Destiny 2: How to Get the Exotic Weapons Rat King, Sturm and MIDA Multi-Tool

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“Guys so right now there appear to be three exotic quests in the game at at the moment with a fourth one likely on the way today. We re gonna quickly go over the steps of how to get these exotics along with some quick comments on the weapons themselves first before you can even start these quests. You need to complete the story. So go do that when you complete the campaign.

Each destination will have a new world quest. It ll be a blue crown icon basically to start all of these exotic quests you need to go do those world quests first which are about 3 missions. Long. The one on io does not lead to an exotic at least not as of the making of this video.

So let s start with titan and rat king. You re going to do the world quest here and end up with rat kings crew. When you finish is a quest item. I think you also need to have all the quests done on titan in general.

But there s not that many anyway you ll need at least one other person with the rat kings crew item in order to do the quest chain. When you get this item. The first thing you ll need to do are three patrol missions those are the beacon things not an adventure or anything like that if you don t have access to patrols you need to do cades world quest first anyway do three patrols on titan. Then you need to do two public events.

Then you need to do two crucible matches. Although i ve read that strikes also work but curse the balls a little bit faster. Then you need to do something that s actually hard. Which is the nightfall with having five minutes or more on your timer.

Remaining. If you are doing this during the first week of destiny. Two s launch check out my nightfall gameplay for a look at how my team did it otherwise..


It s kind of tough to give advice on how to do it. Since the nightfall is going to vary from week to week after getting the timer on the nightfall. You will have rat king and the exotic sidearm. There is a stacking bonus on the gun depending on how many other people.

With rat king are in your fire. And immediate area. Stacking up to six times. This thing just feels like it was built as a raid challenge.

Idea. So the description of the gun. Says that the weapon gets more powerful depending on how many rats are around well. The rate isn t out yet.

So the most you can test with is for in pvp. I did a quick test in the nightfall with three people since i imagine most destiny to activity is in pve right now when two rats are together. There doesn t seem to be much of an impact at all at first glance no damage boost no noticeable rate of fire increase. So it s something more subtle.

If there is anything there when three rats are together. We get a very noticeable rate of fire increase and maybe a slight handling speed increase as well the gun is not full auto. But at this rate of fire. It probably should have been maybe.

It is when you have more people obviously the ultimate test is going to be with six of these guns. And i assure you i will try to do a raid with six rat kings. It also has the bonus where if you kill with the weapon and reload..


You will go invisible for a short time that can be pretty handy as far as the performance of the weapon goes. I didn t really notice it being anything different compared to a regular sidearm. But i have not played with sidearms too much in destiny too as of yet next up we have sturm the exotic hand cannon. This is the anessa squashing with failsafe you re gonna complete that world quest chain and end up with a sidearm called drang that you will eventually pair with sturm first you ll talk with the cryptarch and he ll tell you to decrypt five legendary engrams and one exotic and gram and to kill fallen on necess with drang for me public events have been working alright forgetting exotic engrams.

Then you re gonna go hit up tyra karn. Because bungie wanted a reason for people to visit the farm again. And she ll tell you to kill fallen with drang without reloading and to kill major fallen enemies with drang you only need the kill shot to be with drang on the majors for the credit. So you can use a heavy weapon and then just burst them down with drang at the very end of its health bar.

Any fallen public event or loss sector will work just fine here then you re gonna go back to tyra and she ll give you a special version of a strike to go run. Where you need to kill a named servitor you can do this by yourself. If you want or rather. I was able to load into the strike by myself kill the servitor go back to tyra and you will get sturm the hand cannon.

So the cool thing with sturm and drang is their synergy first time. We re seeing weapons that have perks linked to each. Other kills. With drang restore ammo to sturm up to 20 shots.

If you want to stack. It that high and kills with serm will replenish ammo to drang from your reserves. When you kill with drang and restore ammo to sturm if it has anything less than its maximum ammo capacity. Which is 12.

It will restore all 12 shots and then anything above 12 will be on a one kill one shot basis. Sofia. One kill you will restore one shot up to a total of 20 shots in the magazine..


So that would be eight kills with drank sturm also gets a precision damage bonus. Until you reload. Whenever you get a kill with drank the damage bonus is barely anything and the amount of kills. You get does not affect the multiplier of the damage bonus either.

It is very low and i know it probably needs to be kept low for pvp reasons. But as a first impression. It is too low and i would like to see it scaled up a little bit higher in pve darcy. The sniper has this issue as well with the precision damage bonus is something like.

6 on that sturms bonus is like 335. Let s put these up a little bit. And i d like to see the damage multipliers stack higher based on the number of kills you get with drang and then maybe have it scale down as you lose shots in your magazine on sturm make multiple drain kills. More rewarding.

Besides additional shots. Otherwise. Sturm is a very high impact kennan slow rate of fire. But can free shot kill in pvp dealing 71 damage to the head.

It s got a very large magazine size as well 12 shots first impressions of this gun were pretty good. It feels like weapon archetypes matter. A little bit less in destiny. Too compared to destiny.

One for the pve experience. I don t know if the synergy with drang is going to be worth it in a long run. Though it definitely seems houghton..


But if we re looking at raids and night falls especially the prestige nightfall. I don t mean looking at my load outs a little more closely finally we have might a multi tool the a dz exotic scout rifle note that the world quest here is a 260 power level quest after completing the world quest here. Which is a series of three missions like everything else you will get the maite mini tool. A submachine gun.

You won t be given any sort of quest item. After but as soon as you visit the tower. The gunsmith will be waiting for you with some objectives. The first thing you must do is get precision kills with a scout rifle and also get scout rifle multi kills without reloading i believe you need three kills before reloading for it to count after that the gunsmith wants you to dismantle five rare or legendary scout rifles.

So get to farming after that you need to go get 50 airborne submachine gun kills and after that you ll be rewarded with mida multi tool. A scout rifle those of you who play destiny one will probably know this weapon. Very well and it performs basically the exact same that i ve noticed it does have some changes like having high caliber rounds back and a lower magazine size. But performance on the weapon.

Didn t really seem to change pvp damage is lower. But that is to be expected if you never play destiny one that this scout rifle was one of the best well rounded weapons in the entire game for a very long time it was great in pve. It was great in pvp and was immune to nerfs at a certain point for quite a while whether or not that will hold true for destiny. 2.

Is another story. But right now i don t think you can do wrong using this scout rifle. So those are the three exotic world quests that we know of right now that world eater quest that many many many of you have been asking me about on twitter is likely to become known pretty soon and as soon. As it is i will have something for all of you until then thank you for watching and i ll see you next time ” .


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It appears there are 3 exotic quests in the game at the moment, with a 4th on the way (probably). Here s a quick “guide” if you can even call it that, on how to get them, plus a short first impression of each weapon. Bungie is really making it easy to grab exotics this time around, even more so than ever before.

Note: with Rat King, if you only have 1 person who needs the quest, if you pair up with someone else who has Rat King equipped when the Nightfall boss dies, you will still get Rat King.

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