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” s it going guys cows prime here with another destiny two videos so while i i was trolling through the web. I see the whole leaks of the ishtar. Which don t really want to get into because there s massive lorem plot spoilers there so i m not gonna be going into that i m not gonna read it i want to experience forsaken for myself for the very first time. And i guess most of you do as well so none of you would appreciate massive spoilers like that so i m gonna keep that away at least from my channel.

Anyway as i was still trolling around i came across a post. Which basically said the heroic adventures that you can do once a day on mars as part of the flashpoint are dropping powerful and graham s now upon hearing. This a contacted a friend of mine. We jumped into a heroic adventure is from pretty easy.

One today and we went and completed it upon defeating the final sigh on the instance immediately ends in fact it goes straight to a black screen you don t even get to see your rewards they drop. I only managed to see what i got through a freeze frame. While i was making this video. But what we were surprised about he actually dropped year two versions of year 1 exotics.


They actually had perks now we wasn t sure if this was just pure dumb luck or actually consistent. So we decided to go with a second character and the second character also dropped an exotic this time. It was a weapon and obviously weapons don t have any random roles. So it was a fixed weapon.

But it was dropping at free 84 a weapon and the versions of the exotic armor that we re dropping was free 80 so but it did have as you can see on screen random roles so we went in with two characters so we decided why not go in with the third. Luckily my friend had already completed all the adventures on mars so we went in under 3rd on this occasion. We still got 380 items to drop. But no exotic.

However the thing that stood out for me was that on the first two runs. We went flawless and we did a wipe on the third one. We did wipe in fact the first we didn t even die on the third one is when we actually died and white once because we were just not being careful enough with glass modifier and felling shields. They can pretty much one shot.


If they are close enough so with that said that may be a possible reason as to why i didn t drop of course. This is all speculation. However it needs more investigating and it s definitely worth doing them on a daily basis. Even if it is just on one character to try and get year two verges of year.

What exotics if you manage to land a role that you enjoy you ve already knocked one off the list. And it s definitely worth well especially now. When you two exotics are yet to feature in year one game with that said you ve got more of a chance now to get your perfect role. Then you re doing youtube.

When it becomes even more diluted. So i thought i d get this video out there i thought i d let you all know it is a daily thing so you have till 6 pm reset. We are gonna get the flashpoint resetting. I believe on saturday.


Potentially so you have till then to do it daily so you got today friday and then whatever flashpoint we get i assume it will be the same so let me know if it worked out for you let me know in the comments section below. If it did or not like i said. It has been awarding me with exotics and the two rounds that i got exotics. My friend also got exotics so the one roundup.

We did in gigs otic swear we wiped. He also didn t get an exotic additionally. It seems we also get free stems and 32. Planetary materials for completing an easy adventure.

So this is not bad you actually get decent rewards here now for doing heroic adventures and these actually now make them a lot more viable and a lot more lucrative. We know that they re going to be restricted to how many you can do birthday. So. If this is just a taste of what is coming in forsaken.


It looks like every content now will be worthwhile doing with that said. I hope you guys actually get the perfect world you re looking for and this video. Actually her see well in getting what you want as always guys. Thank you for watching.

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Destiny 2: HEROIC ADVENTURES DROPPING EXOTICS WITH PERKS u0026 EP WEAPONS! Ikelos SG, Actium War Rig, resource materials


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