Destiny 2: Penumbra All Cutscenes & Quest Dialogue (Season of Opulence)

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“New mystery. Awaits you guardian. What will you find that the emperor s lost vaults vaults challenge. Treasure answers welcome to the season of opulence to begin head to the from there treasure hunts will lead you to the powerful weapons and armor.

These will quickly boost your power level and prepare you for the menagerie. This season s all new 6 player match made activity within this maze of challenges teamwork pulls. The key to victory..


And the chalice of opulence holds. The key to your rewards unlock. This new item secrets and you will be able to choose the gear you earn new weapons and armor beloved treasures of the past a new raid grow strong guardian prove your worth i am here for beloved aunt alice. I ve been watching you oh i believe you re ready it s time you and i met more intimately.

I said a gift to messrs for you i ll see you soon. Oh champion mine this chalice is my gift to you it is a symbol of power for a shadow of tallis. My shadows are jewels and people selected from the best of the best of each world..


I ve encountered the store. The chance so that you may fill it to the very brim of the viscera of your enemies. And do not forget to drink you ll feel how else will you grow from strength improve the chalice your taste is impeccable. But it remains incomplete.

If you wish to finish your chalice come to the leviathan. There is a dark place aboard my ship that you have never been that i was reborn like you to be born the menagerie awaits guardian music one of my loyalists controls them he possesses an artifact of ascendant authority. Unfortunately..


Wielding it has cost him his my if you two should meet consider his welcome. Overstayed and his riches. Yours for the taking. I was lost once exiled from my people rather aimlessly amongst.

The stars. But then i found it something breathtakingly glorious. The truth of the universe..


The ascendant artifact you ve returned to me is an echo of that truth you and i will need it before the end comes the future can t before two years ago. Dominus girl had you the light left you touch a wall was lost. But you disagreed another here you are your tenacity made you my favorite earthling. So i don t you a hole a monument to your achievements you ll have defeated yourself of course.

But i know how you like to collect doesn t matter what you have to kill. ” ..

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The full story of the mini-DLC: Penumbra, from Forsaken s annual pass. This includes all cutscenes, dialogue, and story excerpts from the DLC. In the events of Penumbra, Calus has reached out to your guardian once again. He has seen all your hard work over the past year including the events of Forsaken. He invites you back aboard the Leviathan to visit the Menagerie. This is where he was originally exiled when Ghaul and the other conspirators overthrew him, this included even his own daughter. He would fall into a deep depression and began to feel as if there was nothing left to live for. Until one day where he came across something he refers to as “the truth of the universe.” This has since changed Calus and his perception on reality. He claims he has seen the end and saw his own rotting corpse at the end of all things. He wishes to reserve the right to be the last creature to die and witness the end of all existence. He now believes that the end is inevitable and the darkness will wipe everything out when it closes in. This impending doom has made him appreciate life and the simple things. He would see out and demolish entire species and pick only the last and most formidable of their kind to become one of his Shadows. Shadows are Calus s elite assassins chosen from the best of the best of each world he has encountered. He believes they are worthy to stand at his side when the end comes. This leads him to develop a desire for our guardian to become the Shadow of Earth due to constant success and unyielding resolve. It s safe to say that Calus will play a very big role when the end comes.

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