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“Up gamers is mace from team head kick. And i m about to show you you an awesome way to increase your pp on dead rising. 2. Now if you through the game of normally you re going to end up hitting about level 35 to level 40.

Your first playthrough and that s if you re doing the majority of the stuff. What i m going to show you here is a quick way takes about five six minutes. Once you get good at it to increase your pp right away so what we re going to do is start the game. You re going to cut through all the cutscenes and you re going to leave the little safe room here and again just pass all the cut screens.

I m going to run up the hall and man this game is so much fun all i got to say is i ve had a blast at a really good time with dead rising 1. There were a lot of really challenging things and now that s no different with this game go ahead and answer that call otherwise. It s going to drive you nuts and going to the maintenance room real quick. We re going to make a bat with some nails in it and this way you have a weapon to be able to take out the looters when we get to the spot.

Where the looters are now to give you some pp. So skip that the combo weapons in this game are just awesome. They give you bigger pp points. Which is your experience um and what i m going to do here.

Real. Quick. Let me bring up the map. Let me show you my status right away.

You see down at the bottom left. My total pp. For this game is 0. I haven t done anything yet so i just want to show you guys this works then on the map.

This is the mall that you start in and we re up in that safehouse area. We re going to come out and you re going to see what we need to go do now the toy shop ye olde toy box that s our first location the second one is uh what is it roy s mart and that s where we re going to kill the looters then we re going to head back to astonishing illusions to pick up a bear and then back to the safe house. Now you re going to go outside of this room. And just hug the left of all and you want to pass as many zombies as you can you really don t want to engage with any of these zombies because it s just killing time and the whole point of this is to get a lot of pp.


Really fast so that you can level up because when you re a higher level you have more life you can carry more items you have cooler moves you can build better combo weapons. You re just all around a lot. Better you move a lot faster too. So you can outrun the zombies.

So. If you want a really enjoyable experience playing through. I suggest you level up a little bit first before you do the story otherwise. It s going to be really challenging now well once you get to yale with toybox you want to pick up the bag of marbles.

The beach ball and this little horsie stick pony. Thing here those are three toys that you want to take with you and you ll see why in a little. While anyway just stay to the left go ahead and take out any zombies if they get in your way. But you want to keep moving.

That s the whole point of this and the zombies are pretty stupid in this first mall. They move pretty slow and this is because this is the start of the game. So. If you just kind of keep running wait stop for the playboy.

Oh yeah sexy and naked up. See that s what i get that s what i get dom bees attacking me for checking out the poon all right we re gonna keep going to the left just keep running through make a little money save that for the hookers later sweet and we re going to head into roy s mart. Now this is the first location where you get your zombrex for your daughter and so if you re gonna play through the game. And you re not going to reload the game um.

Then go ahead and pick it up. But if not if you re doing what i m doing at boosting go ahead and take these guys out bond up about fun. This is why we got the spiked bad. It takes two hits.

You get 500 pp each for these guys then you get another cut screen. Lots of loading to do this trick and more loading okay we got the pharmacy key now we re gonna go in and rescue. The pharmacist who can t figure out to jump over the counter herself because she s friggin useless. What s going on baby you want to follow me.


I m gonna take you to a safe house and molest you ha. Just kidding all right denise spelled with a y stupid jump over this counter it s not rocket science okay guys so what you re gonna want to do is see this little push cart yeah. This is going to make it a lot faster so we re gonna grab the push cart and we re gonna dip that a little into lent that done uh come out go to the right now just going to hook the wall. All the way back.

Now you can avoid the zombies. If you want i running down a few of them here. But this does damage your cart and you want to keep your cart because it clears a path for denis spelled with the y stupid. And you re going to come all the way back to essentially.

Where you started and then when you get close to the safe room. Which you ll see coming up here real quick probably another i don t know ten seconds or so there s a bathroom on the right side too if you wanted to save a game. But if you re boosting pp points. Like this you don t want to save.

So. What you want to do is here. We re going to turn left and we re going to go into this illusions place right over here. Which is directly across from the safe room.

Now you re going to want to let go of your little handy trusty cart they got you up here and you re gonna grab the robotic bear and you guys will see why in a minute. So now you ve got four toys. Now you just real simple just run over here jump in the middle. Don t stop for a beer as tempting as that is to get drunk and puke on zombies and i don t know why she s running so slow.

I m carrying a bear and all she s carrying is her fat ass. But it s taking her a minute to get here and the survivors. Ai is not very good. It s it s definitely better than dead rising 1.

But they re still pretty stupid. They ll get stuck a lot and it will get frustrating for you so make sure. She s following you were headed back through the maintenance room. And we re going back to the safe room.


And the reason we got the toys and the reason. We rescued her you guys are about to see is going to boost a shitload of pp for you so much so that every time you do this you ll actually go up a level. So. If you re looking to get to that max level level 50.

This is the quickest way. I ve found to do it now wait for this dumb bitch here and yes now we can go in again with the load screen just be patient with this make yourself a smoothie or a breakfast treat and grow a mustache apparently because this takes a while there we go okay. She s rescued now we can stop talking shit about denise and we should get 10000. Pp points for skewer and another cut screen.

Awesome now i can grow some sideburns all right there we go 10000 pp points. Which you generally get with each survivor. So rescuing survivors. Is really your best way aside from killing a shitload of zombies to go up.

Now. Here s what the big robot bears for give it to your daughter. Katie. She likes it she s gonna clap and get excited and make little.

Oh. My god noises she loves. It now you ll unlock an achievement for doing this i ve already done in the past. So you re not going to see a pop up but look at that look at those pp points.

I just got you also get combo cards as you go up and level. So this is epic. Now just go down the list of all the toys that you picked up remember. It s the marbles.

The beach ball. The stick pony and the robotic bear each one of these is going to net you a huge amount of pp points. See now you go again and now the beach ball so she can have fun on the beach. When she turns into a zombie oops spoiler alert.


She doesn t have to turn into a zombie. You guys can avoid that if you re fast enough and last. But not least the bag of marbles so i ve given her all the toys now she s super. Excited this really only takes about five minutes.

And i kind of fucked around a little bit. And so you see in this videos about eight and a half nine minutes long. But i m also explaining a lot which i didn t need to do now look at my. Status i netted over 71000.

Pp. In that five minutes now killing zombies. You re going to get you know. 5 10.

Pp. At a time. It is going to take you hours or you re going to have to escort a shitload of survivors. This is the fastest way i ve found to farm your experience.

Now you want to go in you want to save the game and just pick any slot. That you want to use that slot will work fine for me awesome. And once you have it saved then you just restart the game you can import your character every time into a new story as you saw it took about five six minutes. So you re going to just do the exact same thing go down to quit restart.

Story yes. And there we go. That s it you guys enjoy this trick. Hope you get not to pee pee like a german brothel and i ll see you guys soon peace ” .


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TEAMHEADKICK shows you how to max your levels fast, while doing a simple set of things right from the beginning of the game.
Here are the steps:
1. Restart the story and skip all the cutscenes
2. Leave the safe house and head towards ye olde toy box
3. When you arrive at ye olde toy box Pick up the Beach ball, Bag of marbles, and the Stick pony
4. Head to Roys Mart and kill the looters then recruit Denyce
5. Head back towards the safe house but make a stop at Astonishing Illusions, pick up Robot Teddy Bear
6. Return to the safe house, drop off Denyce, then Give all the toys you collected to Katey

Doing this entire process nets you 72,500 PP and it only takes about 5-7 Minutes. This is the fastest way to farm PP in the game. Enjoy!

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