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“Is happening gaiz cowboy. Here and welcome to my starter guide for code vane now now in this video. We re gonna cover a lot of topics ranging from stat to various weapon move sets and controls. But the basic gist is that by the time you re done watching you should have all the information you need to go into this game.

And enjoy yourself without being confused. Now there will be some minor spoilers in the video as we re gonna be scrolling through items and armors and blood codes. So you may see some names that are you could consider spoilers. But we re not gonna actually be showing any spoiler type content.

We won t be showing off any late game. Weapons. We won t be showing you any late game areas so just to alleviate concerns there. But anyway jumping on into it the first and foremost thing.

We re going to talk about is leveling and building a class code vein. Because this is the number one thing. I see people asking about now when it comes to leveling up in kota baya. You re only leveling up your base stats.

When you level. As you can see here my health goes up stamina goes up the amount of damage. I m doing it for my weapons increases and then my light and dark gifts will also increase but nothing else is going to change defenses resistances stats scaling none of that is impacted by leveling up now as for your actual stats and how those are determined. It is entirely determined by your blood code your blood code is essentially your class and code vein.

But you re able to dynamically change on the fly and your stats will automatically reallocate when you do and to elaborate on this if i played the first hundred levels of the game as a fighter all s i did was play this fighter. I wanted to beat stuff with swords and then at level 100. I suddenly said you know what i think i want to be a caster now i want to use spells. Just like that i m now a caster all of my stats have now changed to be a caster.

It s like going from 40 strength to 40 intelligence and dark souls that fast that s how quickly it happened doesn t matter that i leveled up as a fighter. All of my stats change. When i select a different blood code. So using this as our base of understanding.

We are going to make a strength build so looking at atlas. I can see atlas has s. Scaling and strength. And it gets s.

Scaling and vitality. I can hit this button to look at the hint. I can see that you know my strength is going to help physical attack. An hp my bit is going to help hp and physical damage reduction.

So that sounds nice so you even got a thing right here that explains stats scaling. But it s kind of obscure but anyway so yeah i m gonna go for a strength. Though that sounds nice lots of hell thoughts damage now the first thing. We re gonna do is pick our weapon now looking at our weapons roccat.

The great swords. I can see that i get pretty good damage on this 18 23. This great sword. I can see that i don t meet the requirements for that s what that cross means is because i don t have any decks.

This has a b index and looking over here. I can see i only have d and dexterity. So i can t use that great sword this one. I could this is a andy i get a little bit more damage out of that so i could put that on this one is bddd.

I can see i lose some damage. But it has blood damage on it and i gain higher defenses. This is my usual go to i can see with this one nice hefty defenses on it nice physical. So let s say well just use that for now okay we ll use that and then for our secondary slot.

We ll go with the machete now moving on into our blood bill..

We re going to want a blood bill that aligns with strength all right the one i have right now isn t a terrible choice. I can see i have a slow mobility with my first weapon normal with my second my drain attacks respectable. My defense is respectable. If i go to the silver garb i can see i gained a little bit more defense my stats scaling is gonna be the same but i m going to lose weapon mobility if i go over to this guy i can see i keep the slow normal.

I lose a little bit of defense. But i m gonna gain a little bit of drain attack and the point. I m trying to make here is that your armor your blood blood bill is only going to determine your armor stats. And what i mean by this is you know we re using the great sword right now.

It s 1705 damage right. And that is with a c plus strength scaling blood. Now if i put on let s find some here. We go.

This has e he s scaling 1705 same exact damage. So the basic gist here that i m trying to get across is when it comes to what it says here for stat scaling on your weapons you want to match that up to your blood code. But the stats on your weapon and all the values you see on your weapons are only going to impact your weapon weapon. And then the defense you have while using that weapon whereas your blood veil your blood bail is only going to impact your defense and your drain attack so when it comes to picking a weapon and a blood bill that you want to use the only thing.

That is going to have any cohesion between them is going to be defense. Which is impacted by both of them and the mobility of your weapon. Which is impacted by both of them. But in terms of your gift.

Scaling and your drained attack that s purely determined by your blood bail and then in terms of status effects and your roll attack damage as well as drain rating. That s purely determined by your weapon. Now moving on from there. Let s talk about the actual move sense now with weapons you have your basic attack.

Which is just hitting is pretty straightforward you can just rotate through it your regular y attack is gonna be your heavy. And you can also charge this to do more damage in addition. Some weapons have a special heavy attack. Let s see this thing.

Here does a big old energy release outside of that a is related. It s draining and you have to hold down a hay to drink. Raining is also going to be dependent on your blood vale. Something like the claw ball is gonna have a rush forward.

Whereas alternatively. If i were to use a stinger type 1c. I m launching it on how and using your charge drain. You ll notice that down in the bottom corner.

I see a little plus 2 popping on up and that means that my total iker count has increased by 2 from doing that attack. I only have 10 hiker right now but i can go up to 18 and that will persist until you go ahead and rest at a mystile now moving on from there there are a couple other attacks that aren t explained all that well we have rolling attacks which are all pretty straightforward. We have dashing attacks which happen by a holding the right bumper and attacking if you re stationary you hit right bumper and like you ll have an alternate attack as you can see with this. It s like a retreating slash with the machete it s a jumping slash switching up to a different grade sword here using the so i hander i can see i have a thrust attack with it.

But so you have that using your right bumper and x. Or light attack using right bumper. And heavy attack will do a launch attack now the thing with launch attacks is you can do this move at any time. But ideally you only want to do this.

When you have focus now focus is generated through combat whether you re dodging or taking damage. You ll notice a little blue bar that shows up and when that blue bar builds up all the way in a procs focus is active while focus is active you can go into a launch attack. And you will knock the monster up. And it automatically do a follow up with your veil doing big damage to the monster and draining.

It of health. Besides that you have backstab attacks. Which are just you know walking behind something and hitting x. And then you have parries.

Which are performed by hitting the left trigger and peering an attack which point you get a follow up aside from that we also have drain attacks..

Which happened by attacking and then hitting the right bumper and a now some drain attacks are really nice like what the claw here. It s nice and fast other drain attacks not so much using something like an iv type for example you can see it s a much longer animation to get that on off so in general. If you re gonna be doing a lot of drain attacks. I like either the hounds.

I think work very well you know hound type things i think the claw works. Very well. But i think spear and iv aren t all that ideal. I mean you can do them at any time.

The thing is there much longer animations and another thing to note. Is that doing a charge stream or doing a back step or a parry or a launch will add two to your iker. So you notice down. I get plus two or has regardless of what you re doing doing a drain.

Attack will always only add one to your eiger and that s because that s why ultimately. I don t recommend using your drain attacks with the slower blood bales. Because you know right here. I m hitting faster than i was with my great sword with iv that s hitting roughly slower than i am with my great sword and that s saying something now moving on from there.

Let s talk a little bit about gifts and how those work now as you play the game each different code has access to yes looking at fighter here. I can see a little twinkle on everything. And that means that i have inherited that gift and i can now use that gift on any other blood code that i play as to inherit something you need to keep playing with that class and using that ability until it levels on up the higher your overall level your actual player level that you are the longer. It s going to take to master those skills.

However you can use awakened items in addition to haze to just purchase them outright so you can use them for other classes. And this is where the real end game of code vein comes in you have all these these different classes. And you can essentially pull skills from various classes and make and match to make a class that ultimately really fits. What you re trying to do looking through a couple abilities.

I can see that some stuff says tree light and that means that it s going to be impacted by that where it says gifts light right. There that s what s going to impact my stuff. That says tree light. Anything that says dark on the other hand taking a look at a mage here.

You can see this is tree dark that s going to be impact by dark. I can also see the required stats. I have for that the hiker calls to cool down and all that stuff. But the basic gist is that anything that is going to be offensive damaging magic is usually going to align itself with dark anything that s a status is usually going to align itself with dark or as more utility type magic or buff magic is usually going to align itself with light the spikes are the one alternative to this there s a couple spells there s like a flame spike and a blood spike.

These are their offensive magic tools. But they are considered like a very very low cooldown. They re basically designed to give strength builds those and actually you can get away with using the virage as well just because of how low they are but you can see these all scale with mind and usually you have some mine. I mean taking a look at a different class here.

There we go i can see dark knight here. This has an a scaling and strength. But i m able to use mine based abilities on it so i could make use of the spikes and well they re not gonna do a ton of damage it just gives you an option to essentially just toss out some quick range damage. While you re still playing as a melee focused class.

So moving on from there passives obviously going to help impact your class. You re going to want to have on whatever lines up with what you re kind of doing is so you know if i m playing atlas. I want something like health stimulant and strength and vitality. If i m using two handed swords.

I ll use that cowbirds. I ll use that so obviously you want to just pick passes to kind of align. With the play style. You re going for and then keep in mind.

What skills you re doing now speaking of skills. We re going to talk about buffs briefly stuff like lightning weapon frost weapon blood weapon flame weapon. All of these just add a flat damage boost of roughly 20 to your weapon damage. In addition to that they stack so using something like this for example.

Let s say i do 903 now..

I do 1080 for now. I do 1265. So we are just seeing a flat out damage increase. I mean if i have more i could put on you know i could have lightening blood fire ice weapon at the same time and probably do some pretty goofy damage with it but when it comes to resistances and the damage you re going to do that is pretty much entirely determined by the resistances of the enemy.

Some enemies are going to be weaker to fire. While some are gonna be weaker to ice etc aside from that some things just here going on in the world that i want to discuss your depth maps you re gonna use those by talking gave us over here debts are considered essentially bonus dungeons that you can do each different depth will mimic a zone that you d already been to. But you can go into depths and repeat them over and over and over again to continually fight the bosses in them and find them for loot. I know this one in particular.

I can get the final upgrade mat every single time. I kill the final boss in it. And i can simply jump right in go straight for that boss after i beat it the first time as you can see i m also getting awakened rewards. Which are the things i use to unlock abilities.

Aside from that some other general stuff over. Here. We have ren. Ren.

Is where you re going to go on a go to upgrade and transform your equipment just to go through transformations and how each thing works real fast alleviation is going to reduce the weight of something fortification is going to increase the weight. But also increase the day bitch intensification helps to increase your your scaling all around gifts will remove any scaling bonus. You get would increase the base damage in relation to the gifts you re trying to do devourer will increase your drain rating allowing you to get back more iker as you attack the enemy. The next couple of fire ice lightning.

All pretty straightforward they just had a flat 50 damage. Which makes them better on fast weapons as opposed to big weapons of course similar with your status stuff you re getting twenty fifteen twenty and then twenty and those are gonna add statuses in a similar way going to transforming the blood mail. It s the same thing if i go for a lightning. I m gonna have lightning resists the blood bail.

If i go for gifts. I can see that my my scaling is going to drop. But the base is going to increase so doing this would all in all increase. The potential of my light gifts on the weapon here would increase.

My resistances going for four to five is gonna make it heavier and just increase stats. Overall and general fortify is extremely potent. So i d suggest that uh you become really good friends with with our buddy aqua. Here because he has access to it so speaking of the npc s one of the things i will talk about is exchanging.

Now you can give npcs valuables and as you give them valuables you will get training funds depending on the valuable you give them will determine the training points. You get i just gave him a retro with game console. I got three trading points for it if i gave him something. He s not interested in i may only get one trading point for it.

But this is how you re going to gain access to things like atlas chrome. Which is used to fortify gear with the fortification buff you can find this stuff out in the world. But otherwise that is the only way to gain. It i go over here to louie and go to exchange and receive items.

I can see he has the prometheus stuff. This is what s going to provide me with alleviation so when it comes to what you want that s how you get that stuff for those people in general yacumo is gonna have fortification. Which is really nice and then mia over here is gonna have drain. Which is really nice so those are the the two primary people i think are most worth mentioning because drain is required for pretty much any real mage.

Starrett ii build whereas fortification is going to be kind of your go to for a strength oriented build so for this next part i want to talk about traversing. The world and how to identify stuff on the map. Now my map is obviously already revealed because i ve been through this zone. But looking at the map.

There s a couple things shinies like this that just means. There s an item. There that you missed. These indicate a switch of some form this little domino type thing is an elevator these flourished out items are missiles that reveal areas whereas.

These ones are missiles that you can rest at and they ve little blue people are npcs since it has this little exclamation point that means they usually have a quest or some kind of new dialogue for you these indicate chests..

These indicate doors that have to be opened and as you first go through the map. Obviously all you re going to see is just fuzz and a breadcrumb trail. That s telling you where you ve been and while you can fully explore every inch of the map. Before revealing it what i actually recommend doing is going through the map.

Just kind of continually pushing forward and trying to make progress and then once you get towards the very end of it not necessarily the end. But like eventually you re going to hit a spot. Where you re going to find a mist and when you find that missile you re going to reveal everything that was on the map that you missed and then at that point. I would suggest going on back and finding stuff you know right now just just this.

This is a rather early area. So we re just kind of going through using this as a baseline. This will also give us a chance to talk about focus. So you can see a little bar.

That s above my stamina. And it looks like two arrows that are slowly closing on in and that is focused both enemies as well as the player have focus focus gets built up from blocking attacks from dodging attacks. Once it s up you can see i can go into my launch attack. And i ll get a follow up on there they re our passives that will help you focus is active whether it s erasing.

The damage you do increasing your defense stuff like that. But the best way to build focus just blankly whether that s by peering the enemy doing well to dodges blocking damage right as it s about to come in any of those are instances that will help you to build folks. Where is just too severe and beaten stuff to death. See backstab is pretty easily by just walking up right long behind the enemy and the other thing.

That s nice about backstabs is while you re in a backstab in animation. You are completely immune to anything the enemy could do so make some super valuable against big guys like this if you missed the backstab just keep looking for the spot. Some enemies. It s a little bit finicky on like these big gals right here.

I m just gonna keep tweaking there we go that s one of the hardest. Parts of this game is some enemies are very very janky when it comes to finding where you need to hit them to get that backstab so just keep going around you ll hit it so eventually you ll hit a missile. When you hit your missile. Obviously.

The map is revealed. And this is what i m talking about now that the maps revealed you know give him my map was already already shown. But if it wasn t i would see that okay i missed a piece of treasure over there there s a little side area right here that i missed. I bet.

There s some kind of item over and that i didn t go around this little bend. There could have been an item over there. I see a little offshoot on the map over here. I bet.

There s something over there. And so the point here is going through a zone and finding the mystile and then going on back now. That you know all the little nooks and crannies is just going to save you a lot of headaches and a lot of wasted time so in terms of progressing through a level and whatnot. I recommend that much more over trying to find everything as you initially go through a zone.

Which is coincidentally. What i did back on the let s play so considerate lessons from somebody that went through these struggles. So anyway. That is going to wrap things on up for this pretty sure i covered everything that i kind of wanted to for the guy.

But if you have any questions whatsoever make sure to drop them down in the comment section. In general. I m pretty good about getting back to folks with questions so as long as it s something that i can answer. I will be sure to other than that thanks for coming on by appreciate the support i ll catch you guys next time.

” ..

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In the not too distant future, a mysterious disaster has brought collapse to the world as we know it. Towering skyscrapers, once symbols of prosperity, are now lifeless graves of humanity s past pierced by the Thorns of Judgment. At the center of the destruction lies a hidden society of Revenants called Vein. This final stronghold is where the remaining few fight to survive, blessed with Gifts of power in exchange for their memories and a thirst for blood. Give into the bloodlust fully and risk becoming one of the Lost, fiendish ghouls devoid of any remaining humanity. Wandering aimlessly in search of blood, the Lost will stop at nothing to satisfy their hunger. Team up and embark on a journey to the ends of hell to unlock your past and escape your living nightmare in CODE VEIN.

Featuring a story driven connected dungeon experience, dive into the world of CODE VEIN. Create your own character and choose your partner as you venture out into a world of destruction, overrun by the Lost. Use your combined strength to coordinate your approach and defend each other from surprise attacks or overpowered enemies using your Blood Veil and various weapons. Change the feel of the game depending on which partner you choose, each with their own combat style and background story.

Experience the power of blood as you use unique Blood Veils to drain your enemies to enhance your abilities. Using “Gifts” powered by enemy blood, players can increase their strength, weaken enemies, and utilize new weapon abilities and overpowered attacks.

Take on the Lost as you explore the malefic world of CODE VEIN. Choose from a myriad of weapons such as bayonets, axes and spears, to accommodate your favorite battle style. Apply strategy in your attacks through partnered coordination and Blood Veil enhancements, ready to bring down the most threatening enemies.

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