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“Here right here pretty small record public. I get recognized go all right look at at that damage brothers look at this damage. Oh. It s he s gone already missions first tray.

Let s go oh you about a few moments lay down work with the dps guys. Who tps those even faster the first time music ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome to the channel. I m paid to be famous you guys can call me paid and in today s video. I m going to be showing you guys the most efficient way the farm for the spare rations fair rations is probably the most sought after weapon in the game right now.

I m gonna show you guys the best and the fastest way for you guys to obtain one. But if you guys are new here be sure to hit that subscribe button and don t forget to hit that little bell icon. If you want to stay up to date on my latest videos and without any more delay. My guardians so what you guys are gonna need to do this efficiently as you need one guardian running his burning mall.

Titan and the reason for that is as soon as you launch over to the likeness of orc oryx. And he teleports for the first time the titan in his burning maul is gonna pop his super on the boss. And it s going to stun lock him so he s not gonna be able to teleport secondly. You guys are going to need a tether.

A tether is going to increase the damage thirdly you guys are going to need a tractor cannon. Now tractor cannon isn t necessary..

But it is going to speed up your runs. And then lastly you re going to need a well of radiance and then just the little cherry on top when i was doing these runs. I had myself and a teammate running the swarm of the raven with spike maids that was our strats. What we were doing and we were melting.

The boss in like under 10 seconds. So once again burning mall titan hunter with tether. A warlock with the well radiance and to swarm of the ravens with spike mates is what you guys are gonna need to do this the fastest and most efficiently now how do you guys pull this off. But once you make it to the end of the bridge.

And you shoot over to the likeness of oryx. He s gonna be in the middle at first. But then he is going to teleport over to the stairs. As soon as you re well irradiance teleports over there run straight to the stairs and pop you re well now soon as oryx shows up over there the burning model s gonna pop his super.

And he s just gonna start unloading it on the boss. And he s gonna be stuck there unable to teleport around the arena meanwhile the hunter is gonna have shot off his tether. So the boss is gonna be stunned locked by the burning ball. He s going to be tethered with tracker canyons gonna hit him with the tractor cannon and then everybody is just gonna unload the to swarm of the ravens with spiked grenades burning maul titans.

Just gonna keep going with the super and the guy of the tractor is gonna switch to whatever other weapon he has to dps and you re gonna bring down the likeness of oryx in less than 10 seconds. I mean you guys saw the beginning of the video..

I did it multiple times and it works every time so you guys that is pretty much it i m gonna get out of here and just roll. Some footage of me doing some runs with my buddies. If you guys found this video. Helpful leaving a like really does help me out.

If you guys are new here. And want more content like this be sure to subscribe. There s plenty of videos on my channel for you guys to check out and with that being said. I ll catch you guys in the next video peace.

We got us an unbroken homie searching for a spare rations look at this guy you know he s here for the spare rations may you be blessed with all the rng sir you know he s here just for the spare rations look. He didn t even put in any boats. He s just like fuck. It s living in here.

He s like finally a three man team maybe they re good i ll take these oh that s a big dude. Don t you can pop it all you want just you have to wait till the end to save it oh look at him go look at him smell would you look at that would you look at that someone s getting a fucking fresh one the freshest of product. Oh would you look at that this mountaintop just makes this game. So easy.

Oh. There s one behind us..

I mean technically in front of us. I guess out it goes mister unbroken. Thank you for the well mister unbroken where s the mall at there s the mall. At pablo lone wolf.

Yeah. Bro spam that shit spam that shizen is lone wolf. What you think this is a public event no public event lone wolves you spam it if you got it we re only halfway oh oh the inhumanity hey. There s power.

I m over here. Oh god they re right here. These guys don t have around oh. One on top of me almost a hundred or saying.

Let s go let s go now. I think this is the last one savior burning mall pablo we try to save as much ammo as i can i m gonna please drop some green for me is there any green can a guardian get some green dang. It right underneath them or right on the stairs right that right over there all right look at that damage brothers look at the damage. Oh.

It s he s gone already their missions first tray let s go let s go where did it happen. That s youtuber perks right there..

But is it a god role that would be the real youtuber perks. If it s a god role. I will freakin turn the game off right now it doesn t look like it um. We re gonna keep hunting just say that yeah that was a good do this unbroken guy knows exactly what the plan is oh you you sir you sir yes.

Yes to whatever you re doing. I agree to it here. Bump my hip dude up my hip. Oh.

He he ll this guy s just too kind. He knows the deal he heals us. He lets us rally to his flag who is this guy. What s his name i know he s i m broken guy this guy.

What s your name is guy guy er good on you sir i m recording right now you re gonna be on youtube. Let s go oh the recluse mountain top combo. It s finally mine and damn. It is it good from a full mountain top full super and full and a full diaper all right we got it spike nades do your work oh at the dps guys lose tps that was even faster.

The first time the goddamn out somebody got the outlast stop giving us the outlast drifter music you ” ..

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In todays destiny 2 video i am going over how to get the spare rations hand cannon. I am also going over the fastest farm method for the spare rations. #destiny2 #reckoning #sparerations

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