Dark Souls 2: All Sorceries Locations & Showcase (Magic)

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“Journey begins in the area. The force fallen giants welcome to a guide on how how to get every sorcery in the game of dark souls. 2. My name is gamer 101.

And i will be your guide first off. We re gonna be getting the basic of basics soul arrow in the force of fallen giants come talk to this merchant. Unless. He s already moved back to missoula for you but go ahead and talk to her and you will be able to purchase this next is great so arrow also located in the force of fallen giants.

And it is quite easy to get coming here avoid the archers and grab your spell nexus and no men s work. Now. We will be getting a lot of sorcery right here. I went ahead and cleared out all the enemies.

So you don t have to worry about them. But this is a very big merchant. I guess you could say that sells you a lot of spells. And if you beat the game like i have in the video.

You will be able to buy infinite amount of these spells as you will see as i talk to him you will need a good bit of intelligence about 10. Even purchase these or talk to him in the first place but go ahead and buy all these spells next is the sorcery hush located in the lost best till right beside the ruins sentinels bossfight. There s a hidden wall right here climb up and open the chest next is where you will get hidden weapon and is by joining the bell keepers covenant in reaching level two and their guild by invading people..


If you want to know how to do that just look in the description below next is strait of olaphis. This is a very major npc and if you have any questions on how to get these npc s i will link them in the description below. Because there s about five in this tutorial that has npcs that are required to get the spell. So if you need help on guide on them then look in the description below.

But now go ahead and trade your souls for the spells it doesn t show it but crystals. Whole spear is also here for fighting. The dukes tear freesia new game nexus and huntsman s cups. And this is soul spear an excellent spell that requires 40 intelligence.

So you know it s a powerful one it s really simple to get just follow that route from the bonfire and jump in next is in harvest valley. At the second bonfire and this one s pretty cool too this one allows you to transform your body to an object that is similar to the area to disguise yourself really useful for pvp next isn t shaded ruins. Bonfire and you want to go and make your way through this route before the boss fight. This is also where dark dollar grand.

All is but you will get homing soul mass next is back in with chula and you will need the forgotten key to do this and after earthen peak world by the ladder from ladder. Smith gilligan and then come down here and use a forgotten key if you do not know how to get the forgotten key to look in the description below as i show you next is in the black gulch. And it s quite simple to do come from the first bonfire hug the left wall card avoid the poison as best you can and come open this chest next is in bright stone cove and it is with artifacts. If you need one effects npc go look in the description below.

But he only has one that you need to purchase you can buy others as well. But you need fall control next is as you first enter shrine of winter. Which is on your way to during late castle..


So you will come across this area go straight right and go behind these rocks to get repair. Now this one can be a little confusing for people you need to join the pilgrims of dark covenant. Which is three steps also located in the description below. If you want to see that but once you join it talk to dark diver grendel and then purchase your spell.

May the done next is enduring light castle. One of my favourite spells pvp pve. Almost anything you can think of climb up the ladder from the second bonfire after the duel dragon riders boss fight kill your enemies and then come in this room to get soul great sword coming up from the elevator at the same bonfire you re at drangleic castle. Where the kiva bed.

It is take a right to this chest and you will get strong magic shield also key to king s passage in soul vessel after defeating the tower knight in king s message pastoring. The castle come past this there will be an elevator right there for you but go left this chest. You get a bonfire ascetics. Go quartz ring and soul bowl.

Next is a very annoying way to get in the shrine of amon of my least favorite world of this entire game just try to run past these guys or kill them if you can but you get an excellent spell of homing crystal soul mask next you get unleash magic by coming and doing the naville and questline assassinations. If you don t know how to do that look in the description below. I have a guy to do all assassinations. Without actually killing people this one is the most powerful spell in the game.

And all these keep soul geyser and it is right beside the second bonfire. But just in case. Anyone doesn t know where that is this is coming from the exact entrance to go down here come through here and then take off all of your equipment..


Because this stuff will break it just go straight right and you ll get this this requires 65 intelligence. So it s very power last. But not least is crystal magic weapon and excellent spell to enchant your weapon of choice to crystallize. It and do a lot more damage follow.

This route come down here kill this enemy a cut it because he gave you some trouble and then make your way up you will be invaded kill him if you d like. But i just went ahead and avoided him jump down on the sledge and you will get this last spell. So that s pretty much it thank you guys so much for watching. If you enjoyed be sure to give it a like because this really was annoying to do been working for about 8 9.

Hours straight right now trying to finish this. Up but tonight just about 3 am. So tired. But thank you guys so much i hope you did enjoy if you found this helpful.

That s the main reason. Because i know a lot of people wanted this and then nexus all miracles and hexes are the only spell. I don t show in this is unleased magic. Because i didn t actually do the naplan questline notice it until everything was powered down and i m sorry about that all it does is basically decrease your health to increase your magic.

And it s not even that useful i don t recommend using it it does make your damage go up. It s a cad bit nothing too special all you do is you cast. It in a big ball inside your glows also if they re showing you all these spells..


I will let you read the description as i go at the bonfire. So you can see all that. But yeah. That s pretty much it thank you guys for watching.

If you want to stay tuned. And keep watching all these he shot around so you have to do my main spells that i like or recommend is crystal soul spear and soul spear crystal magic weapon soul great sword. Let s see so guys is really good too for by pbe and so is so bolt. They do a lot of damage.

It s just hard to hit if you re like going against a player because they re quick. But really good spells spells our sorcery is just in general really good in this game. It s really overpowered in a lot of areas makes the game a lot easier so this is why this guide should be really helpful for you guys tell me what you want to see next more miracles or hexes or pyromancy. Thank you guys so much for watching my video gotta airmen.

One on one and i ll see you guys later. ” ..

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This video shows you how to get All Spells in Dark Souls 2. A list of these spells are in order below 🙂 (29 in Total)

Soul Arrow: 0:00
Great Soul Arrow 0:31
Heavy Soul Arrow 0:41
Great Heavy Soul Arrow 0:41
Shockwave 0:41
Soul Spear Barrage 0:41
Magic Weapon 0:41
Yearn 0:41
Hush 1:32
Hidden Weapon 1:50
Homing Soul arrow 2:03
Heavy Homing Soul Arrow 2:03
Crystal Soul Spear 2:03
Soul Shower 2:03
Soul Spear 2:34
Chameleon 2:47
Homing SoulMass 2:59
Soul Vortex 3:14
Great Magic Weapon 3:33
Fall Control 3:47
Repair 4:00
Cast Light 4:14
Soul Greatsword 4:35
Strong Magic Shield 4:55
Soul Bolt 5:08
Homing Crystal SoulMass 5:23
Unleash Magic 5:38
Soul Geyser 5:51
Crystal Magic Weapon 6:16

NPCs u0026 Sides You need:
Royal Sorcerer Navlaan – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lU_Zmelh4Jo

Straid of Olaphis – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ueb2nZfi16I

Ornifex – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycFkm0C5sTY

Forgotten Key – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUTUA8PUMqQ

Pilgrims of Dark Covenent – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=126eo34cGPA

Thanks for Watching! I Hope it helped 🙂

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