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” ve reached another stop on our journey to discover the best ps4 controller. This time. Time. We re taking a look at the controller modz custom dualshock.

4 pad. We given free reign over the design. And so we went all out with this horror theme complete with red buttons and bullet style thumbsticks. This is one of the more complex styles with controller modz also offering more subtle shell designs.

If you can manage to look past the cosmetic flair..

You ll spot the main gameplay affecting element of this pad two domin8or buttons sit on the rear of the controller positioned in a way that allows them to be activated by the middle fingers. We mapped the left button to x. And the right button to o this combination comes in useful when playing shooters allowing us to jump around while adjusting our aim in midair and making it easier to quickly melee an enemy. What s cool about controller modz is that they allow you to add just one button.

If you wish so if you just want to map x to the left side and keep the right side free you can do that and it ll save you a bit of cash shooters are what i play most and having buttons on the rear of the controller has saved my life more times than i can count controller modz s solution is well implemented and easy to trigger without being too sensitive. The domin8or buttons are squishy rather than clicky keeping things. Very silent. This squishiness was a bit of a turn off at first.

But i quickly got used to it custom pads from controller modz can also be outfitted with a razorback maxfire modchip..

Which allows for easy access to various software. Exploits now we here at playstation lifestyle. Don t encourage the use of mods especially in multiplayer. Matches.

The gameplay you see here is me playing against bots with rapid fire. Enabled. Additional mods include drop shot auto run and a bunch. More and they all work as intended though again we d advise against using them.

But they are available..

If you want them build quality is good though some of the edges are a little rough and there are some markings on the base of the bullet thumbsticks. But overall the pad feels just as solid as a normal dualshock. 4. I will say that it would have been nice to get the newly updated ps4 controller with the lightbar on the front and low latency usb connection.

And i d recommend emailing controller modz as you make your purchase to confirm whether you ll be receiving the old or the new model controller modz s pricing is very competitive with the option to have just one button you re looking at a starting price of around 90 or 63. Delivered add an additional button to make for two in total. And you re looking at 101 or 71. As you tweak your design and add more components.

The price rises..

We d recommend that you use the website s controller creator to build and preview. How the pad looks and how much it will cost there s also a bunch of premade designs that you can order with just a few clicks. If you re in the market for a new custom ps4 pad. Controller modz offers a bunch of unique designs as well as a very solid rear button solution and so that is our controller modz custom ps4 controller review let us know what you think of the pad in the comments down below.

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