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“What is up guys. Rick cac is here thank you so much for stopping by by and today we have the complete guide for how to get the brand new bringer exotic rocket launcher just added into destiny with the shadow keep expansion and don t worry this isn t some database trash. I actually have the weapon as you can see right here. We re going to be going over every single step every single nuance.

There s definitely. Some confusing parts and a ton of time saving tips all in this video. And so let s get started now the very first thing you re going to need to do is to complete the shadow keep campaign do all of the missions given out from eros you ll know when it ends. I m not gonna give away any spoilers for those of you who haven t beat.

It. But once you do beat the campaign like the final mission will then teleport you back to the sanctuary area on the moon. You talk to eros and she gives you a bunch of stuff and one of those things is this quest step the memory of sybota now notice. This is just a legendary quest.

But it will turn exotic eventually you do have to do this in order to get to the main exotic quest and for this quest. Step you have system core vault accessed. Now to get this. Part.

Done. You ll need to have grabbed the bounty from eris. Called lunar. Spelunker.

And this has you do three different lost sectors on the moon. Essentially you are doing all of the lost sectors. Except for the one at the very top of the moon in sorrows harbor. So don t do that one do the other three one in archers line.

One an anchor of light and one on the hellmouth. So you grab the bounty do these three loss sectors. And upon the completion of the third the bounty will be complete turn it in via your inventory. And then you re going to get a special quest item.

The firewall data fragment this lets you open a special area in the one lost sector. You didn t do in sorrows harbor. So head there on the moon and then go and do that loss sector now once you ve come the lost sector. Killed.

The boss grabbed your loot. There s actually another area kind of off to the right. There s a gold tunnel to be honest and head down here. And you re going to find a hidden room that you must have the firewall data fragments in order to open.

So. If you do you interact with the door..

It opens and then you interact with the console. And get the next quest step. There s also one of these special guys right here. Which you can feed the rice cakes.

But that s another topic in any event. Once you ve interacted with the console. The quest step is going to update to memory of sybota. Now this time you re going to need to collect 20 necklace scraps by killing nightmares on the moon with arc abilities.

That s very important not just killing them not killing them with arc killing them specifically with arc abilities. Easiest way by far is to go to sorrows harbor. That s where all the nightmares are spawning constantly like you have the ogres and then they re accompanied by always a few act lights or thrall nightmares as well so you can ramp up kills there very very easily. But again.

If you re doing arc abilities. Supers are by far the easiest way to do it. So you know i was a hunter. So i threw on ark staff.

Obviously combined with radiant flux to just slay out on these nightmares. No problem. You re gonna get around to fragments. A piece for the smaller nightmares and three for the big ogres now if you are lacking on super kills.

Remember that you can just travel to an unstarted public event get your super all the way back go back to sorrows harbor. And then slay out on nightmares. With your super. Now once you ve completed that step head back to eris morn.

There s gonna be a portal. You go through and go to kind of the overlook spot that you ve went to several times in the campaign and there s going to be a cutscene where she presents the necklace to her loss fireteam member. Then you can open the chest right beside her and you will get the next quest step and this time. It will actually be exotic.

It s called symphony of death. And it has the objective to explore the circle of bones and if you look on your map you can see it it s in the hellmouth. Right well. It s actually not this is a little bit tricky because that s the location of it underground.

The easiest way to access. This is to go to archers line head through the massive doorway where you first awoken the hive. If you re a destiny. One player and simply keep going through there to the summoning pits kind of area.

And as you can see the quest step well the quest to start. It is down here..

Now the mission that you ve started has you traversed to the area where you fought phogoth back in the summoning pits in d1. There s some different enemies here. It s just a nightmare enemy and once you eventually do kill that enemy the quest step is going to update. Yet again this time to tainted lala by where you go and visit.

Eris morn. Once you do that the quest is going to update. Yet again and this time. You re gonna have to do three different things collect festering bone ritualistic bone and the bone collectors marrow so for the festering bone for that you just have to do a public event in the hellmouth.

So in that hellmouth public space. Any public event will do and upon completing. It you don t even need to open the chest. You ll just get the required step done now for the ritualistic bone this just has you do the loss sector in sorrows harbor.

You ve done it before do it again upon opening that end chest after killing the boss. And so on you will get the next bone and then we have the bone collectors merrill. This is a little bit more complicated it turns out the bone collector is a special kind of enemy. It s a yellow bar act light.

And it spawns in the anchor of light public space. So simply head down here and wait around you will actually see the little text icon appear on your screen saying that a bone collector wanders the area at the bottom left and once you see that like zip around on your sparrow. Try to find it and get shots into it you don t have to necessarily get the final blow. But you do need to be involved in the fight to take it down to get its bone marrow alright.

So once you ve done all three things your quest step is going to update. And now you re gonna have to defeat the high conductor and she is located in the scarlet keep strike. So simply open the directory on the moon. And you can load into the scarlet keep.

There s not a special version or anything. It s just the normal strike. But there is a little bit of a twist during the strike. Everything is gonna go pretty much as it always goes.

But during the part where the elevator goes up through the tower. Now some people are having trouble spawning. This guy. So what my group did and we got the spawn was jump down as susie elevator starts going up.

There s actually kind of some hidden enemies beneath. Here. There s a shrieker and some wizards. And you re gonna want to kill those guys.

And as you do you can actually see the high conductor spawn behind this doorway that s blocked off as you can see. But after a little bit you will be teleported via the joining allies feature..

But don t fret. It s going to take you to where you would have been if you stayed on the elevator. You continue as normal and you will have as you can see the high conductor spawn as you re making your way on the elevator up this tower. And as soon as you killer your quest step is going to update.

Yet again and this time. Well. This is the grindy part of the strike. There s three different assignments.

Yet again you have discomfort recorded pained cries recorded and anguished screams recorded so you get the first part discomfort recorded for just killing red bar enemies. And you get faster progress on the moon for pained cries its major enemies and mini bosses. And again your progress is higher on the moon and four anguished screams. It s either guardians or bosses.

Actually so you guys want to hear the tip that s gonna save you probably an hour of grinding well it turns out the nightmare enemies in sorrows harbor count as bosses not many bosses bosses bosses. The ogres specifically so simply go there and keep killing those guys every single one you kill because again it s on the moon. That is 10. Now that s a lot better than 50.

Guardian kills. Or killing. The bosses at the end of strikes. Or whatever.

This makes the progress go up substantially and the best part is that the nightmare enemies they spawn with count as the major enemies for the pained cries part of this as well. So you can two for one just go in there farm. Those night falls. Yet again in that area and get those bottom two parts done very quickly now for the top part for the miner.

The base level enemies. You just want to go in a loss sector go in any of different moon law sectors and just salette out on ads as you can see in the background game played there are so many red bars in these lost sectors. You will have to do it several times. But it s gonna go way faster than pretty much any other method.

So once you have killed hundreds of enemies. Then your quest step is going to update and this time. You re gonna have another quest you have to go and find. This is almost at the exact same location that the first quest was where you have to go under through the anchor of light.

You know into that area where phogoth kind of is as you can see in the background. Gameplay and you activate it yet again. And we have another special mission. This one is definitely a little bit more complicated than the first one not to mention.

It is recommended nine hundred and twenty light to do so. If you re wondering am..

I high enough level to do this quest. Well this is really the part where you might get stuck on so you are diving into the bowels of the moon trying to go after this death. Singer. But you re going to have a debuff as you re going down.

There the death song and you only have a minute you have to kill the wizard. Before this reaches zero or else you ll die. So make sure you re running something you know rocket launcher is a celestial nighthawk. Something that can take down those guys.

Very quickly as soon as you see them and every time you do kill them it s going to progress. This mission. Forward and you re gonna have as you move forward another reapply death song and another minute to kill the next being a kind of boss in the next location you ll eventually make your way to this bridge make sure to stand on this plate to extend the bridge. It s kind of not marked properly and then at the end of it you ll have a final damage phase against the boss.

You won t have a death song. Though so you can take as long as you want you can use something like the outbreak perfected. If you do have it to just slowly work away on this boss and guaranteed to kill her. But as soon as you kill the wizard.

You can head up to the top. Where toland kind of is and simply wait around there for him to give some dialog your quest step is going to update one more time to a death of nightmares. And then head back to eris morn talked to her and it will give you this exotic rocket launcher now a quick overview of this thing because it s pretty nuts so it s got the exotic intrinsic perk dark deliverance fires remotely detonated projectiles that drop void orbs on enemies hold shoot to fire release to detonate and you can see that in action right here like i shoot. It the ball goes forward you let go and it shoots a bunch of void balls all of them are seeking so it s pretty darn forgiving in terms of where you let the explosion go and if you re very close to an enemy or you are hit firing.

You don t want to detonate and release as soon as it strikes a big object. It will usually do the explosion thing and then the tracking orbs will come out now in addition to that it also has another unique perk dark descent the further a void orb falls. The more powerful its detonation becomes so that s really interesting because how it works is if you kind of shoot it in the air and detonate. It the void orbs will spread out.

But then head down to the ground and if there s enemies near that ground then they ll start to do their seeking thing. But this means that you kind of want to aim pretty high above enemy s heads let those void orbs fall down a considerable amount and then do the tracking contact enemies then you should be doing pretty substantial amounts of damage in any event guys that is it for the video. I hope you enjoyed found this informative. If you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video.

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That s linked in the description down below. Again. I hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day ” ..


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Complete Exotic Quest Guide for how to get the new Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher in the Shadowkeep DLC and Season of the undying!




New #Destiny2 guide for how to complete the Memory of Sai Mota Quest to gain access to the Symphony of Death exotic quest in the Destiny 2 DLC, the #Shadowkeep Expansion and Season of the Undying (New Season 8)! This guide also showcased time saving tips for the Lunar Spelunking Bounty, Memory of Sai Mota, where to find the Bone collector and High Conductor, and more!

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