Control – Fridge Duty Side Mission – Defeat Former Boss Fight

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“What can i do your back. Oh thank you if i look away. I do don t know what this thing will do you have to get me out of the door can only be opened by the pan up to gan supervisor. That s langston.

If he s still around langston. Yeah. I know him i ll go ask him how to get you out please hurry hey calm down just focus what s your name focus right my man my name is philip and i think i can hold on for a bit. It s just fun like i ve heard so much just hang on philip sudden stop in theaters tonight.

There s someone named philip up in a cell. He s watching a refrigerator and very rapidly losing. It philip oh shit..


I forgot about fridge duty. He s been in there for over a day. I totally forgot you forgot about him there s a lot going on the hiss. The benek off tv.

Considering the number of things i m juggling ma. am. I think it listen it s fine. We just need to get him out of there.

He said you d be able to open the cell door yeah i can unlock it on my terminal. There done door open. But philip can t just leave the fridge is behaving erratically ocular contact is the only thing that seems to placate..


It if we don t have someone in there watching it 24 7. People will die. I ll figure something out i m pretty good with these things being pretty good with altered items isn t standard bureau procedure. Ma.

am he doesn t know us very well i ll see you later langston. I ll be here like always hello. I m back i m coming in paige this sounds like the board. But i understand it music applause.

There s no black pyramid here. The food seems fixed dead fighting that thing off change something cell breaches on every level. He s hissing..


How d it go where s phillip phillips gone. Something happened before i could get him out poor phillip. He never did like fridge duty. But if you re here then who s watching the fridge.

The fridge is fine now i took care of it you don t just take care of altered items. What did you do i touched it and wound up in the astral plane this thing was in there it was huge had one big. I wasn t friendly. We ve been getting reports from the astronauts lately about something fitting that description the astral plane is usually connected to our world through objects of power not altered items if this thing is linking itself to altered items.

Then it s clearly powerful this may happen again do you think that thing is what got phillip must have been the panopticon is a dangerous place the agents. All know the risks. But since you re some sort of altered item whisperer..


I ve got a list of others for you to corral the hits are causing containment breaches left right and center here start with these i ll see if there are any others missing. While you re gone my life. Just got a whole lot easier music. I ll see you later langston.

I ll be here like always music. ” ..

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Control – Fridge Duty Side Mission – Defeat Former Boss Fight

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