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“Hey what up guys. This ship. I bet on me with some more destiny to to content. Hey i just got the last word pretty excited about that.

But hey of the things that i m finding out that a lot of people was having a trouble in the last mission to get the last word not not so much of the regular part. But all the way to the end when you have to fight in car. So. What i m gonna do this is just a quick video guys.

I ma show you exactly how to beat him. Because you re gonna have to quick draw with the last word to get some shots off and a lot of people are having a hard time doing it so like i said you ll be able to get through the regular part of the quest on the last mission. It s pretty self explanatory you see some of it in the background. Just kill ads go to the next spot.

But when you get to the end you ll have to fight him and i m about to throw in the video to show you guys how to do that so hey guys like this video also share. It if you re new to the channel click the subscribe button in a notification bill until next time this your boy. I bet on me signing off peace out. See you gardens in the destiny universe.

We could team up and have some fun enjoy this video ok guys so basically what s gonna happen now we re all the way down to the end where you re gonna fight in car. So he s gonna spawn. This is the first time he spawns now what you want to do once in a few minutes. The last word is gonna come out you want to draw now you want to shoot his hand okay now when you shoot his hand.

He s gonna die and then what you re gonna do you re gonna have to clear out some ants okay. And i just show this video. Once you clear that you ll have two more will spawn..


And this is why i kept messing up because two more in cars in a few minutes is gonna spawn and i didn t know which one to shoot first it s like quick draw so one of them will randomly draw and i ll get killed you know i may kill him did another one to kill me real fast or vice versa. I ll be looking at the left one then the right one a draw so i saw a guy named opie gaming video and he said they spun based on uh you know whichever one spawns first that s the one you re gonna have to kill first so you see this right here. We re about to go over there right now alright. So what s going to happen is we jump on this again you re gonna see the one on the left is gonna spawn.

I m gonna take him down now make sure you shoot his hand okay. That s where you want to shoot. It so bam bam. All right now imma take down right all right since he spawn a second and that that s pretty much it what you doing that part and so what you re gonna do again.

You re just gonna go ahead clear out the ads just like the first time. Okay. You re gonna clear them out knock them out and i m telling you me i was so excited when i got past that second part because i was like okay this guy s video. This is actually a video that i can actually use to you know that that really helped me out a lot of times.

You see youtube videos and people kind of getting a run around like clickbait. But not a guy opie gaming was a real good video that itit really helped out all right so i gonna come down here again guys so this right here is gonna be the last one and three end cars are gonna spawn left middle right so i m gonna take down left first so watch it window draw come left middle right and as it and that s all you got to do and i remember van when i this first half and i was like wait a minute what my gun at man. I don t see the quest step done what happened it s glitching. But then that s what happened i saw that and there you have it man here s the last the last word pretty nice so hey guys i hope you guys enjoyed this video.

And i hope that you it helped you out peace out hope to see you gardens in the destiny universe. We re a team up a house of fun you guys have a great day applause music applause music applause music applause tive side of that is sometimes you kind of get tokenized. We re like they re all get called in for an audition. And i m like i m so excited to work with a student.

I haven t worked with them yet. I wonder why they finally brought me in maybe. It s because they ve heard i m good or whatever..


And then i see a character and it s karen. It s just i just got called him because it s a black female and they just they re like well you fit the quota are you fit. Though they don t say that but it yeah. But it s you just get that whole feeling from the minish right you re like oh.

I didn t get called in because i was good or because of whatever. It s like oh you just called me in because you need a brown. Yeah that being said it s like doesn t hurt to you can get auditions. But yeah like i d like to be considered for more than just leave your talent on yeah.

Yeah. It should always be the talent that brings a person for most. But it is nice that there are some now more door doors opening up for people that usually would have had a much harder time that s the thing. It s like i did in the grand scheme of things.

It s way more positive than it is negative. Yeah like oh boohoo i get more auditions. It s like it s not that s not something to complain about it s more just i d like to be considered for more than just and honestly. It s healthier to look at the positives and the negative.

My therapist that s awesome so what was it like working with bethesda and the publishing company working on rage. They were so cool so publish. It was avalanche right yeah elise up there in sweet oh. So so for the first couple sessions.

They were in the studio with us like they were like staying in la. So it s gonna cool like i got to meet the guys like and they were the writers. So it s like it that was also really cool too because if i had a suggestion for a line..


I m like hey guys can i like add this little moment they d be like you know how they talk about in the let s write that in and then they d be like we ll make sure sam gets that too like so like if i change the line. They like record it for safety like so we tried to like have some continuity. Yeah. It was a collaborative cool process.

But um and then eventually they had to go back to sweden. Yeah. And the time difference is really big so they would be skyping at like 3 00 am in like and like in like a broom closet somewhere. I don t know why they but they were like we re in a closet and we like i guess.

That s how you do things in sweden. They like keep the developer on yo. Yeah. They re like yeah.

Yeah. Maybe that maybe. That s it they were so great everybody was so cool and and the fact that you know sweden s a very egalitarian country yeah. So they ve you know they re very about like you know representation and stuff.

So for them. It was a no brainer. They re like oh yeah. We want we want people to playable.

You ll be able to play as like a man or a female and whatever. It was cool that they had that inclusivity cuz. They could have just been like nap..


Just plays a good true. Which is cool. I m just saying. It s cool to have options.

Yeah. So did you reach out to them for the audition. Or did they come to you no they came to me like so i got the audition through my agent. Okay just like most of my other auditions and you know you record it i recorded it in my closet ironically because that s right like pro tip.

If you need to record voiceover auditions your closet is a good place because it s like smaller. So there s the reflections aren t as echoey is a big room and you have clothes on multiple side so kind of dampens everything down yeah so yeah i booked that from my closet. But i it was like it s multiple rounds too cuz. I auditioned once and i guess they didn t like anybody who s reads or something so they re released it with more more like.

Besides the audition cookie was longer. The second time. So i think they were like mean we need to give people more to work with the sepals range. I think they even said in the redirect notes for everybody they re like we want a little bit more.

You know color and range and sound like oh. I can give you that nice get that snarkiness in ” ..

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This video is how to defeat ENKAAR the final mission boss all three times to get the Last Word!


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