Destiny 2 News DLC QUESTS & PURSUITS TAB! New Upgrades, Mars Secrets, Solo Fixes & Exotic Reworks!

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“What s up guys how here and today. I ve got a bunch of destiny destiny war mind stuff to talk about so i want to talk about quests inside this dlc and some quality of life improvements that they re bringing and this will link to the new fragments and the collectibles on mars and the possibility of some exotic quests. I want to talk about the new patrol space on mars i have some interesting words from bungie about that then there is some discussion and clarification about ranked play and the rewards for that and exactly how difficult. It is going to be to pick those up.

We also have changes coming to the crucible for solo players. Which sound positive. So let s jump straight into it firstly let s talk about how much warmind actually costs so many of us. I m sure have the season pass so we ll have access to this anyway.

But for anyone else wondering whether they should come back or pick. This expansion up or just generally how much it. Costs it costs 1679 here in the uk and that is. 1999 so 20 bucks in the us.

That s on the playstation store. It s essentially the same price on battlenet and i d assume. It s gonna be the same on xbox although. I can t actually find that in the store just yeah in terms of whether the dlc is worth the price well it s pretty hard to say until we actually get to play it.

But now let s get on to some more new stuff guys so of course. We ve seen the new fragments that are going to be collectable on mars. We don t know exactly what they ll be used for but of course in the past in particular with things like touch of malice. We saw that result in a pretty big exotic quest.

So that s entirely likely this time around. There s also some speculation that sleeper simulant is going to return because of this image right here and on top of this the various i kalos weapons. Do have kind of different numbers. If you remember back to the forge in kosovo cyrus of course.

When you got all of the weapons you gained access to this a gear ago shell and the change that will be pretty beneficial is that bungie are actually removing quest items from slots on the character and putting them into the inventory menu so there is now a pursuits tab. This was shown in giggle monsters video you can see that the on the comms quest is in there that was the original leviathan rape quest. And it also holds some of the other items you ll use for the events on mars. But there are actually 50 slots here for pursuits and so of course.

If there are more exotic quests coming in this dlc..

This would be a perfect time to bring a new pursuits tab to the later on down the road in september. Bungie. Have said they want to work on a milestone or kind of progression tab. So it s possible that this will once again be consolidated in september into a different space in the ui.

But it s definitely good that we have this for now on the subject of questa vacation. Though it s worth me pointing out that the new exotic master works will actually come with kind of cryptic objectives so they say things like earned through heroism in heroic strikes and once players can figure out what that is and then actually complete it it will give a master work buff to the weapon and according to playstation access. I mentioned before there are some pretty ridiculous buffs on the way. Apparently the master work vigilance wing.

Is supposedly full auto and the master work crimson allows the weapon to get a 100 percent range stat. So it has the maximum amount of range. The weapon could possibly have this is definitely positive progression and power improvement for these pieces of gear. But on the subject of the new patrol level space on mars of course this is where the hive escalation protocol event takes place and this is this sort of new pve endgame mode that they ve put in on top of this there are public events here as well so the wars at public event is returning you also have the witches ritual event like you see on titan and where we saw the fragments on the map.

We also get a bit of a look at mars right there. There is actually two london zones on this space. One of the bunch of deaths are likened it to titan saying. It was roughly the same size and also cosmo lovingly pointed out it s bigger than mercury.

So. That s definitely positive also another thing to note in the bungie stream. They made sure that they had someone spinning around on a sparrow in the background right here so sparrows on mars confirmed and how we re really going places right also something to point out on the subject of progression and ui improvements. The emote kiosk is now actually gone from the game and will carry the kiosk around with us alongside the new emote wheel.

Where you can equip multiple different emotes on the d pad. One of the bunch of designers also confirm to the top mode. That you select will be the one that you use in the trials intro. But now kevin yanis has some words about crucible rankings.

And some of the rewards. There so somebody asked will there be a few more weapons aside from the new weapon. Showed for glory crucible and of course that was the rhetorics is claymore pulse rifle. Kevin yang says yes but the claymore is the unique seasonal gun other guns will be akin to normal legendary.

He also confirmed that when you unlock any of these weapons..

They will become available for purchase from lord shaxx. So you will be able to preview them in the inventory until you ve unlocked the requirements. But there are multiple different ranks to achieve both for competitive and quick play playlists so there is guardian brave. Heroic fabled mythic and legend kevin jana said that valor caps out at two thousand rank points and glory will cap out at five thousand five hundred rank points valor is the kind of more casual quick play version and glory is the competitive version and kevin clarified that players must reach fabled in the glory rank to be able to earn the weapon from shacks.

He added. That fabled is akin to completing forty percent of the rank overall and once players hit fabled and get the claim or the rank points. Required to level up spike exponentially. The bulk of the remaining 60 percent of the rank points.

Is going to be reaching mythic and legend. And we did this so that players who just wanted claim or had a more realistic way to achieve that without making destiny their day job. So essentially they re saying that you know a relatively large number of people will be able to actually get the weapon. If they invest a little bit of time into competitive of course.

We ll have to see exactly how difficult it is but i think most you know relatively competent players people who play you know a little bit of pvp will have a decent shot at this in terms of that competitive playlist so cosmo. Did confirm. There is a skill based matchmaking active in that playlist. So as you actually move up in the ranks.

And things like that that is of course going to affect your skill based matchmaking inside of competitive play lists. The quick play regardless of your rank. In that mode. Should continue to work in the same way in terms of solo players.

Though direct carol from the. Bungie team. Said we are addressing this. Issue in.

Update 12. Point. Oh. And this is where somebody said can teams versus randoms.

Be looked at in quick play so they say they do have a fix for this issue or at least a way of improving it we ll get more details about that soon so if you play a lot of solo pvp..

Hopefully this will make the experience. A little bit more enjoyable one of the progression designers daniel from bungie on the subject of solo players said that they definitely agree not all sodo players are casual players getting powerful gear can be done solo. But players that play group activities like trials or the raid will progress faster with the new system. And that s a behavior that i believe want to support to reward those players that tackle the challenging content.

But this doesn t mean that we want to leave solo players out in the cold first we ve got some events coming in the future that will give extra opportunities for solo players to progress additionally coming up with the challenging and compelling reward sources for solo players. Which naturally raiders trans players will also participate in is something i think we could do better with going forward. And this is something we re actively thinking about so bungie do say that this is on their radar. You know they want to make sure that solo players aren t overly punished.

If they are playing solo and they also recognize that solo and casual are not the same thing. It s interesting that he says they ve got some events coming in the future that will give extra opportunities for solo players that could possibly be things like clarion call. But now let s talk a little bit about a couple of exotic changes coming in the dlc. We ve got more insights about some of them.

But firstly risk runner is actually getting a buff. We haven t seen a preview of it just yet. But they ve increased the arc damage resistance and this will work in pve and pvp and on top of this arc overdrive on the weapon can actually proc stowed. So normally you d have to have the weapon out take arc damage for that perk to proc.

But now will proc anytime. You have the weapon on the character. So they can be used even if you switch to risk. When after aprox.

So buddy asked to john was new skit about it. He said. The weapon is already very good in pve. So we didn t make specific changes for that the 50 arc damage resistance is above to the base behavior.

So that will make it better everywhere. So that s very interesting we ll have to see how it plays out risk runner right now in pve is actually a pretty solid weapon. Because of the smg damage buff. That we saw back in a march update.

The only other issues really i find would be you know ammo in particular could be a bit annoying..

But that s an issue that we see with quite a few different weapons at the moment in terms of other exotic buffs. We have of course seen at least erm. Somebody. Asked cosmo does the damage from the overcharged bullet.

Apply to body shots. As well or only. Headshots. Cosmo said.

Both. But you need the precision shot to to tap at full health. Cosmo confirmed that the sturm drank buff is not actually timed and he says he forgets what the max is but you can go around getting a bunch of kills with drank and load up several overcharged shots into the sturm so it s not a timed buff. It doesn t work like rampage.

Or you know kill kleber or anything like that and it actually will continuously overcharge shots up to a certain point. But it s not just one or two if you get four or five kills with the drank it should load up four or five overcharged shots with the sturm. So you could technically to tap multiple guardians in a row without switching back to the side arm pretty interesting stuff. But guys that is gonna summarize this round up before now of course.

We ve got more info coming from bungie over the next few days. So we ll keep you guys updated with that. But if you have enjoyed the video alike is very much appreciated below. If you re new to the channel be sure to hit subscribe to see a lot more d2 content check out my sponsor gamer link they have an awesome clan and lfg app on android and ios destiny is featured on the app so you can use it like an lfg to find teams for raids trials and everything like that on top of this.

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It s bad. If you use my link to sign up for it i highly recommend that you check it out if you re looking for something like that the link will be in the description below anyway guys i appreciate you watching i will catch you very soon music. ” ..


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Destiny 2 Warmind News – New DLC Quests u0026 Pursuits Collection, New Upgrades, Ranked PvP Weapon Rarity, Solo PvP Fix, Mars Secrets u0026 Huge New Exotic Weapon Buffs!

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