Destiny 2 Exotic Drop Rate

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“You were listening to or watching. Another episode of s. Ntr presents. This is gonna gonna be about the exotic drop rate in the game.

This has come up quite bit especially since forsaken because they ve attempted to tweak some of it so i wanted to do a talk on things they could do to improve. This and address some of the issues if you re listening to this on itunes google play spotify you re watching on youtube you can probably come in and watch me live right now twitchtv slash say no to rage. I m probably live. And you can come in and enjoy the conversation as well as join in the q.

A or you can just look up say no to rage on the website or the app. I m gonna bring this into three parts first i want to talk about duplicates that s that s been a problem as well i do want to talk about duplicates secondly. I want talk about the nightfall escalation protocol. Rng cuz that they ve that they ve added to those drop rates not to exotics.

But i want to talk about that rng and then lastly. I want to talk about world drops and specific drops. So we re gonna talk about duplicates first. I think at a ground level getting duplicates shouldn t happen until you ve gotten pretty much everything with the scarcity of exotics.

It doesn t make much sense to me to get an exotic that you ve had you know already gotten numerous times especially with the guns okay. I don t mind getting duplicates on the armor. But i think it should almost work like a punch out system as you get exotics. It you know they get sort of punched out and you you don t get them again like i said at least until you ve gotten all of them you could go to your collections and kind of see as you re working through so to me.

I m like why am i getting a duplicate why am. I getting graviton lance. When there s still exotics in the game. That i haven t gotten they don t drop all that often once you ve gotten all the guns it would be okay.

I think to just get armor because there s there s only so many exotics in the game. Anyway. And if they re scarcely dropping or they re dropping at regular intervals or some of the suggestions i m gonna outline. I think it d be okay to do it that way and then to just you re slowly working your way through and playing and getting all of the exotics.

It would still take you probably months to get everything. But at least. There d be more intentionality and more of an of a consistent in action. I m not saying that you should just basically play the game and get handed every exotic after a couple weeks.

I think that with respect to duplicates though you shouldn t start seeing them..

And so you ve gotten everything or at the very least only duplicates of armor. There should not be duplicates of guns dropping unless of course. You ve been playing for three months. And you ve gotten every single exotic in the game at that point maybe you could start getting duplicates on guns.

But that still doesn t serve much of a purpose when duplicates on armor actually helps they re supposed to be do protection in the game. You re supposed to not get guns. You re supposed to get a propensity to armor and you re also supposed to not get dupes from you know the previous year from year one so it should be really unlikely for you to get year. One exotics and yet it happens all the time so i don t think the dew protection is working given the fact that the most unlikely outcome seems to happen the most for me.

It does and people like well. That s anecdotal. No not really when lots of people are saying they re getting year. One weapons to drop that they ve already gotten something s not working that should be the least likely thing you re not supposed to get dupes.

They re supposed to protect you against that the second thing that supposed to protect you against from getting a dupe of is a weapon. So there s supposed to be like layers of protection in place so it should be really really unlikely to see duplicate weapons showing up it should it should be almost like a unicorn and it happens very very often so at a ground level they need to address duplicate protection before any of the things. I m gonna talk about could be put into place to adequately have the game. Delivering exotics to you in a way that is a little bit more sensible than it is right now so let s talk about nightfall and escalation protocol rng.

I think there s a lot of room in the game for more of this type of rng where the more you do a given activity. The more likely. It is you will get the thing that you are seeking if you don t get the nightfall specific reward you know six or seven night falls in a row. You know that you re about to get one you know every probably ever six night falls you re getting that you re getting the drop.

You re at least averaging that this means that they could do something similar with exotics. I could say okay well if you go so many you know hours in the game or so. Many days. Without getting an exotic your your drop rate could start to go up.

I think it starts to narrow the more you don t get it specifically they can apply this to exotics like the 1k voices and the anarchy folks going months and months and months and not getting the 1k voices. Really starts to be gay basically almost like an insult they ve faithfully gone in and raided every week. It s been months and the thing never drops to me it makes sense and i think it s actually it s it s sort of contextually sensible right if you re in there raiding every week. You are getting closer and closer to the reward as long as you re playing and that to me is it s totally fine.

I don t think it s necessarily a problem if someone can go in there second time and get it like trab did you know typhoon travel. And i was playing with him it was his second time ever playing the last wish raid and he got the 1k voices. So i mean it was his second time in there. And he gets that gun.

I think that could still happen i don t think that s a problem..

I that s still a possibility. But the person. That s been in there 12 11. 12.

13. 14. 15. Times and never gotten it their likelihood should be going up every single time.

I don t think there s a problem with that at all i think that makes in my mind. That makes good sense you re rewarding their their diligence. Each week to play you re rewarding them. For you know constantly being in there and trying to get it and eventually the big problem is people are people are losing interest in the raid right so you re you re never you re never really gonna keep people interested in the raid eternally.

You re gonna get to a point in a place. Where people like i don t really care about running that anymore. And then the people that were running it faithfully and tried week after week after week. Now have nobody to run the raid with now bungees not responsible for the behavior of people that just stop playing.

But you have to acknowledge. There is a layer of interest that is at play whenever this kind of thing is going on and as it as interest wanes as the interest wanes you have to have people slowly getting it that have been faithfully in there every week. And i think the nightfall escalation protocol. Our ng system would definitely help with this rewarding investments is part of this game.

It s a hundred percent part of this game. You ve invested all this time in playing you ve cleared it this many. Times your drop rate. Eventually becomes almost guaranteed you know somebody in chat.

Saying. Sixteen clears. No one case. Sixty eight clears twenty five clears is how long it took somebody that s a long time right.

That s a long time. So i think that could that could land on it now that kind of touches on the question well low. No what about world exotics they just drop out in the world what about specific exotics that s what we re gonna talk about here at the end there s world drops and there s specific drops. So there s the 1k voices and then there s the anarchy.

There s not a lot of other places that have specific exotic drops..

Okay so world drops are exciting. And i think they could add something like a weekly prime attunement. This could be another reward for getting to max level. Getting exotics while you re leveling up could be pretty scarce pretty rare.

Not really guaranteed and as long as you re you know playing the game. And leveling up at a decent pace. You know that what s awaiting you is eventually the idea that there will be an exotic weekly like attunement where as long as you re playing each week. Eventually an exotics gonna drop and if one doesn t drop for you then the next week.

It s it s maybe you ll drop a little bit faster. It s a little bit you know quicker to drop cuz. It s like oh they didn t get one last week. Let s give them one this week.

Just like the primates human again this is something that would be waiting for you once you hit max level. Max level should open up a lot of new opportunities in the game. It should open up. Why is she telling this to me her name was henry yet.

She was our founder and my mother. What is going on is this a bug anyway. I m gonna keep doing the talk well we ll talk about this in a minute. I guess so i think world drops are okay.

But i do think maybe a weekly world drop like the prime attunement could be really really nice. And you would then have that that constant sort of flow and then if you apply everything i just said with respect to oh you re not gonna be getting duplicate weapons you might get duplicate armor. But at least then you might get a better role on what you re looking for and then once you re done doing all of that you could then pursue specific exotics. I would like to see more specific exotics in the game maybe once you get an exotic.

This is this is an idea that lik literally just came to me what if once you get an exotic. Oh. I got all the lore books that s why this cutscene is playing okay. What if once you got an exotic you could inspect it and it would show you where it s where you could farm farm.

It where you could farm for it so you re like oh i got shards of gallon or i would like a better role on shards of gallon or let me inspect this oh it s dropping here it drops from this boss and then you go and you farm that boss hoping for that exotic to drop that would be a good mixture a world drops and specific jobs. Because when you want a better role on shards or phoenix protocol. You really have no influence over getting that you re just like oh i better. But it may drop someday another time and with the with the combinations of perks.

You could get another trash role and then never see another one till the end of time you could literally play destiny for the rest of your life..

And never see another shards never see another one so once you get it and think about it somebody says i would love to get shards just once if the systems. I m talking about good and get get put in place proper dupe protection a guaranteed drop per week. If you re playing and then once you get a drop you can farm for it in a given location and and keep getting drops. I think that s totally fine like once you get the gun the drop.

I m sorry the armored piece the drop farming for a better role you ve got it you ve got the exotic we re not making exotics easily accessible. We re making better rolls potentially accessible with a grind lastly. I think they could definitely take zarur into other places. We know there are bounties coming for xur.

I think you could have quests. I think you could also have clues and mysteries things that you maybe have to go do and figure out and solve puzzles to get catalysts maybe just to get the frame. Maybe clues on where they drop you know if there are just specific drops instead of like you having to like get the gun first and or the armor first and then it s at a specific drop well maybe. He has clues as to who drops certain items and you could buy those clues from him and then you know you go and confirm that thing and to make it so you can t just put like a reddit guide up it could be random you could like buy it from him.

He randomly assigns you a strike clue and you re like oh well for me. I can go from this strike. Four o phidias path or something like that so. I think exotics have a great place in destiny.

They ve introduced some really really great ones. Some strong ones you know 1k voices in anarchy are really really cool and then there s all the armor pieces. But i think they need to put some systems in place to give you a little bit of intentionality about farming for a role that you want do protection as well as just a somewhat regular injection and presence in the game. So it s not so random and rare and people feel like they re never gonna get a 1k.

They re never gonna get the anarchy. Some smarter rng do protection as well as pursuing the role you want once you ve got one would be a great way to take exotic drop rate into a better place because they ve done such a good job designing really really cool exotics. But it s just really really difficult to sense their presence in the game or get them. If you re on the bad end of the rng or if you just can t get the one you want to drop from the raid.

We re gonna transition to qa so if you re listening to this on itunes google play spotify you re watching on youtube come on in live i m probably live right now twitchtv slash say no to rage or look me up say no to rage on twitch or twitter to catch me live. If you re here live right. Now you can submit your questions using the question command make sure. It s about destiny will have an anthem talk later so please don t submit anthem question yet as with all of my content if you re listening or watching somewhere else i appreciate you doing that please like share and subscribe music music.

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