Destiny 2: RECKONING GUIDE! – Beat Tier 2 & 1 EASY! Season of the Drifter

tier 2 reckoning This is a topic that many people are looking for. is a channel providing useful information about learning, life, digital marketing and online courses …. it will help you have an overview and solid multi-faceted knowledge . Today, would like to introduce to you Destiny 2: RECKONING GUIDE! – Beat Tier 2 & 1 EASY! Season of the Drifter . Following along are instructions in the video below:

“Is up guys rekt cactus. Here and today. We are going to be presenting a a guide for how to beat tier 1. And tier 2.

Mainly focusing on tier. Because it is more difficult of the new reckoning activity. Just added with the season of the drifter into destiny. 2.

We re going to be providing an explanation of mechanics gear. Recommendations. Subclass recommendations all of that stuff to help you guys beat. This activity as easily as possible not only is reckoning.

How you get gabot prime armor. But it s also at tier 2 or above rewarding those sweet new gambit prime weapons for a completion and so let s jump into it alright first and foremost we need to talk about modifiers. They are present in reckoning and they re going to rotate daily. There s always going to be one elemental singe as well as a positive modifier and a negative modifier and you should look at these every single day.

Something that works really well one day may not work too well the next day. But there are some universal choices that will kind of always be good we ll talk about those later. But for example at the time. I was recording this it was void cinge blackout and heavy weight void cinch.

Obviously means you want to try to emphasize void damage in your weapons. And your subclass blackout means that the enemies are going to do a lot more melee damage and heavy weight means that your heavy does so much more damage. So obviously. It s important to you know if i m on the fence between two subclasses pick the void one throw on a really really good heavy you know that s probably where your exotic slot should be going to emphasize that heavy damage blackout really it s not about what you re going to use you can t necessarily prepare your loadout for the negative modifiers.

The negative modifiers are more going to impact how you play and so because of blackout you need to play less aggressively you need to not jump into a group of thralls and stuff like that because they ll absolutely murk you you need to keep a little bit of distance now a couple of quick tips for these modifiers when you see brawler which increases melee damage remember that some super is like a sentinel titan count as melee so prioritize those grenadiers there is a bunch of different exotic armor pieces that will let you have two grenades at once and if you re the titan of striker titan. It has a subclass perk. Unless you have two grenades at once two grenades. Plus.

Grenadiers is absurd as well so try to prioritize those beneficial modifiers. When creating your build alright now. Let s talk about the mechanics of reckoning at the very beginning before the round starts you can do a couple of things you can wager motes to get gambit prime armor the higher rarity. The moche wager corresponding with the higher tiers are gonna get you better and better armor so a weak green moat at tier 1.

Blue moat tier. Two purple moat tier. 3. Is going to reward you with 1 2 or 3 gambit prime armor.

But you also can rally a flag. This is something that so many people don t know you can put down a raid rally flag in this little circle right here and activating it will give you all of your super. And all of your ammo. So at the start of every reckoning.

Round. You can go in fully kitted. Ready to go cast. Super right away at the very start of the round so very important tip there make sure you re planting.


Those rally flags. Which you can buy from petra in the dreaming city. And just always getting that bonus especially for tier 2. Now in terms of the actual mechanics of the activity tier.

1. Is pretty darn simple. There s a bunch of taken that just keeps spawning and you re trying to get to 100 of enemies killed. So just slay out with supers all of that stuff weapons once you get to 100.

Then there s going to be a boss that spawns you get another timer that starts so you have a timer to get to hundred percent. If obviously you don t get there it ends. But then as soon as you summon a boss and new timer starts. And then you have to kill that boss within that second timer that s really all there is to it the second you kill the boss.

You ve completed tier 1 tier. 2. Is a little bit more complicated you re going to go into the same starting area as tier 1. And again you have to slay out and get to 100.

But once you do within that time again you are not gonna have to fight a boss rather you re going to open up an new area of the map. And there s actually no timer in between from when you get 100 and this new area. This is super important because you have to make the most of this time. I would highly recommend going around the map.

Picking up heavy special and getting orbs to make sure that you go into the next. Part. Which is gonna be much more difficult fully kitted. But once you do go to that next part you re basically gonna have to capture your way up a hill there s six different capture zones.

And you only have around you know. 30 ish seconds to do it every time you capture a zone that timer will increase. But if not everyone is standing on that zone if you get pushed off if you get killed and have to respawn. It can be very easy to not capture in time and let the time expire.

If the time expires you lose on the spot. So you have to capture a zone move slightly up the hill. Capture the next zone. All the way until the 6th zone captured all the while you re gonna be pressured with a ton of ads and also snipers off in the distance now we re going to talk about how to make this part so much easier in a bit.

But continuing with the mechanics once you do capture all six zones. A portal will appear at the top of the hill jump in here. And you re gonna be teleported to an entirely different location and two nights are going to spawn but not normal nights like the big sunless sell nights and these guys will mess you up you re gonna have to avoid them for a little bit and look for a certain targeted enemy. It s going to be called the hermit and you re gonna go here kill that guy.

He s gonna be glowing white and again there s going to be an objective marker above him. Once you kill that enemy. He s going to spawn a well of light and you want to damage those two nights from the well of light. If you re not in here.

You re gonna be doing so much less damage now quick tip since we re on the subject of the nights. Always avoid them by going over top of them if you try to go beside and skirt around them they will lunge and they will get you quite a lot of the time. But if you re above them they can t lunge upwards and they ll smack the ground and it may hurt you. But it won t kill you always jump over them.


So. Those are the mechanics of tier 1 2. Let s talk about how to make them super. Easy firstly a lot of this just involves you killing at killing a ton of ads either at the beginning part to get a hundred percent or wild capturing the zones.

So you need supers that can really accomplish this goal. My number. One recommendation this thing will single handedly make tear to go from hard and unbeatable to easy and farmable and that is a cataclysm voidwalker warlock with the skull of dire tom cara. This exotic armor piece makes it so that if you kill enemies with your nova bomb you get super energy back similar to the shards of gallon or before it was nerfed similar to a lot of other exotics in the game.

Frankly. But the skull has not been touched and it gives you your super back aggressively it you will often cast a cataclysm nova bomb. Which was recently buffed by the way wipe out like five six adds like easily kill a bunch of ads and instantly get your super back you just get it back right away. Not only that but you re producing seven six orbs for your teammates.

So they re also casting their supers. So much more seriously this combo will change your life. One person running this and this is so good regardless of the featured burn you should frankly have one person running this. But if you don t have access to this guy.

There are some other things you can do in terms of warlocks. As well don blade with the extended duration is pretty fantastic you can basically especially with the 100 part and the capturing zone parts be in your don blade. The entire time you re killing. So many adds.

It keeps extending and it just doesn t stop you really don t even need an exotic to let you accomplish this as well also still for the warlock. If it s arc burn. For example you can use chaos reach when combined with the geo meigs. Exotic boots.

They re going to extend the duration of it quite a bit allowing you to really kill just a bunch of ads in one. Super activation and also they allow you that when you re at around 80 or 70. Percent of your super. Just running around will top it up really fast so you re gonna get it more often similarly you can use tickle fingers stormcaller warlock in combination with the crown of tempest.

This is gonna make it last a lot longer allowing you to just slay out and ads for just such a long period of time those are two other great options. There also for the warlock. It s one person running well of radiance in combination with specifically the phoenix protocol exotic chess piece is very very good especially when you re capturing the zones. It s gonna allow you to plant a well radiance in nut zone.

Which is really gonna help you not only get melee by those straws not only get more damage so you can slay out easier. But really help you survive those snipers those snipers need to be dealt with otherwise they ll wreck your team. But someone. With phoenix protocol well of radiance could just put one down or probably two down every single time you go to a zone.

And it really increases your survivability adding one of those to your group. If you re having trouble capturing those zones will often probably make the difference alright now let s talk about titans. If it s a void burn a great idea is to run the sentinel titan with either erisa furiosa s very easy to get your super back using those by absorbing damage. While blocking can also block the snipers and be really good there when capturing zones.

Another possibility is the doom fang pauldrons. Exotic gauntlets with again sentinel those extend the duration every time you get a multi kill with a throne shield. There s so many enemies. It s almost impossible not to get the mode to kill.


I ve had people using them where they go the entire time you re going from zero to a hundred percent at the beginning area with one super activation. They never stop being in there super for that entire time so very good there hammer titans are just good overall. Frankly. But also something you should consider is the synthesis exotic gauntlets which are going to increase super damage by a considerable amount.

I think it s like 50 while you re in range of multiple enemies will guess what you re always in range of multiple enemies within this activity for the hunter. Some things i would recommend alright regardless of the modifiers adding a tether hunter with especially the orpheus rigged. Exotic boots is going to help your team dramatically. It s almost impossible to not get your tether back if you get even a half decent.

One it s gonna hit like four or five enemies every single time. And it s gonna produce a ton a ton of orbs. If you can see from the background gameplay. The reason.

We re able to succeed the reason you can overcome and really start farming tier. Two is from chaining supers. One guy gets a great super kill produces a bunch of orbs. The next guy picks up those orbs uses his supras like if you are constantly casting supras that is how you beat reckoning tier two.

But it s easier said than done frankly and all of these gear. Recommendations are super important to be running these certain combinations in order to make the most of your supers. Help yourself get that super energy back as quickly as possible so you don t require a ton of orbs and all of that stuff so this is why i m really going in depth with these recommendations. But you know continuing with the hunter here.

Something else if you already have a tether hunter like if you have 100 in your group. Should be tethered with orpheus like it s so so good. But if you have multiple someone running blade barrage especially with the shards of gallon or to get it back. That s gonna be very helpful something even like ark staff with the radiant flux.

So it lasts. So much longer can also be quite beneficial but in terms of all of those different examples. If i was to pick like a perfect group. I wanted to give you guys a ton of options.

Because i know not everyone has every exotic and has every single class levelled up. But if i was to create a perfect group. It would be a warlock with the cataclysm nova bomb. And skull of dire ahamkara.

A warlock with phoenix protocol and well of radiance. A hunter with tether and then a flex lot like the fourth guy can be whatever may be a titan. Honestly another warlock with nova bomb would probably be the best here now moving on from. There.

Let s go over some weapon recommendations. So again your main purpose is to slay out on ads. But every once in while those ads are going to be pretty powerful and pretty problematic to take down you can have a lot of yellow in every single part of a tier to run at the beginning getting 200. You re gonna have frankly mini bosses.

More powerful than regularly at yellow bars when you re capturing the zones. You always have yellow bars spawning all the time and at the very end killing those knights and killing them very fast is very very important. So. What weapons can you use to make the most of this well in terms of like a primary weapon.


That should be focused on slaying out on large groups of adds. Something like an auto rifle with random pages. Really what you re looking for try to use something massed worked. If you can so that you can produce orbs and get your supers your supers are gonna be frankly more beneficial at killing stuff than any of your weapon slots.

So if your weapons can create more super usages. That s what you want in terms of secondary weapons. Well stuff that can kill large groups of ads or really focus fire on singleton ads again for those yellow bars is fantastic. So.

The yotan fusion rifle. Is a great. One. The telesto fusion rifle.

Is another fantastic. One just to kill a large group of ads shotguns that can take down you know those yellow bars can be very beneficial. I really wouldn t recommend running something like a bow or a sniper rifle. Yes.

A sniper can be good against the snipers that appear in the capture part. But it s just too niche. Most of the time. You re gonna be rumbling pretty close range and the yotan actually is fantastic for taking down those snipers a huge tip there now for your heavy weapon.

There s a lot of good options. I was using the curated raid rocket launcher from scourge of the past. It had tracking and cluster bomb fantastic for taking down a lot of these enemies like rocket launchers are quite good because they do a lot of damage against the singleton targets. You know the knights at the end and all of that stuff.

But they also can clear out a group of that they ve got that dual flexibility something else like the aqueous or a legend of aqueous shotgun is gonna be pretty darn good here the ward clip coil has received a huge over 100 percent buff. It s fantastic here but you do actually kill yourself pretty often while using it it s nonetheless. Powerful though and lastly something i think people might sleep on is machine guns now they did receive a recent nerf. Unfortunately.

The thunder lord and the hammer head and even the avalanche are still all fantastic especially when there s a heavy weight the amount of ads. You can kill with heavy weight around like it s a one shot headshot kill with heavy weight and we were talking about 60 round magazines you blow through enemies with machine guns. So. Remember that also using something like the thunder lord to clear out ads lets you use i guess scout rifle as your primary to take down those snipers for example alright so those are my tips and recommendations on what to use to make tier 2 of reckoning and tier 1 substantially easier.

I hope you guys enjoyed this video found it informative and if you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video. If you guys want to see more destiny. 2 content similar to this don t be afraid to slap that subscribe button. If you guys want to get in touch with me and keep up to date with the latest channel activity.

The best way is to follow me on twitter at rick cactus. That s linked in the description. Down below as is my twitch channel. Which you can also follow again.

I hope you enjoyed the video and as always have a good day ” ..

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A guide for Reckoning Tier 2 and Tier 1! Going over the Mechanics, best subclasses, best exotics, and best weapons to beat reckoning easily!



The Season of the Drifter (Season 6) for #Destiny2 was officially revealed a couple of days ago, in the Bungie ViDoc, the Joker s Wild DLC went live, and with it came Gambit Prime! This Reckoning Tier 1 and Tier 2 Guide will showcase the mechanics of reckoning as well as a bunch of tips, and best class, subclass, weapons, and exotics to use to beat reckoning easy, in order to get Gambit Prime armor!

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