Destiny 2 HOW TO UNLOCK DREAMING CITY! Awoken Talisman Quest Guide, Fragment Locations & Rewards!

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“What s up guy is how here and today. I wanted to jump in with with a breakdown of how to complete the awoken talisman quest inside of destiny forsaken. This is the quests that will ultimately allow you to enter the dreaming city in the new dlc. So obviously spoiler alert right here you are seeing some gameplay inside of dreaming city.

But i just wanted to break down the basics of the quest locations that you have to go to and things you ll have to collect and how to complete all of the quest steps you ll need to do in order to unlock this and actually go into the dreaming city and once you ve done. This you will have access to petra the vendor for dreaming city with new bounties. As well as the blind well the new activity in dreaming city on top of this when you finish this quest you will be rewarded with some powerful gear. This will actually be a dreaming city weapon or armor piece.

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But for now let s get straight into it so of course. The awoken talisman is the item that you re actually going to have when you go into this quest. This will be part of the key to the dreaming city which you ll receive from petra after the main story campaigns. You will have to go and visit a couple of different vendors and this is once you ve finished to the final mission.

Then you head over to petra and she s gonna give you the vestian dusty sidearm as well as the broken awoken talisman. So you ll have a quest step for broken awoken tellus man. This is the first part and it says objectives in a rare green place in an old corsair hideout and in the heart of spider s web and these are talisman fragments found within lost sectors on the tangled shore and basically you just have to clear the required lost sectors to get these parts so it is the three lost sectors that you can see on screen right now encryption on reddit actually made a useful image right here where you can see the three lost sectors. That you ll need to complete in order to progress with this quest.

Throughout this one. There will be plenty of going backwards of hordes to vendors. But once you ve done that you ll be able to go back. And get the next part of the quest with amended working talisman and here.

You ll need to defeat taken to imbue the tasman with the darkness..

You need to open the doorway to the dreaming city and you can pretty much kill taken anywhere. But it does indicate taken on io the sludge in the heed easy as well as the lake of shallow strike. The lake of shadows will be a pretty efficient way to get this done you basically get all of those kills. And you ll be able to move on to the next step you ll take the imbalanced awoken talisman back to the spider.

And then you ll have to take the semi charged awoken talisman to complete the ether harvest public event and this takes place in the four horned gulch on the tangle jaw. So simply wait for the ether harvest right. There once you get that done you ll be left with the balanced awoken. Talisman and this item will actually allow you to enter the dreaming city.

When you go to the dreaming city. Though there will be a couple of missions. You need to complete so you can see them right. Here.

There is a home of starlight and the awakening mission..

Some folks have reported bugs in the home of starlight mission. Where essentially you ll get halfway through and it won t allow you to progress. If that happens right now all you can do to fix. It is restart.

The mission. It s kind of unfortunate. But there is a workaround for it which is good once you ve completed both of these missions. That is it you ll be done now the dreaming city is open on top of this you will receive a piece of dreaming city gear.

So i got the abide to the return sword right here at 503 power. My friend got to the warlock helmet for dreaming city. Here. And as you can see we now have access to the dreaming city.

You can go to petra..

She ll have a bunch of bounties you can complete these in the dreaming city and using these you ll actually be able to acquire the charges of light that you need in order to activate the blind well so obviously. There s a bit more work to do in dreaming city before you can start to kind of get into that bit of the endgame content. But it s definitely gonna be worth there because that will kind of tip the domino and there ll be a whole bunch of other stuff that we can find in dreaming cities. So that s gonna be pretty cool there are public events that you can complete there are awoken guards that you can go to to start patrol missions.

Plenty of secrets to explore of course and like i said be sure to go to petra when you are feeling powerful enough pick up some of those bounties and you can start to really make some progress in dreaming city hopefully. I ll be able to bring you some guides on the blind well soon for now though guys that is going to summarize this video. So i hope it has helped you out completing the awoken talisman and unlocking access to dreaming city. If you have found the video useful a like below is very much appreciated.

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Destiny 2 News Awoken Talisman Quest, How to UNLOCK Dreaming City u0026 The Blind Well: Talisman Fragment Locations, Quest Steps, Powerful Dreaming City Gear u0026 Blind Well Bounties / Charges (Forsaken DLC Quest Guide)

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