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“Right we re going to get into the cheat codes. Today. It s about time time right to unlock easy. Mode you type in easy.

Yeah simple right don t very easy mode you type in very easy. Rare. Doesn t think much of you do they to unlock fix. The extra lives.

Boov roll bullet hole..

And remember all of these cheats need to be all one word unless spoken otherwise to unlock all chapters in cutscene welders bench to unlock the barn voice. Chapter prince albert to unlock pat s tower clam pirate to unlock the soprano chapter anchovy bay to unlock the ogre booga chapter monkey s chin to unlock the spooky chapter spaniel sears to unlock it s war beelzebub s bum to unlock the heist. Chapter chocolate starfish and now we re going to get into a bunch of the multiplayer stuff to unlock the brutal multiplayer setting ewers you have to type in spunk jockey. Yeah.

That s classy to unlock the baseball bat and simple deathmatch dracula s teabag to unlock the frying pan in multiplayer dutch ovens to unlock the leader of the teddies or sarge from multiplayer rusty sheriff s badge to unlock the caveman in multiplayer beatbox to unlock any of the coloured weasels and multiplayer chindit victory to unlock the zombies and villagers in regular multiplayer beef curtains to unlock our old buddy greg the grim reaper in multiplayer billy mill roundabout to unlock neo conquer and multiplayer easter eggs are us to unlock conquer. Which he should have been in multiplayer in the first place welly top and finally debug mode. Yeah this game has a debug mode now keep this in mind because there is a space. Here the letters x f.


H. I j. E r. P.

Wal. Space be sure that space i e l. Wz s. Now this really isn t worth it.

Because you also need the crooked cartridge trap..

So you may rule your game trying to activate debug mode. So it s really not that big of a deal don t do it if you want to play your game. Now we re going to go into a couple easter eggs of conker outside the game we got a start in diddy kong racing you can see him as one of the main playable characters in banjo kazooie. He can be seen in rusty bucket bay in one of the hidden windows.

You can see a picture of betta berry. What she used to look like before this entire revamp of the game. And if you re playing on the xbla version. You ll see conker there so a nice little change in grabbed by the ghoulies rares first xbox game on some of the shelves you can see instruction manuals for bad fur day and we re giving us hints.

They were so close in banjo kazooie nuts and bolts..

We re flying ahead into the future on some of the newspapers. If you look really closely you can see our favorite war veteran conker. There and also if you listen to that opening. If you listen to what kazooie is on the radio.

You will hear the windy theme. That s it for this first bonus video be sure to watch out for the next view. ” ..


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