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destiny 2 the cleansing This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Destiny 2 Cleansing Quest(the Last Word)Easy Hive Farming Location – YouTube. Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Is up guys welcome back to the channel and this video. I ll be showing showing you an easy hi forming spot on mars basically. It s the last word and this is the first quest cleansing to get these hive kills and solar kills. So once you re on mars.

I m right there on mars once you land it on mars on this location. Just follow me this way it s like left it s very easy. We gonna be forming a lost sector and make sure you have your solar weapons on you can kill these guys if you wanted to but just follow me this way. See right here we re coming in this room.

Right here. So yeah..

So once you come to this big door right here right on the left right here you can there s a lose. The door just go in and here you re gonna be forming these guys. These hides. It s a lot of sectors.

So you ll get it done very quick so all you have to do is do it. One or two times to get the first quest needed for the last sword hand cannon. It s very easy right so more guys drop me like if this was helpful down below highly appreciated as you can see you can form this is just the first part let s see how far we add as you can see i have defeated solar kills and 14 hive at the end of this last sector you will be defeated hey boss so just continue moving on bam. Okay don t forget to pick these orbs of our hive tablet all right i guess we re doing this oh did i miss much i think i missed one.

But it s okay we ll come this way that s the chest. And there s a hive boss in here somewhere right there there we go speedy easy so just grab your tablets..

And that s it all you have to do now is just kill the boss. So you re gonna be forming this three times. It s pretty easy just drop me a like down below look. There s more more hot guys maybe two times you re gonna be farming it it s all highs.

It s so easy so again guys a like down below is highly appreciated okay hope there s one up here and subscribe. If you haven t already highly appreciated too more videos like these become more hive. Okay i got my super ready it s pretty much golden. We have a lot oh where d he go.

Mr. Boss guy oh pretty much yeah open the chest..

Okay. Let s see how much we got. So. Far.

This farce. Run. Oh. Wow.

Let s see that we are 50. Close..

Ok. So. All you have to do now once you finish this last sector. All you have to do is do exactly the same thing.

I did and then you redo this then you rerun in the second time so hopefully you guys get everything done the second time. And hopefully you guys enjoy this this easy form to get the first quest finish for the last word so drop me like down below. They likely highly appreciate it and subscribe. If you haven t already highly appreciated too okay.

I am meet abyss thank you for watching and have ” ..

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Destiny 2 Cleansing Quest(the Last Word)Easy Hive Farming Location .
Today im gonna be showing you guys a easy farming location on mars to get the hives kills .

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