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“What s going on everyone. It s your rifle here and thanks for checking out out this video and this one we shown you guys how to get inside. Wait. The speaker s room in the tower house weird before i get into this though.

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What you enjoyed about this video. And what platform you re wanting a destiny. 2. For so anyways.


Without further ado. Let s go ahead and jump into this so for those of you that know the speaker s room is right back here you can tell by when you investigate this check it out they rebuilt the speaker s private quarters even after the reconstruction. I still can t believe that he s gone he wasn t the first speaker and he can t be the last right we still need a speaker. Don t we so from that right there we learned that this is the speaker s private quarters.

And then this videoing me showing you guys a trick to get inside here recently. There has been a new glitch that has been discovered by a guy that goes by jb3. I ll leave a link down below to his channel. And it is real simple to do you can do this anywhere.

So if you guys find anything interesting feel free to leave it down below in the comments and i could go check it out and maybe credit you if you are the first one to discover whatever you find by using this anyways. It s real simple to do like i was saying. Before all you have to have is this emote right here as you can see this is the ridiculous walk emo and by the way ever verse is selling this at the moments. But it will cost you 700 bright dust.


So. If you have that available then feel free to purchase this to do this glitch. Because i m feeling bungees going to patch this pretty fast anyways back to how to do this. All you have to do is simply pressure back up against the wall.

Do the ridiculous. Walk glitch and look forward. Like this crouch and go forward. I messed up right there so once again here s the steps ridiculous walk.

When i go back in the wall. Crouch and go forward messed up once again. Let s see their duns adjourn. Let s do this alright bam.


As you guys just saw went right through the wall. It s a pretty freakin. Awesome emo glitch. And i highly suggest you guys to take advantage of this while you can because once again bunch of will be on this pretty fast.

But as you can see this is what s inside the speaker s private quarters. You can t go any further. Sadly just because there s an invisible wall here. I did try to go through this invisible wall.

Because sometimes this glitch allows you to get through. But i wasn t able to but yeah here s what s inside it as you can see not much. But if you want to like troll. Some people you could probably just chill out this window.


Wait for people to pass by and you know mess with them you can do this pretty much anywhere so keep that in mind you want to go do this. With your buddies feel free. This is something pretty fun to just play around with i m not gonna lie oh yeah. That s all i really want to show you guys what s inside this speaker s room before this ends up being patched and also i just recently made a video over what i believe to be the new treasure room in the prestige mode rate.

I did this glitch to get inside the area and there s like a vault and everything else and then you guys got to go check it out just click this right now that you see here and it ll take you right to the video. I m out of yours oh. Thanks for taking time to watch and listen. And remember stay safe out.

There and try not to sleep in p police. ” ..

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