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“Is up guys see boy king apex og. I m coming at you with new new video from destiny to forsaken. It s a quick little video about farming materials get a little bit better so you re gonna be farming for micro basic dead aliens you re gonna come right up here to where i m at right now but first you re gonna spawn in the artifacts edge and when you spawn up there it s gonna make your way down this way to the last crow venture. It s right around that area and on your way.

There you re gonna pick up a little bit of data lance on the way there and stuff like that. But this area is a good area to go to just because it s it s not too long of a farming method you know. 7 to 10 minutes you can get around 30 to 40 data lance you always come in this way. This is always gonna be at least one around here.

I m gonna just look around the area a little bit. But then that today you re gonna come right to this portal. We re gonna come right in it s gonna make your way down the corridor and all that run a little bit you know it doesn t take too long. But it s a good method.

You know it s always gonna be about to dinner lance in here just to get and you re gonna make your way back out and keep redoing it back and forth back and forth back and forth. You know some people over here stock. It between you know 505 light level. The 515 light level 520 light level you to get a little material to be your ear up well.


If you re looking for the material. It s always bacteria here for the data. Lance s it s mostly gonna go for your armor and stuff. Like that your arm.

Pieces your helmets. All that stuff like that you know you really don t gotta. Fight the add to anything the skip oh run through make it fast as possible. But long story short is you know a lot of people are trying to get that grind up for this gear trying to get the grind up to make yourself better light level.

Better. Know everybody wants to pull through the night falls. 540 plus light. So it s hard you know you ve got to do all your grinding stuff like that so so far.

This is the best way. I thought was the way to go the way that s faster for me faster to get my material faster to get my grind up to my light level up. Anyway. I just doing this you can also like hit up the public events and stuff like that that are in the area that happened and stuff.


But like you see here you know i d spawn now i look around real quick. See if there s anything at all and so see this one up here now hop up here grab this one it s a good farming method. I believe so you know i keep repeating it i d do it for maybe like you know a good hour. You get around like 80 to 90.

Danny lance. It s enough to do like three pieces of gear. If you have to do it if you don t it s alright. But other than that i really think it s good video.

So i hope you guys enjoy this video. I hope you guys farm to get we have to get to other than that i m out guys. Thank you music music music music music music. When you begin playing you start with a slow car.

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