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“Public event is that we re doing yeah. I m gonna pick this up and and started shirt with a signature or a skis the trickster let s miss public before we leave. And do it then so get the experience and stuff. Lost photo.

Just unlock what wow part of the what we got to do right now. Let s know it s a courier no i m assuming. It s like you know how and what is it tighten. You kilos.

Servitors and opens. The chest. Probably yeah. Yeah so those things something like that.

But where is it is the question. Oh. It s right here. Ben s on it i m coming hold please t.

Rex tractor service is coming right up i hadn t over there well i hear you parked in uh in a mirror firehouse. I m gonna have to toll you is so big roger big t. I m in half. The pogue event starts.

Oh. By the way usually the chest. I was down here. I think they were out chest chest down here beneath me chests down.

There uh. Oh. I see well that s all so this is where the adventure is going so. I m gonna stop going that way.

Oh is it yeah yeah. This resource tracker is nice yep. And the experience bonus is nice. Too.

Oh wow. And potato. Really and potato. That s a golden chest.

Oh. Yeah. I guess we should be looking for those. Yeah.


If it s up top here. Okay. I found it ya know cuz you also get more of the ghost fragments. Which allow you to buy more the bounties i think also got him from public events too yep par seekers cask or 17 i am for 12 at the moment i m your mom i m trying to bring your mom jokes back i feel like if they felt a style for a little bit.

So you know it is time my friends oh so leslie can get energy to it like and five of the resources on every node. Nice mom falls style there you go thank you appreciate that he s asking for it. Oh jesus oh squish. I saw that resource.

No devon. There s gonna go for us turn. My oh my sparrow. But then the cabal dropped by another all right they re playing watch eat or use that rare drop multi and watch everybody all at the same time chicago.

I am that s a very extreme it even works on mobile dude. What that s actually president works online. It does potato a blue. I m graham a baseline large one light up braille take it i will say the armor looks pretty freakin good.

Though for being blue armor. Oh yeah. It looks awesome kind of like catch. This guy convicted of the do fork.

She s already shooting events get him cutting loose turning clamp. He s a frizzy boy are you suffering from the effects of being a frizzy boy. We ll come on down to forsaken shores. Well you can figure out exactly how to unfreeze your stupid frizzy boy ass dial 1 810 a package but warm i m gonna die nope i got him don t miss all right it is just three so i m just saying more people missed earlier out i died please send health up it s on the way no the super.

The currently i have not found a way to send my to do my super inverses. I ve tried oh my god that s some orbs man honey that s a pretty cool looking right there guys got nothing yep. That s just some orbs man. Oh.

My god i get it be a meteorite hbt right here all right good kill so those guys drop like weird things also put it rossum up let me say it like that like shaman totems. It s how i hear how i d put it shaima heads. Oh love about how about god. How do you get bo quest reward.

Brother. How dare you call. Me brother. Even.

Though. I am your brother fucking bullshit. Oh. Jesus you get squashed.


It s cool gonna check it out blam boom. Yep wipes all of them he s literally goku dude. I am. The laser boy now i m now garen from spin2win baby.

Yeah. I m just trying to get like super kills and stuff for my check it out. I can also be drained. All right am.

I super again so next wave. All clear out oh shit. I keep forgetting that that s oh yeah. The death of above.

Yeah rub up my melee now one it s orbs. But like you re pooping the mouth diarrhea nani complete the hero we need sick another box over here where s the box that burn nate the rocket launcher. More ghosts fraggles down on fraggle ghosts. Good joke.

Another titan mark. It is expensive to mr. Works course to do infusion yeah. It is cashing in check that or yeah this i mean.

But then again it seems like master records are a lot easier to get something like biomass. Yet. But i just that s such a smart economy change. It s not the trick to you yeah.

Let s go do your thing now basically once we hit 50. Though we can hey whatever the soft cap is oh. There he is hello bud that is some really not great things boy. Oh.

What what what what drop it nice 200 shipment of rigged entrance to the city oh no find that hilarious raul died. Laughing county dumb fucking guardian you should have had me to look at that first your dipshit. I knew it wasn t real guardian. But you don t listen to old raul.

No nobody told row a million deaths is not enough cessation. Oh. You don t then how do i so we have to get up there oh okay yeah just jumping makes sense. There s also like i mean i m a way now let me get up there no look up there i want to see it.

Oh those are the side pass or something. Yeah. I took the side path. I found the courier.


Oh. I see wow we get some i m gonna go to zoom. I know what happened to you i was i just walked out and got fucked like you know that s really old like oil pop like oil based popcorn machines. It s like that all i gotta use this and sort of fabricator.

Yeah. I think we got rooms to blow to push all right you re such a bitch. Oh man whatever dude dude. There s so many exotics hold on gotta go ahead and got to go ahead and get that fat.

Tasty thumbnail for free get some goodness clickbait right here music. Yeah love that the enemies have personality. Yeah. Having having more enemies.

Besides. Like the main antagonists talk to us is great also question is it s the first female following. We ve encountered neither provider email. As well yeah.

Well. That s romantic. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

This is the first time okay so heads up that power bridge is turning into a spider mine of course it did uh ah super wow. Could you just stop doing that please. Shit fighter mine. Go get him uh even throw.

These for damage. Okay. Yes. Larry nova.

Buying the vibes. That you get growing anger. Um s to blow guys up is 36. This titan.

Super is just pure unadulterated joy just pure sex dude. Why me like i was like look. I was right here honey and i shot way up and over that oh there s so many that s so bad it s so bad. It s so bad dude.

I walked forward now it s the only one up there and i don t have any besides to hand candidates. It s ok pepper. I got you dude new loot capacity. Exclamation point exclamation.


Yeah. I need to make an all airhorn video for that yeah. What s up guys. It s your boy professor bro man here with another spicy destiny.

2. Video to let you know exactly how you can get the new destiny. Ok that only dropped 6 hours to kill you. But you re going to love all of these exotics that is so many dudes oh you kill them damn i grab my hammer.

I get my yeah you get you get them bark again you get to continue the falconer. Which is actually really nice for the the leveling experience from thing dude. I believe it you know one of his new like fucking play catch basically with this actually i think so now think so it s like it s like an obama. I get detonates it like turns red.

When you throw in everything you dissing more console. No dude. I m copying his style though well they say plagiarisms no sincere form of flattery or something get fucked sorry guys. I was being incredibly bitch how do you get them oh you say you are you hurt.

She hurts wondering where the ads are gonna show up at fuck. There they are blinder got it it s all yours baby. Come here ah. Where s yet.

Oh immune huh oh for a second. I was like the drop in action. It d be fucking great if this gave you an actual exotic anger. When you beat.

It haley you were so paranoid to pick it up they just kind of like leave it and it like shows like you re postmaster. No um. I m going to fucking that ll be a hard no. It s gonna be a hard.

I just what s a soft note. Blake can i get a soft note from you please. No okay. How d you find someone found something.

Purple uh. Oh. A fine is something the fuck did i find was that what did you find uh pursuit. I found a finest matter wave this masterwork ionized her found in the scraps of a lucky dismantle boss wave boss kills have a chance to drop a masterwork or effect lasts until master work or is found nice did somebody suitable.

” ..

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