Dark Drinker is Alright..

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” ve never wanted a stream intro until now this was shot in front of a a live studio audience at twitchtv. Slash sweat sickle again. Hello. Everybody hope you guys having good.

What is it wednesday its arms day its fukken arms day. It s time to go grab that dart the dark drinker baby. So aim with your left butt cheek. Aiming with my left butt.

Cheek. Okay. So you have to crouch graduate. Crotch.

Before you use it. And you emo. It and then press in the stick and crouch. What the fuck was that eat he lost or mordan.

If it works and then allah cool the dark blade within 30 seconds yeah. It s not with the sword. I didn t look at me real quick we didn t get out break sweat maid of honor yesterday applause music edda most a nice little one final round buckle my shoe yeah all right i couldn t like waited for time..


I mean like why can t he said. He said boy no. No wait first blade yeah right into him dude get they don t don t. Boyd.

Boyd lay it on me let s go dark mother freaking drinker. Get the drumrolls ready big moment boy big moment. 300 and freak intended to hold a to acquire it where we re going now just to around the doctor. Here are we actually gonna go like doing that cause.

Oh. Why don t we do a nightfall and surround with the dart drink you know nightfall avoid burn. How that s right it s rockets make the face. I m gonna good boy control beacon.

Okay. What thing is that poison tree dude oh that s right that s right i m gonna hop on the turret right now boys hold on yes i need some air support giving you some air support. I m not a good thing make swords grid. Again we re starting a campaign.

How would you guys feel right. I. Think sparrow horns..


Is something that we can all use back not on pc hot on pc. Why all right let me go into my logitech mouse setup. A macro real quick right down the cosmodrome hopefully you go back off. Though hang on just back off back everybody evan i think he needs an eye drops.

Do it go for the res do for the content go around alright alright boy bait. The stop that s gonna be the song hate the stomp yeah so strong no goon get all my elbow alright here we go you guys yep. It s a real fun team activity right there do we went over the wrath and then we can do dark drinker and access. So we can get a one phase.

So evans will have evan throw bombs kill can throw bombs too since he s a. I mean we have a lot of titans in this game. And ready there we go nice a nice little one phase first try huh. I didn t even have gally on either let s go i felt good blowing.

Not my water filled up my aim to load off my pole. Much better. Though threw the ball to the right side. Monitor hey.

Thanks for the galley to the monitor throw. These wrath gloves. Watch for heavy dude..


We got bricks chili to visit about about that just keep going good well good. Yep. Marco marco marco. We just got to commit to it all right let s uh figure out who s to go melting points.

It s time for you three first mpe stuck gonna be back off hit go to room. Oh shit yeah. What what alright let s see we ll just get the kill let s just get the kill man. I want to do like kill stood.

Making massive place here melting point on stolen will final round. Going in here. We go stuff in that final round and bossy goes down absolutely huge ladies and gentlemen. They have won the winner cup.

Let s go i like oh i got the boots huge. I got the boots. Yes. I ll turn up your blessed cell affords.

Me meet the five head taken all right no goods got it. So i should getting running a bit now to you oh why like that are you serious hearts yeah. That s a minute what would gala horns catalyst you double the ammo dude give me..


14 rockets get did the more rockets and merrier rock. Did it so maybe loggin alright. Little three men whoa i mean i can t bring it over right i m gonna die and kill this captain no is he still alive. I understand think the good old days.

Because i want to say have encounter was great i walked in hi fantastic d1 man i mean i 101 phase like if we wipe a few times we come down for that because i d like to get a nice little crispy. One phase just to feel good again you know i mean i think. It s a cannon. Yet all right here laughter sam back mid power great card left bosses right the guard left our middle.

It wasn t powered right i ve been making that not sonna flame coming in right. Now. Then my skin frames. Holy dark trim on the platform dude got it i love this ring.

Gasps. Darkness. Big juice that was big that was chunk yeah music. ” .


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Dark Drinker is Alright..

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