the encounter so if something goes wrong you know how to adapt and then end up catching the pokemon off of that and then the exclusives are gonna be as i just said carton and ultra son and then we re gonna belly swollen ultra son then we have pheromones and cell steel and pokemon ultramoon i think that s pretty much going to be all there is to it now. It s really fun to just go through the ultra space encounter. The different terrains. The different ultra beasts and then catch them for yourselves like i said you can do it competitively and everything should be good to go.

And then lastly to just show off another ultra space how easy it is and how random it can be is this gonna be the ultra desert. This is where you encounter the pheromones. But i found this in these second war pool. So we can go and head into this and then catch ourselves.

The pheromones are pretty quickly also it might be an interesting way of testing. The capture right so yeah 724 not even a thousand light years. And we were able to encounter an ultra beast. So that s pretty much gonna be how this plays out.

Oh. No how do we how do we make it around this a following. We had a pokemon that we could call like the muds. They ll say yeah sometimes you might see like a little bit of something that gets in your way.

But overall it s gonna be a fairly linear shot through here oh no how do we push these rocks over yeah. It s kind of funny because the circuitry doesn t really take any effort. However the pheromones. Oh you gotta have to have to solve a little bit of a puzzle alright so i m just gonna throw the beach ball off the pheromones if it ends up failing that means we know it s like a 25 catch rate.

But if it doesn t fail then that means we re either getting good odds or it s that easy so i m gonna soft reset just to make sure and by doing that we can kind of get an idea as to what s going on that would be kind of interesting if they kept the exclusive catch rates the same for boca mon sun moon pokemon. Ultra sun. Which a moon. It wouldn t be the most unheard of thing plays that it would be it would be pretty interesting so right here.

I just got a champ shove your way through it and then use a little bit of mazda gallop. You should be good to go. I m gonna try to catch this pheromones like a couple times. Then i ll get uh.

I ll get a conclusive idea all right so i just threw a baseball and pheromones of did break out so it means. I m i ve been lucky on that first capture. I m just gonna keep throwing baseballs until i capture. Which is also another method that you can use just bring a really tanky high level pokemon.

Eat up all the hits and then heal it as needed and then you don t really need to weaken a bowl. Uh nope abuse in a lot of situations like maybe the guzzle lord. Because it does have such a low catch rate. But when you re just getting the free x.

5. It s not really too difficult to go. And catch..


The ultra buse and that one to go and catch one more because it is really fun and again it could go by pretty quick or we could take a little bit of time. But i think this is a great way to capture ultra buse. Honestly. It s a nice little minigame.

It doesn t make them super free. But also doesn t make them too challenging you know if you just want to get a competitive ultra boost a little bit of work that s all that there really is and i didn t even have to go that far for that one either so. It is pretty good. I also think it s a lot better than just if they had like an infinite amount of circuitry that could be captured or something.

Like oh you just have to keep doing it like the blue cephalon you run into the grass so yep after that i just want to like spam these balls at this thing. See what happens if you don t try to weaken it it might be slower it might be faster it s mostly just orangey. But yeah it seems like the circuitry say a little tricky to catch maybe maybe the actual odds of catching. It are slightly lower like slightly reduced from pokemon sun and moon.

And it does a lot of damage. That s a shield form 40 level higher aegislash and the electric terrain beast boost. The circuitry is just kind of shredding through me. So it is something to consider that you might want to pay attention to how much damage pokemon is doing and just kind of be ready for it again ground type pok mon going to be very successful against circuitry anything i can just stop out those electro types.

And it looks like after a couple of attempts real. Oh. So you just have a fainted. Synchronized pokemon and also since there since there are gonna be five ultra beus inside of your game.

Just bring us synchronized for all of them maybe have them fainted maybe not because if they aren t fainted. Then that means you actually do have the opportunity to um just throw the baseball. The synchronized pokemon gets knocked out. But then that means you have like extra revive fault or that at the end of the battle you can revive them if you need to and then you still have opportunities to catch.

And whatever so just bring just bring a synchronize pokemon for any possible ultra reach you can encounter. It should be good to go. So you guys. Enjoy the video.

That s an ultra beast guide for pokemon. Ultra. Ultra. Moon over y all.

Stay. Thank. You very much for watching. ” .


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