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” s it going everyone exploit here welcome back to the channel. So today. We have have another dauntless behemoth guide today. We are hunting the rage tale nasher.

Alright. Guys all you need to know for rage. Tell nasher is he s got about three moves. There.

So what he does is like we mentioned in the previous video in order to interrupt him he ll slide on his belly. And there s two different types of things that he does he can get like really panicky and he ll slide on his belly. Four times you ll be able to tell he ll slide. He ll get right back up and turn and as soon as he turns he ll slide back three more times in a row.

So you have four chances to interrupt him with a hammer. However for the rage tale nasher. I wouldn t even go interrupting him because if you interrupt him he gets up pretty quick because of this i am going to use my repeaters because he s the easiest behemoth to not get hit from and i think. It is the best idea to use a range weapon to do as much damage as possible so two things that he does guys is like we mentioned before he ll jump around like this when he really when he s enthusiastic about it it means.


He s gonna do the belly slide and then that s when you can interrupt him so when he does it kind of subtle that s when he ll do the front flip belly slam trying to kill you for the rage tail nasher when he does that move you re gonna get a line of fire. Just a straight line it kind of follows you wherever you re standing when it first comes out it ll go in a straight line. All you have to do is wait til. It s almost near you and just slide out of the way just dodged okay and the final thing that he does he ll kind of look around for a second and then he ll swing his entire body and try to hit you with this tail.

So in order to get away from that dodged backwards alright. So let s just jump into it now and i ll show you how to easily defeat rage tail nasher. I guess remember that if your stamina is all the way down and you get hit you take extra damage so that is a debuff in this hunt. So you gotta be careful and then that s another reason.

Why i am not using my hammers for this hunt alright here we go. And remember you want to be in range your reticle should be red that s when you ll do all right. He s looking around tailspin your reticle should be red that s when you re in high crit damage area. I learned that from someone in the comments.

So thank you for that one will move daddy does guys is he ll jump straight up into the air and slam his tail and the damage will go behind him. So don t stand behind the nasher as i m standing behind him alright he is gonna slam. There goes the trail of fire. We re fine let s do some damage alright heal so there you go he ll do it three two more times just sliding alright so belly slide four times in a row.


We got to be careful of that just stay far away guys. And you know do do as much damage as you can relatively far away from him cuz. He can be a pain in the boat with this tail smash so he s gonna smash again the fire trail we re fine. I m gonna use my skill shot and just do damage like that alright.

I m gonna throw up my mind that is one way that you can interrupt him when he does the four belly slides in a row. I did pretty good damage alright. Ah. The fire hit me also guys if you get the wounded debuff okay if you get the wounded debuff don t sprint because if your stamina is all the way depleted you start taking damage.

Oh. God there it is wounded depleting all stamina will cause damage. So we re just gonna chill for a second here he s gonna slide. Okay.

Oh. It does follow you now okay. So you got to be careful you got a dodge right. It s right when it s gonna get to you so again guys.


These hunts are gonna be harder than the rest so you gotta be smart. They re gonna be tough to kill guys just dodge right at him you won t get hit so that s a nice tip to have there s the tail smash. The only thing you have to do for the tail smash guys is as soon as it s about to hit the ground just roll to it oh. He s getting enraged okay.

Well alright when he is enraged when he slaps his tail on the ground. He can do it up to three or four times and you ll get like a shock wave towards you so you gotta be careful of that as well throw that down all right there. It is he ll do that stupid stuff just get away from it all right. He ll get out of his enraged.

And we re good let s do some damage here right through his body hit him with that hard hit alright. I didn t do much all right. He s gonna get out of enrage. So let s go off to them shoot that throw a mine to his face back away.

We re so close yeah. Hey all right all right well. Here s the thing. I need to get my armor way up.


I haven t had time to grind so that s what i m gonna do tonight. But we finished it anyways we got some good stuff furious rage scale nasher hot iron thistle amna stone. And this is what we re starting to get three adult arc stone from that so in the next video. That s what i m gonna talk about arc stones of three types.

Dull shining and peerless each one upgrading and level for your gear and weapons for crafting and all that stuff so i m gonna show you that in the very next video. But guys that s gonna do it for this video rage. Till. Nasher definitely a step above the regular nash or the regular.

Nash. Sure is super easy just bring a hammer and interrupt him and then stun them and just do dps this one though he s a little bit tricky you know he s a little bit more spastic and you just gotta give him a little bit of breathing room. He s kind of you know he s a little panicky just give him some room. Thank you so much for watching again look at the description for all of the things that he drops guys if you enjoyed please drop a like and subscribe.

If you re new and i ll see you guys in the very next video. ” ..

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A full guide on how to slain the Ragetail Gnasher and how to obtain body parts and loot for crafting weapons and gear!

Attack Moves:
1) Tail Whip: The behemoth will turn its head back and forth before swinging its entire body around with a heavy tail attack.

**How to Avoid: Move back or roll right before being hit by the tail.

2)Tail Smash: The behemoth will jump into the air, spin, and smash its tail on the ground doing HIGH damage.

**How to Avoid: Move/Roll away.

3) Belly Charge: The behemoth will prance around excitingly before performing a belly slide move that will throw you across the map.

**How to Avoid: Interrupt with a quick hammer/axe/sword ability or dodge out of the way in any direction.

4) Front Flip Smash: Ragetail Gnasher will prance around slightly before jumping into the air and doing a front flip body slam.

**How to Avoid: Move/Roll away.

Ragetail Gnasher Aether Core Drops:
Aether Ore – Common
Aether Stone – Common
Ragetail Trace – Common
Ragetail Greed – Uncommon
Ragetail Anger – Rare
Greater Aetherglass – Rare
Greater Aetherstone – Rare
Ragetail Spite – Epic

Ragetail Gnasher Drops:
Chipped Claw – Common
Cracked Slapper – Common
Dull Eyetooth – Common
Hide Scale – Common
Severed Crest – Common
Leathery Hide – Uncommon
Pungent Hide – Uncommon
Rage Scale – Rare

Breakable Parts:
Head – Broken Bicuspid – Common
Leg – Shin Fragment – Common
Tail – Caudal Scale – Common
* Severed Ragetail – Common

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