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” s video has stemmed from one brief moment in the witcher 3. I imagine a a lot of you watching it know exactly which moment. I m talking about as been discussed to death by people all over reddit and other internet forums. The reason.

I ve never discussed it before is personally when i first heard ciri talk about this in the witcher. 3. I just considered it to be a throwaway line that was used to illustrate the other words exist and not just other worlds in a medieval fantasy setting you know there are other worlds. But they can be anything however after watching the recent cyberpunk iii conference.

And going back over that moment with geralt sincere ii it seems to me that. 3. Is definitely referencing a world that is at least similar to the cyberpunk worlds first of all listen to this line waged war from a distance using things similar to mega scopes. And there were no horses everyone had their own flying ship instead series stop fooling around okay so from the first part of that line.

We can see from basically every trailer that having well as siri puts it metal in your head is a very common thing in the cyberpunk world in fact listen to what keanu reeves said at the e3 briefing..

Where body modification has become an obsession clearly this type of cybernetics is quite common within the sub punk world. So if sorry were to have gone to knight city. I imagine this would have been very noticeable. Hence of why she might have thought of it so clearly when talking to geralt.

I mean look at this guy. If i saw him with his weird looking at spider ass face. I don t think i d forget it i ll see you in my nightmares spider face man. Anyway for the next part of series line.

She mentions how people wage war from afar now from the trailers in gameplay. The fighting in cyberpunk seems pretty hands on however there is this one brief moment in the first cyberpunk trailer. Where we see a guy. I guess you could say is waging war from afar also in the scene before we see people seemingly getting attacked by i guess cables.

Which is also fighting for a distance this second bit of sentence does definitely still support the idea of a cyberpunk style of the siri went to as honestly we already wage war from afar in our own worlds..

So in a cyberpunk like world of a disadvantage ii. It is most likely a thing and significantly more advanced siri. Then discusses how everyone had their own flying ship instead of horses. Now we can see that this is not necessarily true for cyberpunk i believe the main character v just has a fairly normal car obviously we sort of enhanced technology but i don t think it flies but from the trailers personal flying ships definitely seem like a thing in this world perhaps siri was just exaggerating a bit as although everyone doesn t have their own flying ships it definitely seems like seem personal flying vehicles would be pretty common in this world.

Okay. So i couldn t talk about siri potentially appearing in cyberpunk. Without discussing one of the brief points. That was mentioned by the cd projekt.

Red studio. Head. Adam podolski. Which i may be saying incorrectly sue me so to quote him.

He said this we are not kingdom hearts..

We are not joining universes and i know that there are a lot of fans on the team and they would like to have siri in the game. But i am totally against it still so it does seem pretty clear that serious and actual character may not appear in the game. However i would still say that it is very likely a little easter egg involving her will appear despite what adam says about no joining universes personally i feel as if it would be one of those non apparent easter eggs. Where it s up for debate about whether it s syria or not i don t know i ll be getting comments.

Telling me that there won t be an easter egg and to stop talking about it and to that i say simply why not i don t see any major harm having i don t know just someone mentioning this or a white haired girl disappear into thin air it doesn t necessarily have to be siri so the world s lore is intact and for people who love cd projekt reds other games it can act as an almost acknowledgement for their dedication to find those easter eggs. I would just like to quickly add that i do think it is very unlikely that there won t be a serious drag in the game not only because of what siri said but because of the amount of fans that that cd projekt red will know it means a lot to anyway. That s it for today. Guys.

I have another cyberpunk video planned as honestly. I m pretty excited for this game. There s a bit more i d like to talk about involving it and some of my personal observations. You know stuff like that as well just general cyberpunk stuff like the video.

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New Cyberpunk 2077 information was released at the e3 2019 conference so, I thought it might be fun to discuss an old theory surrounding whether ciri from the witcher 3 will appear in the new cyberpunk 2077 game by cdprojektred. Keanu Reeves was amazing at the cyberpunk 2077 2019 conference.

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