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“What s going on folks basile doom hd. Here today. I m gonna show you you guys how you can get the repeaters in dauntless these things are basically two that you can use and this is the start of the game. I m gonna show you from the start until you get them.

Which is pretty easy make sure you guys are picking up all the plants and all that kind of stuff. These guys are kind of annoying you see why later on but anyway we re gonna fight our first monster or what they re called is behemoth in this game. I m just gonna refer to them as monsters so we re gonna fight our first monster now pretty easy always try to take off their head their arms and their tail. Always attack those parts to the body.

I ll just keep attacking him until he s dead. He dies. Then he end up going to this next place so now we re in the main hope right here. And you can talk to these people someone will have quests and some don t have quests.

This guy has a battle pass like in fortnight s. But it s called a hoenn pass. I just bought it if you guys are gonna buy it it s only like ten dollars or ten euros and if you re gonna support me just use my code basel doom haich d in the supporter creator that s basel ii hd i ll put it on the screen well dad this game is free to play this is completely worth. It if you re gonna play anything in this game.

I d buy the season pass or the hunting pass as its called. But anyway we have to talk to these dudes make sure you talk to everyone that you see they ve got a question mark over their head. They ve got something for you so she has this she s just talking about the mastery. The mastery is just basically you re you can master.

Just your character your weapons and then obviously bohemians such a kill as well you want to head over to this dude. Sorry you want to head over to this say this woman. Well yeah. If you want to call that a woman her fair play or they had to say this man woman you can go over and get some stuff offer its mam wolfer and get it get some crafts and you need to make yourself a helmet.

So get yourself an asha or a ganache err or whatever. It s called get yourself this bad boy. Then you want to head over to this guy you want to get yourself one of these hammers..


So it s the second tab is called the nasher. So one of the really good weapon for the first boss that you fight well the nasher is the type of armor. I think i m not too sure i ve only literally started playing this game yesterday so apologies for any like people who are watching this like who are professionals. Sorry boys.

Only started playing i don t know all the terminology so bear with me just trying to show the noobs how to get the repeaters. Which are the pistols. So you want to use this weapon. First and maybe you want to go over here.

If you ve got extra items that she can use you can get yourself more armor man look at her arms. She s like arnold schwarzenegger size of her anyway after you go to hurry you want to go over here. You want to get yourself some cells. So you open this up get some cores they turn into cells cells are basically power ups that you can equip on your character they give you a little tiny buffs right now you just want to run around and anyone has an explanation point over their head.

You want to accept their quests. Once you ve accepted all the quests around you you want to jump in and start attacking when they re monsters wanna quickly check. And see if she has anything else so i want to get myself. And some boots and whatever else i can boy happy days obviously going to your loadout and put everything on i didn t fight gloves.

I don t think i had enough money for the clothes. Oh well so this is our first monster. I first behemoth as you can see i soaked at the game. I ve been playing for a few hours.

I m much better than this board ad. This is one of my first fights well when he has that little i kind of hold his head you can shoot them and you can fall over. I think. It s called a pop or something like that anyway.

We re just about to kill him. Now this item could stone them. It s a pretty good weapon to use i really want to stack..


It and good with the repeaters apparently they re not very good at the start well obviously when you level them open. You ve got more sales and everything else they re supposed to be devastating later on so he s dead we got ourselves a nice ranking. I went into this alone by the way like he can go into most of these fights with a team just a random team you re probably better off doing that so just turn in everything. Here go over here and accept more quests this game is extremely easy.

It s really really straightforward. It s just a term just like the language in the game is very strange. How they call all the power ups in the morning and everything else so we re gonna buy ourselves an amber main that s like a fire like a fire sword any chance i get i d like to upgrade my armor sic. My two cloves unfortunately well they i m really really enjoying this game a lot of people are referring this game like it s like a monster hunter.

I never played that game what a lot of people are saying that it just came out on the 21st. Which is a few days ago. It s a 25th as i m making this video. So came out a couple of days ago.

Apparently this abyss game has been an early beta for a long time on pc. For about a year and never saw in ps4 xbox. One and pc. So you can play cross platform in this game.

With your bodies. If you re if you ve got some friends and they re on playstation you can play with them. It s a really really fun game. It s really straightforward like all this stuff looks pretty intimidating.

If you re not like if you don t play these kind of games. Obviously. It s gonna be a bit scary to play this kind of a game you don t know what you re doing. But i don t really know what i m doing either.

I m more of an fps kind of guy. She wouldn t killing people for their you know i m hoping to play games like this so i ve got mine oh by the way their clothes. I m wearing is just an it s from the battle paths or they the monster pass basically..


It s just i ve got my body armor on. But it s just a skin that makes me look nice that battle pass. I m just gonna keep trying the battle pass because i m so used to for a knight. The battle pass gives you a different perks and different skins.

And it also gives you a mastery 50. Percent. Mastery bonus also you have to go to this dude makes you craft some potions and makes you equip one put it your inventory you ll see now in a second. What i do so just go to your loadout and then go down to the bottom right make sure you put one of those potions in your inventory.

And the next time you go into a fight. Or whatever just make sure your popcorn and always. And that s part of his quest. Debated viking over there make sure you grab.

These as well you ve got ten of these gonna round them up give you some points. I don t know what this middle middleman guy does yeah poor there apparently you can get sales or trade stuff with him i m not too sure i m gonna look more into this later on yeah you can sell yourselves and you can buy yourselves off him. I think but you have to kind of go to him equip it sell and then you re automatically pass your quest there you go just messing around here don t know what i m doing. But i m obviously yesterday s go on i ll learn more i watch some more tutorials on youtube.

This is probably painful to watch for some more experienced people. But anyway if you guys are watching this and you re interesting yet in the game. It s free to play you don t need to spend a penny on the game. It s really fun really simple and you can actually go through this game absolutely clueless just button mashing people and killing people with your friends you don t have to be good at the game.

It s a free game. And obviously if you want to spend some money. I d suggest spending that 10 dollars or 10 euros on the season pass or the monster pass and obviously using my creator cold positive hd. It gives me a bit of kickback.

So this is another one of these monsters. This guy is really really annoying because after a certain period of time. He starts going hard like he goes all like frozen..


He stands his minions out you have to kill his minions to kill him obviously i cut that for there. Yeah. He s a bit of a pain in the arse. So we killed him god his bits are you obviously used my sword.

So we can do some damage to his legs and try to get his tail. This is also the next guy as you can see his tail is missing so we got his tail. I m also when a random squad of people i just turned off the private match so just whack this guy do what you need to do and there we go as you can see on the left there on the bits. I got so i ve got an s rank and up see because i ve got the season pass.

I ll get some bonus materials as well every single fight. Which is pretty worth it so i m just going to turn these quests in do the quests do this and more weapons when unlock there we go more weapons and then obviously we re gonna go over to the bloke and the rights go over to this dude and turn into quest time to set sail now make cat proud so once you got that questo on you should be able to go around the corner. Now and then get these pistols. So you can get the repeaters off this guy in the corner.

Once you do enough quests and that s a very start the game. These are pretty bad you know they re not great to stare at obviously you want to get yourself some more sales and level yourself up and then start slowly using the money on pretty bad monsters for yeah. These are the repeaters and that s the video. So i hope you guys enjoyed this video.

And if you re gonna use anything in the item store use my code masazumi hd. It s the first time. I ve gotten my creator code and as you know on fortnight. All these fuckin millionaire youtubers are always bleeding going on about their creator code.

So i said i d locate in this video. So i hope you guys enjoyed the video and hopefully it helps somebody out there so i ll catch you guys later ” ..

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If you re one of those anxious to get their hands on a gun, this guide will show you how to unlock ostian repeaters in Dauntless.

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Repeaters are a type of weapon in Dauntless. They re pistols, the only ranged weapon amid all the swords, axes, cleavers and other blades. I hope you guys enjoy!

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