Destiny 2- Don't Dismantle Mods (You Will Regret It)

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“Is happening everyone the real guddi is back again. I was going to make this this video friday. But i got caught up making my chronicles of a hunter slash last stand parody video. Which is awesome by the way you should check it out it is amazing before we get started if you can help and support my channel by hitting the subscribe button below it really means a lot now let s get to it do not i repeat do not dismantle your blue mods purples are fine you can dismantle those but not blues and here s why bungie representatives on twitter.

Have said you can go ahead and dismantle your blue mods your dismantle all your mom s that your mods give the same gunsmith mod components. That you know your one dismantles into so your two just mods will dismantle into gunsmith and slash mod components that being said on thursday with this week at bungie. They released exactly what will happen when you dismantle your mods. Let s take a look specifically your two mods come from the following sources.

All exotic armor drops regardless of year have a chance to come equipped with a mod non raid year..

Two legendary weapons and armor drops have a chance small chance to come equipped with the mod. You are free to keep the weapon should that particular weapon and mod combo suit. Your needs or you may choose to dismantle the weapon to break out the mod for use elsewhere so whenever you dismantle a year two weapon that comes with a mod you ll keep that mod you may pull mods out of gear for use in other gear by dismantling. The original item they dropped in it alternatively should you want the item.

But not the mod you can fuse to slot. It slot in a new mod over the old one which would get rid of that mod. You don t get to keep it weapons and armor purchased from vendors do not come with mods. If you have the mod components and glimmer necessary to feed your habit you may choose to go straight to bungie 44.

The gunsmith who will have to packages available for purchase direct by year to armor mod..

Updated daily. So it ll fluctuate each day direct your to weapon mods updated daily fluctuate each day you may acquire mod components for trading with banjee 44 by dismantling other loose mods now here s the reason why i say do not dismantle your blue mods armor year armor mods always drop one mod component when dismantled year one legendary armor mods always dropped one mod component when dismantled year one rare armor mods have a small chance of dropping one mod component. When dismantled and if you see the same goes for weapon mods your two weapons will always drop one mod component year one legendary weapon mods will always drop one mod component and gunsmith materials. When dismantled your one rare weapon mods have a chance to drop one mod component right now.

Now. This is why i say it right now if you dismantle your mods before september 4th. Your blue mods 100 guarantee only gunsmith materials. So if you wait till after september 4th.

When forsaken drops and goes..

Live. You ll have a small chance now a small chance is better than no chance to get mod components. Which will needed to trade in for weapon and armor mods year. So that s why i say keep all your blue mods.

It is a guarantee small guarantee that you will get one or a few from those blue mods that you might get from the blue mods. Which will give a chance after september 4th to go to banshee and purchase weapon and armor mods for year 2 well anyway you guys thanks for watching the video that s it that s all i want to say don t dismantle your blues. Until after september 4th. When four second goes live again.

I m the real guddi..

If you like we see please subscribe to my channel drop a like enchant on the video go check out my chronicles of a hunter kaede parody video. It is amazing love it i am the most proud of that video and then i am any other video. And i ll catch y all. Next time peace.

” ..

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In this video I will give you an in depth look at why you shouldn t dismantle your mods till after forsaken drops on September 4th.

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