Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Best Way to get BRIGHT DUST

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“Applause. How s it going everyone today. I would like to show you the best best way to get bright dust and destiny to shadow keep. So.

Since shadow keep you cannot dismantle your sparrows or your anything from the right dust door or the silver store to get your bright dust. And there s no more everest bounties as you see there s no bounties anymore so. But there s so there should be another way to get them so if we go here there is the lander shell. Which they are selling this week which i have acquired i wasted all my pride dust this week.

I try to get one of each shader also emotes. But i don t really care about the emotes that much but the shaders i try to get one because i could just rebuy them with glimmer and glimmer and legendary shards. The other things they are selling is the izanagi s burden ornament an exotic ornament which looks amazing in my opinion. Which i think they were selling for what ten dollars before this what are they usually so for here they were selling yeah about seven which is ten dollars.

Technically speaking. They re selling the sparrow which i don t not a big fan of they re selling the old opulence season seven ship which i m also not the biggest fan of this ship. But this is something they re really cool they re selling this week is this new shadow keeps barrow. Which is like a vex but like it has all this grass on it it looks really really cool.


I think what shitter was i was using this shader which i think they re selling this week. So yeah. It looks really nice and they re also selling the happy feet email. If you are into emotes there you go and they re selling these down here so yeah they are selling the shit this week.

So last week. They were selling one of the pieces so i got the boots for this new armour piece. I m on my second character right now so these ornaments so i don t know if they re gonna be selling them next week. But this is so you could equip them to any piece of armor so yeah.

This is an auggie s burden ornament. Which looks amazing. But how to get these so i calculated it you should if you have three characters and you do what i m telling you you should at. Least get.

3600 bright dust each week that s 3600. Now. If you play destiny. Too.


You should know that that store usually has a lot of you know bullshit and a lot of stuff. That is not worth anything that most of you that played the game should already have so you know you re gonna accumulate a lot of stuff you re not gonna be buying it so i had a i think almost. 12000 but i bought a lot of stuff so this was 2850. I bought this i bought this so.

Yeah. Your community you re spending a lot. But sometimes you re not spending any at all so yeah so they re gonna be selling these so i m looking forward for the harpy s show which you know if you have silver. I think.

This is one of the best looking shells. This also is a new shadow keep show. But okay let me not ramble on so this is how you get it. This is really really simple.

And this is also gonna help you get your season ranked fast. So this is the wednesday. I m recording this week three of shadow keep i know there s probably people way ahead of me i know there s people already like over ranked 100. So after 100 you re every five levels.


You re gonna get the nostalgic engrams. So this i am not telling you the fastest way i have not been doing all my boundaries. I ve been taking a break especially the second week. I took a big break after doing violence.

I only did it from one character. But this is the best way to get your level up to get your bright desktop you want to go and do these weekly banners like you see here this gives you 200 so it doesn t show you. But this gives you 200 bright us 200. Bright.

Does also these give you brightness. I think it s 10 or 20. Bright does each that this should give you so just keep doing these like i mean. Especially.

The vanguard ones like just keep having have it on you if you try to do that 980 nightfall you should already have a bunch on you because you re gonna fail or if you re not feeling you re gonna take a long time you re gonna kill a lot of stuff therefore you re completing bounties and which are just worth glimmer and you re just buying the four glimmer and you re gonna get the glimmer back. Also same here is the bright dust for crucible. It s 200 each. So like we saw that s 200 to to 200.


So that s 400 400 and then you re just gonna go to the gambit man. So i ll just meet you there the drifter all right we re here at the drifter. I think i ve not saw something here. I never mind so here like you see you get to another 400 400.

Now these are the only three so that s 1200 on each character. So that s times. 3. That s 3600 and now that s what you re getting a week that s without the other bright dust bounties that give you 10 to 20 bright dust each that s without other variables.

Nostalgic engrams that drop you bright dust that s just basically you re guaranteed bright dust income this that week that you re gonna do all three hope you guys did enjoy the video. If you did just hit that subscribe button. This is a new channel and i ll try to keep uploading videos and tell me how you think the quality is and what i should improve on ” ..


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