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“Hello everyone brian and ps4 trophies. Welcome to the call of duty world war two two collectible guide. We re gonna find all 33 mementos. First one in d.

Day. First mission is in the check point called ascend. The bluffs once you enter the trench once you get off the beach you re gonna enter this trenches here all you want to do is basically go straight to the end and you ll find your first momentum now as soon as you pick them up they ll immediately save your profile. So you can quit and exit.

If you re doing it through chapter select number two in d day is in the objective. Clear. The bunkers after you clear this third bunker which i just cleared we re gonna head over towards the fourth one instead of going down that path right there to the right. We re gonna go to the left and inside here is where we re gonna find elemental number two in this mission now there are three mementos in each of the eleven missions in the game.

Now the final one is towards the end where you got to destroy the artillery in that house there s going to be a machine gunner up there so clear of this area of an amazing you have the artillery gun kind of in the center of that area there in this little barn house opposite of the house is over verifying. The last momentum in d. Day. Let s head to the second mission.

This is called operation cobra first objective is to get on the tank. Well don t get on the tank. Just yeah. Ignore that and then head straight to the right turn.

You re right 90 degrees. And head straight over by this tree right behind these people on this barrel. Is where we re gonna find our first memento in operation cobra so moving on we re gonna reach the aaa gun and before we actually interact with the anti artillery gun. Which you can see the objective over there planes dropping some bombs.

We re gonna go in this little shack here to the left corner. And we re gonna find the momentum now third one final one is we ve got a push forward with your armor. So you re gonna kind of follow in these tanks you need to clear an area now this rightmost tank is going to blow open an entrance wage sheet for you over here in the right bunker once it blows it open don t come down here until it does you re gonna find momentum on this dead body that s it we re gonna head over to stronghold the very beginning you re supposed to get to that church before you get to that church look for the first building right across the street from where you start go find the stairs in the back corner here wind up them and then look for this little sink over here. This is what used to be a bathroom and you ll find the momento right there hanging on the mirror and eventually you re gonna get to the church.


You re gonna have to clear the church now what i didn t realize right away is you re about to get ambushed city. Careful. We ll look for the sunken floor here and here s the ambush. We re gonna clear the church.

But while we do that we re going to pick up the memento here unfortunately i died. But don t worry it ll automatically and immediately saved don t worry if you die might want to clear out the church first all right so in stronghold towards the end here you re gonna have to defend the town square immediately as soon as you start that objective just come over there that s right after you fall out of the church tower with the bell now when soe at the very beginning. You re gonna have to stop the train during this objective is actually going to be a couple collectables. You re gonna have to go through this house and instead of going to the right towards.

Where the objective is swinging around the left hand side look for this pot over by the backdoor and pick up the memento now we re gonna head forward you re gonna reach this house here you can go through the front gate over there to the right or come over here down to the left either way you re gonna end up in the same place. And we re gonna find this momentum inside the house you know the houses see this burning pile of wood right here. This house is heavily fortified. So be careful all the enemies.

I did play the simon recruit difficulty just to get the collectibles show them to you all right. So. Our third and final. A momento is after the train wreck you re gonna have to rally with your squad.

You re gonna go through that train you re gonna have to duck under this next. One once you dunk on duck under it look for the crates right in front of you swing around them head over and you ll find this memento over here in the corner. So we re gonna head to liberation first one is gonna be during the search for officer fischer objective. So the main floor of this big building.

That you re in head straight back look for this compass symbol on the ground. The white. One and then there s a bathroom that you need to enter right here so we re gonna enter this and then the final stall the third stall on the left is where we re gonna find the collectible now a little bit after that you re gonna have to explain place explosives on the northgate. So we re gonna leave this building now.

This is kind of a stealth area. But what i m gonna do is jump over to the building to my right here now i m going to enter this building and i m gonna actually reach the memento here in stealth we re gonna exit this how i be careful the guy here to the left go down the stairs. There s gonna be a couple. More guards patrolling right in front of us.


We re just gonna let them pass and then we re gonna go through the door to the right so go down these stairs and now we re gonna exit the building go inside the next building so you re gonna have to pick the lock as soon as you enter this building you re gonna want to go up the stairs. That are gonna be to your right. I m going to go up the stairs. Just head to the room in the back here and then look to the right as you enter.

It now the third and final one in liberation is going to be towards the end when you gather those salty garrison look for that big building over there a big circle window now kind of in the center of this area is going to be where they memento is located you re gonna have to clear a little bit get to this point to right in here in this kind of open area that is memento now we re gonna head over to collateral damage. Now we got to reach the hotel so a little bit in you re gonna reach this statue with the horse and then the objective is to reach the hotel and that s over here to the right you can see the objective is to advance this way. Now you re gonna have to get the end of the street in turn left this is the main path now as you turn this corner look to your left look for a piano and on the top of that piano is where we re gonna bring momentum now the second one during the same objective reach the hotel. You re gonna see this room.

Here you got two blown out holes in the wall and then straight ahead you see there s a ramp. Where the floors kind of collapsed. When we can use that ramp you re supposed to go up the left that is the path you re supposed to go. However.

We re gonna make a little detour here to reach this momento and that s gonna be back. Here. We have to do a little kind of jump here right here on the mantel of the fireplace is where we re gonna find the movement up still trying to reach the hotel. But we re gonna find the next collectible after you push this truck.

I m gonna push it forward a little bit then you re gonna have to come over to this building. And you re gonna have to clear a path. So you re not they ve got a rocket. There now enter this building stay to the right going over here behind the desk pick that up and then head over to dutch factory in the next mission eliminate the mortar team is the objective so we re gonna continue on here and you re gonna see this area you see two trucks there s one to the left and then another one to the right.

We re gonna find this collectable around the back of this truck head back here you find it right on some crates second one in deaf factories. When you got to find your squad you re gonna see this poor soul hang in there and then you re gonna move onwards. There s gonna be a dog that s going to try to attack us in just a moment now there s a crashed airplane just to the left. We need to go inside the cockpit.

Here to pick up the memento now third one in death factories. When you got to eliminate the sniper. You re gonna have to open the door to enter this building and then open a second door right here once you ve opened in stores. Gonna lead to some stairs that you re gonna have to go up and that it s gonna take you to the location of the sniper and be careful this guy.


That s gonna ambush you the sniper themselves gonna try to ambush you as well i just passed a collectable but we re gonna just go into the side of this room eliminate the sniper real quick and then backtrack over here. We got to jump up under this beam in order to get the memento now head over to hill 493. Now this is where you got a the take the hill. You re gonna get to this point.

Here you got a bunker up ahead you re supposed to escort. The engineer. There s a trophy tied to this section. But in the middle of this section behind this dump is where you re gonna find momentum.

It might have been a good idea to clear out that at bunker first. So now we re going to destroy our tillery. Not long after that previous collectable you re gonna come back outside once you leave that bunker over to the right you re gonna see the artillery and you need to destroy that is your objective. But just to the right of that is where we re gonna find the mementos in that little hidden cubby.

So right mediately after that you re gonna go through another bunker come open another door. You re gonna get to another area. This is where you got a whole bunch of enemies you gotta clear out this can be a tank bunch of things happen here well also you re gonna pick up a collectible so just head to the back left corner and you will see a bunker that s sealed off you can t enter. It the window the opening over here right on the edge to where we re gonna find the collectible now the battle of the balls.

We got to deliver the ammo box. This is the opening cutscene as soon as the opening cutscene ends. You re supposed to go about 110 meters over there to deliver the ammo box before you do that look for these three guys just to the left of them it s a camera so we re gonna pick that up now. We re gonna go deliver that ammo box that was 100 meters away just to the right of where you need to place it down you need to place the ammo box underneath that christmas tree.

But just to the right of that is the collectible so get to the radio is the objective here so we re gonna get to that radio over there there s a that building over there before we go over there. We re gonna find this foxhole. Here that we can see a box inside that box is the collectible heading over to ambush. We need to reach an overwatch position.

We re entering an area a large area where again there s another trophy here for clearing. This area in stealth. But once you get inside in this first area. It s kind of divided into two sections.


You see a building here to the right hand side. There s actually two of them so we re gonna leave this one enter another building you ll find this one right in front of us right by the lantern now in that same area. We re leaving that first section and kind of heading over to the sec s second section. So we re gonna head through this gate here to the left you re gonna see a red building.

But enter this building you ll find in by the bunk over here to the left now from here. We re gonna go over to a nearby tower. If you re playing through the campaign story. You re gonna have to provide overwatch for pearson inside of this building.

Here you see this tower with the nazis a flag hanging from it once you enter this power look immediately to your right and a final mission the game mission number 11. The rhine we got to secure the tower. When you get to this bridge. You have these two towers on this side.

We have to enter in through the right one that gunn s story path don t worry too much. We re gonna go up one set of winding staircases and then a second set of stairs over here in the center of this area is where we re going to find the momentum to mental let me pick that up we re gonna cross the bridge. We have two more towers you have to go in through the left tower and inside of this tower is what we re gonna find our two last collectibles up here on the second floor on this table. Right before you go up the next set of stairs is momentum number 32.

And the final one in the game is gonna be up one more floor. So head up. Oh. My bad is up two more floors.

So we re going up to the fourth level. And it ll be right in front of you. And that is it guys. That is all 33 collectibles.

You will get the pieces of history trophy. Assuming you ve collected all of them again you can do it in chapter select thank you so much for watching guys please hit the like button and subscribe music music you ” ..

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Call of Duty WW2 has 33 mementos that you must collect for the Pieces of History. Each mission contains 3 memento collectibles. You can use mission select and get any that you missed. You can exit a mission as soon as you pick up a memento collectible.

Mission 1 D-Day Memento Locations
#1 0:03 – Ascend the Bluffs
#2 0:25 – Clear the Bunkers
#3 0:50 – Destroy the Artillery

Mission 2 Operation Cobra Memento Locations
#1 1:07 – Get on the Tank
#2 1:27 – Reach the AA Gun
#3 1:48 – Push Forward with your Armor

Mission 3 Stronghold Memento Locations
#1 2:06 – Take the Church
#2 2:28 – Clear the Church
#3 2:48 – Defend the Town Square

Mission 4 S.O.E Memento Locations
#1 3:01 – Stop the Train
#2 3:21 – Stop the Train
#3 3:50 – Rally with your Squad

Mission 5 Liberation Memento Locations
#1 4:09 – Search for Officer Fisher
#2 4:38 – Place Explosives on the North Gate
#3 5:33 – Assault the Garrison

Mission 6 Collateral Damage Memento Locations
#1 5:59 – Reach the Hotel
#2 6:27 – Reach the Hotel
#3 6:54 – Reach the Hotel

Mission 7 Death Factory Memento Locations
#1 7:17 – Eliminate the Mortar Team
#2 7:37 – Find your Squad
#3 8:00 – Eliminate the Sniper

Mission 8 Hill 493 Memento Locations
#1 8:33 – Escort the Engineer
#2 8:54 – Destroy the Artillery
#3 9:10 – Destroy the Artillery

Mission 9 Battle of the Bulge Memento Locations
#1 9:40 – Deliver the Ammo Box
#2 9:57 – Deliver the Ammo Box
#3 10:08 – Get to the Radio

Mission 10 Ambush Memento Locations
#1 10:24 – Reach the Overwatch Position
#2 10:49 – Reach the Tower
#3 11:12 – Provide Overwatch for Pierson

Mission 11 The Rhine Memento Locations
#1 11:31 – Secure the Tower
#2 11:55 – Secure the Tower
#3 12:13

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This Game includes the following trophies

Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty : WWII

Friend in Need
Request Zussman to toss you First Aid Kits 30 times.

I See Movement!
Request Pierson to spot enemies 25 times.

Praise and Pass
Request Turner to toss you ammo 20 times.

School of Hard Knocks
Request Stiles to toss you grenades 15 times.

Who Needs a Pendant?
Request Aiello to toss you signal smoke and call in mortar strikes 10 times.

Potato Masher
Save 5 allies by throwing away a live enemy grenade.

Chain Smoker
Disable 50 enemies using smoke grenades.

I ve Got You!
Drag 9 unique allies to safety.

Quarter Given
Get 4 unique groups of enemies to surrender.

Save 10 unique allies locked in struggle.

Pieces of History
Collect all 33 mementos.

Slow and Steady
Spend 3 minutes using Focus in the campaign.

Distinguished Service
Complete the game on Veteran difficulty.

Long Way from Texas
Complete D-Day.

One of the Lucky Few
Breach the seawall in under 2 minutes without taking MG fire.

The Paddle
Complete Operation Cobra.

Ack Ack
Protect your tanks by shooting down all planes in Operation Cobra.

No Sanctuary
Complete Stronghold.

Cover Zussman from the church without missing a shot in Stronghold.

Sunday Driver
Complete the driving portion of S.O.E. without hitting any obstacles.

Silent Night
Sneak through the courtyard undetected in Liberation.

Human Cost
Complete Collateral Damage.

Gasoline Cowboy
Rescue your allies with the Sherman while keeping your armor above 80% in Collateral Damage.

Death Factory
Complete Death Factory.

Fog of War
Sneak through the Dragon s Teeth undetected in Death Factory.

Suppressive Fire!
Successfully escort the pole charge engineer to the pillbox in Hill 493.

Worst Christmas Ever
Complete Battle of the Bulge.

Protect the bombers by personally shooting down 12 enemy planes in Battle of the Bulge.

No Sacrifice Too Great
Complete Ambush.

Reach the sniper perch without being detected in Ambush.

To the End
Complete the campaign.

Protect the convoy by shooting down all the planes in The Rhine.

Buck Private
Get 10 kills in Multiplayer while playing online.

Ricky Recruit
Complete 21 daily challenges in Headquarters.

General of the Army
Enter Prestige 1 in Multiplayer while playing online.

Tour of Duty
Win 5 War matches in Multiplayer while playing online.

Divisional Commander
Prestige a Division in Multiplayer when playing online.

In The Final Reich, retrieve the artifact.

Dark Reunion
In The Final Reich, save Klaus.

Pressure Cooker
In Prologue, survive until wave 20.

Red Mist
In The Final Reich, get 10 kills from a single Bomber s explosion.

Dark Arts
In The Final Reich, build all variants of the Tesla Gun.

In The Final Reich, knock over 10 zombies with a W stling charge.

Lurking Around
In The Final Reich, find and shoot Dr. Straub.

In The Final Reich, kill the Bomber with the shovel.

Lightning Handler
In The Final Reich, build a Tesla Gun.

White Knuckles
In The Final Reich, survive 3 Pest waves in a single match without getting hit.

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