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“What s up guys skinny penis here just kidding the name s red j. Head head this video is gonna be where can you find yourself some ghost fragments. I pretty new at the game. So i thought i would show everybody how to do that since i didn t know how originally first place you re gonna go to is the tangled shore.

So just on your destinations over here you may some of you may already know this. But click on the tangled shore over there and then jump right into thieves landing. I m already at thieves landing. So you ll spawn in this location over here and you re just gonna follow my map.

But we re gonna go find some ghost fragment..

So really quickly the first ghost fragment that i found was just one little chest over here give it a shot. See if maybe you know it might be there for you as well this isn t the major one but sometimes a chest does pop up over here gives you one extra ghost fragment. The ones that i m gonna show you right now are oh pardon me you can t summon that there are right over. Here.

So again you re going to land over here at thieves landing as per. The map. And then you re going to follow this direction over here right under this stair bridge. Thing and then over this actual bridge.

Thing whoa and then right straight over here..

So those are two circle. Things. And then there s a small undertaking over here this is where you re gonna collect your first loot it s gonna give you two ghost fragments and there s also something at the top over here that i noticed and that s just nothing because i have too much clever great so we got that then we re gonna go to the next spot over here. The next spot is in the second landing zone.

Sorcs cut. So just the fast travel there and once we get there just follow me again. And there will be another chest that should give you two ghost fragments right now that s all that i know of that give you ghost fragments in case. You know you re looking to collect those those targeted bounties from the spider.

That s probably that s one of the reasons..

Why you may be doing this so just follow along with my guy here we re going to it right now. And you re just gonna go this way. I m not sure why it keeps telling me that it s connecting to the destiny two servers hopefully. I am connected so in case you guys didn t see that really quickly this is where you re gonna stop off so i guess.

There s gonna be a couple cabal there a light thing and then you should should be fairly easy to notice. There are a few rocks chained to more rocks. Oh. This is embarrassing okay so you re not gonna do that um.

We re gonna jump off over here and then we re gonna go up here and not fall..

And then yeah. You ll notice that there s a little tunnel over there so if you go through this tunnel. Here. There s your second chest.

That you re looking for and there are your two other ghost fragments. So hopefully that helps thanks for watching. And if you have time don t forget to visit my twitch in the description peace out you ” ..


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This video contains a proper and efficient analysis of obtaining holy ghost fragments. I am a little new to Destiny 2 and thought this might be helpful for other newbies like myself out there 🙂
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