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“Everyone i m cool guy welcome back and today starts a new series until all all of them are done we re gonna be breaking down the destiny to maps re gonna be these disgusting spawn strategy lines of sight angles choke points map navigation down to positions and more there are also certain things about maps that you can pay attention to to keep your awareness up some maps are gonna be straight forward some of them have a couple special things to them and each video is gonna be a little bit different because all maps deserve that this one is a little bit longer. It s gonna be the introduction to the series. So it should be pretty fun. We re gonna be breaking down.

Things like you re opening scenarios from spawn. The routes that you can take what your objective should be we re gonna fully break. These maps down from the basics to more advanced things about them and maybe down the line. Some first light players can come across this video and can help them out as well note that this isn t set in stone.

Some of the things i m gonna be discussing aren t the only way when you play it s live game action. Things change. The series is to learn more about the map and strategy a lot of it crosses over into 4v4 comp and we re gonna be talking about maps in the general sense. Because there s a lot of game modes.

So we re gonna be covering a lot. But if there s anything else that you guys would like to see added to the series. Let me know i m really excited about it because i feel like it can help out a lot of you we can learn together and get better. The first map up is gonna be radiant cliffs and for a lot of this.

It s gonna be in a control. Sitting right here in a custom match that way we can talk about it the gameplay. I have is it s on my hard drive some of its a little bit older. But that doesn t matter the map navigation.

Remains the same radiant cliffs to me personally one of my favorite maps in the game in the top five at least. There are a couple really cool things about this map that i m really excited to show you and some things you might not have ever seen or thought about before so let s start off with the main areas spawns. The spawn weight choke points. And some power positions put names to areas and then we can get into our starting strategies when we talk about spawns.

We keep control in mind. And that is it because of the actual game mode. It s because we can easily reference the starting spawns no matter what game mode you play. It s always gonna have a sea side and a side and then beat area with spawning.

We talked about it in a past video on the screen right now. We have a card. A crucible tip video talking about map. Navigation.

And how spawns work. The main thing to remember is the system looks at each team and tries to place you on the opposite side of your enemy. But some maps have really heavily weighted spawns meaning no matter what it s gonna spawn you there so the spawn system doesn t work flawlessly. But the main rules do apply as we go through these we ll be doing it from a certain side point of view a side seaside.

But keep in mind that that these are the areas that your be looking for when you re coming into the area as an opponent. This is where players are gonna be coming from and this is where you should be looking for the spawns. So let s start off with the basics. The main spot for a is the vault and this area is rarely spawned at after your initial spawn your secondary spawn is right here at junction nine out of ten times you re gonna spawn in this area.

It spans all the way into pool. Which is in this back area and then it comes all the way back to this front side of vault again heavily weighted you spawn here in this corner. The most sometimes enemies are right in here and you re still spawning their radiant cliffs is that type of map. If this area has enemies in it and it doesn t get you spawn flipped.

It s gonna spawn you around the curve as the third spawn and if it s still trying to find a location. But doesn t flip you you sometimes get a rare vault spawn again after all those scenarios are done. There are a couple of rare spawns. The game takes into effect when all teams are neutral.

Sometimes you get a spawn out at tree and sometimes you get a spawn in the junction corner or back behind pull b. So. All this is important to know and we re gonna be talking about the overall game..


Whether you re spawning your the opponent coming in just keep in mind of where the actual location is because these are areas that you need to know and look at when you re moving around the map. Let s flip over to seaside another heavily weighted spawn when you die and spawn in it s gonna be right here at back courtyard more often than not and that s fans into passage. Which is the outside and it wraps around into front courtyard. Where c.

Flag. Actually is more often than not this is where you re going the secondary spawn is over in cave. And then sometimes you get some neutral spawns that can happen around b or back entry as we talked about with the other side your main hotspots choke points. Are gonna be at mid map at oculus looking into cave and vice versa both ways another one s gonna be out a tree for heavy ammo and the last one is gonna be anything in cave at b each side can look at each other and everything else all the other main engagements.

Depends on where your team is and where the enemy team is and everyone struggle for position as an example lots of engagements happen from platform looking into the junction spawn other times. The mid map oculis looking into courtyard. Which is c spawn. And then after that of course all the random fights that you get into.

But these are going to be the basics the main things to look at so let s get into our starting strategies. We re going to start here at c spawn back courtyard off spawn you have three main areas to go your decision has two factors that goes into it number. One what s your objective and number two what led up do you have to the left. We have the heavy spawn at tree middle lane.

Admit oculus and then the right lane to be cave. You think about your objective. Do you want to go for heavy to get power. Mo.

Do you want to go to mid map. And then gain position from there or do you want to go to the b flag for a power position. There s no wrong answer. So let s start off by going to mid map from here.

A lot of fights. Happen here at the start and at any point during the game. And this is where your loadout comes into play. If you re running something.

Like a shotgun hand cannon. Shorter range weapons. You usually get right in there. And do the best that you can and it depends on if you get kills or not a lot of times from the spawn.

When i come here i have to bail out a lot and have to use a different route. Because the opposite team is gifted b right from their spawn. They can get right in there. It takes good grenades and good shots from you and your team in mid as well as any possible help from your side cave.

If you have players that went right off the spawn. They re getting shots into mid b. But if you do get a kill and you re able to move up you get right in there you go to b go for your next enemy you try to gain that position. But another option from right here.

Especially. If you have a little bit more of a range loadout maybe a pulse or a sniper. What you can do instead of being in this hallway. Looking into cave into b is to use the structure right here in mid.

It has a winding ledge and from that ledge you can get an angle down into it i don t see players use this at all really and from the other side players don t expect you to be right here you can walk up it or you do a slight jump onto it and use this to your advantage. You make your reads try to get a kill in advance. If you can if you take some shots you just back out and back down. And this is if you re actually in mid trying to make the push.

But the next specs thing is gonna be the jump up behind it this is one of the power positions from seaside. Because you have the angle into the choke point. If your enemy decides to kind of come past this threshold..


You can support your team from right here. And on the flip side you can move to the left and heavy ammo is gonna be right at your disposal. You can live right here the whole game and have a lot of action beating with a sniper a bygones and we re gonna come back to the spot in a second. But let s get back into mid here s something you need to pay attention to during the game.

Some maps have certain things about them that give you information your next immediate route. Without backtracking is going through the small hallway up to platform. This is your second route from mid. So if you re playing and you need to take this route you already know if an enemy s gonna be there because they re gonna be pinging your radar around this corner down.

These stairs enemy players like to bait this area from the air and wait for you as you try it around the corner. So always pay attention to the side wall use the shadow from the light to see this. If a player has a shotgun and is waiting for you to come around the corner trying to bait you you can see them trying the ping location should give you that info if they re up on the stairs. That red is gonna be a little bit way left.

But if the ping is right on this corner close to this corner your next. Immediate reaction is to check the wall to see if they re in the air. Because you re looking for shadows. If they re trying to bait you you can literally see them doing it don t fall for that.

But when you choose to go to mid area right here this is that second route you can take that s gonna be the platform when you go to platform from seaside. The objective here is to flank the players that have chosen on the other team to go for power ammo or heavy ammo or you re just there to have resistance after they take alpha flag that s why you go this route. When you think about it when you rush. All the way at the start of the game and go right to this spot they re gonna meet you at this platform.

If it isn t controlled the thought process still remains you re playing to presence. It s your presence. That s the real outlier here not necessarily that you re gonna be making big plays you re gonna slay out or they re gonna be making some final stand since they know that you re there they just capped a or they re moving to platform from their spawn. They have to worry about you you re a dot on the radar.

You are a threat and this might give your team time to get heavy. It s that hesitation that you re given the enemy team so make your reads take out players on the platform or at least try to occupy them now when you re on platform your next play is to look into the junction s spawn. If you don t have a ranged weapon. There s no reason to sit right here this is again a heavily weighted spawn and platform is one of the first places they look from their spawn.

They re gonna be come right to you so. If you have a snipe pulls. You you take your shots. If you have a short range loadout.

If you choose to do so your movement is gonna be centered to this piece of cover right here in front of a flag as you move you re blocking out all the angles. You get close and try to hug this pillar you need to know. Though that this area gets heavy. They can come from your left from the vault area.

They re gonna be spawning all over junction. They re gonna be in bat cave. So if you decide to be right here you need to be sharp. Because you don t have a lot of options to get out you need to think quick now the other option from platform is a little bit safer because you can make more reeds you have more cover.

It s going to be to go down the stairs into the vault area around the curve. So that s kind of the starting strat in mid game strat when you re using this and that s gonna be going this mid lane coming back to c spine. If you decide to go right. That means you re gonna be going to be and it s gonna be loadout dependent.

If you have a range loadout. I suggest that you do the jump up in cave. Cuz right here you have the cover to work with you use your ranged option if you get into trouble you come back the same way that you came in if you do have that ranged option. Even if it s mid game.

This is your first read that way you can make you read if there s nobody there you can move up. But if there s some resistance. You have your ranged option to put in work on the flipside..


If you have a shorter range loadout you want to be on the lower side and use this pillar for your cover and movement. Make your reads and in a perfect world. A players gonna be with you at that top jump up that we just went over that way you guys can work together. And you guys can take the area.

But when you do take be the stairs is one of those dominant areas on the map. Because you make yourself small you use the stairs as a head glitch when defending players from mid map. When you re here. Though here s something to consider when you re defending one of the safest areas you can be is hugging this wall right here and meanwhile you have your radar they re gonna ping mid map they re gonna ping tier right if they re still alpha spawn but since you re up against this wall.

We have the structure in front of you that you can use it cover and then you peek out left to peek shot. We have this box right next to you that blocks the angle from players trying to use that traffic lane and then we have this other lane. That s to the right that you re kind of open to what s really nice is that there s some rubble behind. You that props you up to look into that junction.

It s a really good position. Now the other good position is back behind be flag. Which is kind of like a pool cave area. And that s gonna be more for sniping or using a scout rifle let s go back to see spawn and let s do our last route.

Which is going left for heavy ammo. If you re running a short range loadout your best bet is to use the underneath lane you hug. This corner and turn it sharply and then you start doing your dirty work. With your shotgun or your fusion.

This route takes away a lot of angles from your enemy. And when you turn that corner you immediately have to start making your reads you can jump up to platform. And go left. And go right.

Now if you have a range loadout and when i say range. Some of it is still within the limits of hand cannon range you just need to be cautious. We re gonna bring up this jump up area again and it s what we talked about earlier you can look in the mid. You can go left shoot onto their platform.

You have a heavy mo right in front of you you can be here a lot of the game. And the second option for the range loadout is to go out wide on the bottom from here. You can see their platform. You see the left lane that comes from their curve and being right here means you have arranged option because if you don t you re gonna get torn up and anyone that comes on that way outside left lane up in the corner.

They re probably gonna have a range loadout if they re out there. So you need to be able to duel that but from right here you re gonna want to push up a tree and use that as cover. But no matter where you are once your team wins. This area from this side.

Once your team gets heavy ammo you won that teamfight immediately jump up to this rock and look into platform. I promise you re gonna see an enemy within ten seconds. It s all about making reeds you will see an opponent come up here and you can choose to stay in this area or you can push up to their platform. This gives you a little safe time you can see where the enemy s going.

And then you can make your read from there this rock is nice by the way use this rock. It s an underrated rock. And that s gonna be your seaside starting strategies and even mid game. All this still applies as we get an a spawn a lot of it bleeds over reversed from vault let s first start off by going right in a tree.

Where heavy is if you have a range loadout your best bet is to go to curve an area not used too often because you can take shots at the start. But your main goal is to get up to the rock and tree and this is the area that you want to go after your team wins. The teamfight and you guys secure heavy ammo in this area you can see right into the spawn. They re gonna be coming after you they have nowhere else to spawn at and you can see every single lane.

They can possibly take at you all four of them. And you have cover to work with with the rock and the tree. This is the dominant position out here at tree from a side again make your reeds make your movements from here and as we go on when i say make your reeds you can kind of stop here and assess the situation and then move..


But always check from right here. The other option from vault. If you come out too heavy spawn is to come up to platform. Here you can duel.

The other team across you re trying to gain heavy ammo for a short range loadout or general movement. I like to get down. I like to go straight down. Nice slide cuz if i have a shotgun or if i have a hand cannon.

I don t like fighting from the platform itself. So i just go in hug. The wall get on the lower part and then start making my reeds. But if you have a pulse or something like that challenge them from the platform try to win the teamfight and from platform.

The other option is to use the small lane going down the stairs looking into mid. I can t stress this enough be cautious from a side i rarely use this lane. If i spawn over here and the only time i do the only time i go in here is if i know my team has a presence if i see some blue dots out in mid. I go in but if they re not i try to stay away cuz this looks directly in their spawn and most of the time nine out of ten times.

There s gonna be any players right there talking about the first thing that we spoke about in a video using that mid lane trying to get into b. But this angle looks directly into their spawn and if you get out into mid you have multiple enemies usually they re gonna be focusing you down because you re the only threat. If you do right here peak at first be very cautious. If the platform doesn t work out and this is going back to the mid lane.

You kind of double back. And you go to this area called trench from this side. Again. You re kind of gifted b.

And we discuss what you can do right here from b. Earlier. As you re approaching it your first check is the opposite side. You have three pillars here for cover to work with try to win your duels.

But one thing. We didn t discuss though and this applies for this general area is this box right here. What s so nice about this box is number one we each up on to it you can see into mid and you start landing good shots. Number two if an enemy is in that back platform that seapower position that we ve been speaking about this is the angle.

That you can take to take them out and number three. If you take any fire at all all you have to do is back straight up and down. It s a very good position you can come right here at the very start of the game. If you want to and at mid game.

You can just jump on this box every now and then and start making your reads and the last starting strategy from this side is to go all the way left back behind pull into that back cave and we discussed earlier what you re doing right there. Usually a scout rifle or a sniper. So that s radiant cliffs and we didn t go everything because in a live game crazy things happen. But it mostly sticks to this structure.

This is my test video for the series and this is how it s going to kind of flow. If there s anything else that you would like to see please let me know down in the comments section. And we can discuss it if you re new to the channel remember at the subscribe button. If you are subscribed.

I d like to thank you for your support remember to like and comment. If you guys and gals see fit. I hope that you learned something and feel free to give your tips on rate and cliffs down in the comment section. Let s get better together thank you guys for watching and until the next one i am cool guy music.

” ..

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Today marks a new series! With shadowkeep coming and new light players coming into the game. I thought now was a good time to start breaking down the maps. I believe that there will be some things that even veteran players can learn from these. In the map guides I will break down common spawns, the spawn weight, choke points, hot spots, loadout efficiency, starting strategy, angles and a whole lot more. Feedback is appreciated as the series moves forward. Let s practice with purpose and get better together. Thank you for watching.

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