DESTINY 2 – Ace in the Hole Mission Find Cayde's 10 Secret Staches

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“Secret stash. The note said this was the place he hid it we find the the stash we find the parts we need to repair the ace of spades music one s for eros more if you re listening this congrats on killing. I assumed you became a high def. Con and sent me to go work on that for you just by the back sick of me coincidental and still somehow nervous.

I m sorry for stealing your ship. Yeah well pretty much every other interaction. We ever had but to be clear if you did kill me i do not apologize and i will consider all my actions. 100.

Justified detecting. A stash nearby either way feel free to put your rock on my maps. Now i don t need them anymore. This one s for that armless coward tanning s the scarred if you re listening to this you killed me.

But i bet. I took a big chunk. Oh you re ugly husk. With me.

Guess. Handle brass. Wasn t enough for you huh. You wanted another.

Hunter vanguard for your sick collection. I got my share of regrets sure. But not putting a bullet in you eyes cut a reign in the top three won t be long before a better guardian than me put you in your place. Just wish i could be there to see it music music music.

This one s for the fellow calls himself the drifter. You did warn me running with you would put a target on my back. Yes. I m in good company.


Though huh after all never had any fun without a little risk. That s all idea with the operation putting together in it my idea by the way had it like a million years ago back when you were still handsome so you know getting that i ve been running means coming first hey. What do i know music petra. If you re listening to this you killed me maybe the sobs and all their mysterious wisdom decided they were sick of me if the queen ordered it i guess i understand chivalry.

But if it was altered just thinking about that peacock gives me a headache but i m betting my death was another case of your famous collateral damage because you re a real do gooder seriously. It s annoying. But good deeds never go unpunished when you re around you just you got a blast radius of tv well it was fun. While it lasted go and tell paladin oren.

If the sun over necess escapes nebula cycle evac labor. After dawn under solstice you got that peter this one s for the mines bottom a deep stone crypt. You think just cause you made me you can unmake. Me hey i understand i were you i wouldn t want people knowing what i did either guess you better hope.

I didn t tell anything about the crypt or about thea. Oh yeah slow whisper cuz. If i did that would be really bad for you huh. But i guarantee here s one for sarai aha.

You know when i told my ghost. I d be making one of these she loves in my defense. If you re listening to this you did kill i mean. It was a fair fight mano a mano.

I quit no question but i can see you planning on some convoluted ridiculous trap. Some would call that paranoia me i call it being a hunter. So here s your next hunter listen looking after your own speaking of which congratulations. You are now the proud owner of the colonel now she only eats sesame seed muesli and drinks purified spring water with a sprig of parsley play nice you too this one s for any hunter who kills.

Me whiskas. Marcus ren. You realize you get my stuff oh including the husband vanguard cake congratulations dummy. That s what we call a vanguard dare brace yourself for some one.


No you re like i like to call it and start thinking about what you want to do for your successors. Vanguard. Let s trust. Me sorry sorry.

I m just. I m how awkward you must look right now okay. So i m dead. You killed.

Me. My stuff is yours no. More working. Me over at chess.

No we re getting worked over at poker for real. Though. You know that you need to think you good of the city or whatever i totally understand no hard feelings put away and go on with your life. That s some kind of lingering guilt.

Or something that would be wrong. Because you and i both know you d have me yapping in your ear for the rest of your days. You wouldn t be able to help yourself music music hi. Hi cora.

So you know i m making. A bunch of these right. I probably told you i always got to have the last word and i m gonna be prepared for every possibility. But to tell the truth this one s the easiest to make so long as we re being honest.

I could never tell if you really like me that much but well if you didn t hate me. The feeling was not mutual in fact. Yeah. I ll say it don t even mind that you killed.


Me i figure. If we threw down first off no one can blame me for losing. And i know you d be in the right so thanks. I guess you were a a good friend better than a guy like me could hope for anyway.

So yeah. Thanks cora for everything. This one s for the strong side time congratulations buddy. I mean that always knew you d outdo me someday.

And if that means you had to do me in to where you saved my life unnecessary. Anyway take care of these two spades will ya. I m not just talking about the magnets man. She can help you with all that i mean take care of aced use.

It well. Oh hey. And if you found any of those papers from my earlier. Deployments erna.

Don t want people poking through the lives of kate zero to five. So just put it all by okay. Every story has them this is mine music all parts in place ace of spades as good as new now take it when you wield it remember no wait a minute and he seen cade around lately music you fight soggy for the last time you are going to go into a cave like area. And you have to hit with the sorcerer ring.

These ten crystals and then it clears the path after you do those ten crystals on the very far right right hand side do not go and confront the final boss. Save of course put head all the way to the right it s gonna lead you back to the side of the building. It s gonna look like you already been there i can assure you not there are very high quality pop to your items go through grab. Them all work your way all around and eventually you ll lead to a red door.

It will be like whole red room mix with tubes and stuff that are already through there. But it will be red. You ll know you re in the right area now there s gonna be a puzzle. But nuts and whatnot you need to burn the nets.


All the stones will drop and a couple of them have weapons contained in them. Rita s is in there it shows repeats now i suggest looking up a guide or a video. If you need help so this is where things are gonna get really weird you guys need to keep in mind. This is not an hd remake of the very original.

One. This is a hd remaster of the already remastered playstation. 3. Version.

What is the difference well the difference is you have pati as a permanent character in your party. She wasn t even in the original one and then you have flynn permanently in your party. It was not like that in the original one they both have a fel arm. But their s is going to be later in the game.

So you need to go to estelle s room within forests so the main capital. I m gonna float over real quick you should definitely remember what estelle s room looks like from the very beginning of the game. When you meet her she goes to her room. She changes just go there.

A cutscene will happen talking about a legendary pirate and whatnot and then it tells you to go here so ah thud ah day however you want to pronounce it you will then go here now you will go in go all the way to where the main boss was music that you took on now that you re gonna be in that area go all the way to where the main boss is in this i m trying not to spoil. Too many things cutscene will happen. And it will bring you to a dungeon called the necro paulus of nostalgia. You need to there s going to be four levels each with ten floors on them it is very frustrating it takes a long time.

But it s necessary if you want to collect the final two flynn s is the first one it s gonna be on music. I believe the eighth level music. Yes. The 8th floor of the first layer now.

I am going to i have a detailed map for that part i m gonna drop in the description. So you guys can take to it look at the image you re going to need it it s very accurate. I used ” ..


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This is me playing the “Cayde s Will” Quest mission “Ace in the Hole . In the mission you have to find 10 staches. I ve time stamped where each stache is located below. Each stache gives you a piece of Lore. I got the first 9 before I lost connectivity and ruined my recording, forcing me to play the mission again, which is why you re not seeing lore come up for me until the last cache I grab. Enjoy!

Stache Locations:

0:44 Stache #1
1:22 Stache #2
3:44 Stache #3
4:41 Stache #4
5:39 Stache #5
6:36 Stache #6
7:24 Stache #7
8:33 Stache #8
9:59 Stache #9
10:24 Stache #10

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