Destiny 2: ZERO HOUR (HEROIC) Guide! Outbreak Perfected Exotic Catalyst

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“Is up guys wreck caucus here thank you so much for joining me if this this video can get sixty nine hundred likes they re gonna fix sonic and avengers and we figure out from there today what we re gonna be showcasing is a complete guide for how to beat the heroic difficulty of the secret zero. Our mission now this mission is originally required to get the new outbreak perfected exotic pulse rifle. If you don t know how to get that i ve already made a complete guide that s linked up above. But once you do acquire this weapon.

The heroic version becomes available and doing it will give you the start for the catalyst for the outbreak. Perfected. Now you may be thinking well ricky boy. Why do we need a whole guide for the heroic version.

I already know how to do the normal version isn t it just harder turns out no in fact. There s an entirely different route you need to take in the heroic zero. Our mission. There s new mechanics new dead ends and a whole new area.

So let s get started. Now everything is going to begin as normal. When you load in and roll through those first few rooms containing a bunch of ads. Remember the ads have increased in power from 690 to 700.

You re gonna require a little bit more to take them down. But that s about it moving on from there the first difference comes when you go to this open area..

And then there s that ship where normally. There is a ventilation shaft kind of broken open and you head down near the front of it well that shaft is completely closed off. You have to go a different direction now head to the right when you first originally come out into this open area and in this little ventilation shaft. There is a brand new entrance head down here and then you can continue on your way now moving through the shafts you re then going to encounter this large bridge area.

If you go a different way through the shaft. You can also fall down into this large silo area. And these two areas are connected via a tunnel. Now if you re on the bridge area you can see red pipes.

Coming to four different crevices off to the corners of this room one of those crevices as you can see we ll have that connecting tunnel to allow you to travel from the bridge area to the silo area. So that s the layout of this area. How do you make it through well in those crevices that the red pipes are leading to there s going to be buttons that you can activate as you can see those buttons are connected to the different silos. So when you press one button a silo lid is going to open up.

And then you can climb on top of these silo lids. You do not jump down into the silos you ll instantly die. What you want to do is open up. Silo number three once this one is opened and by the way it doesn t take too long just open all of them honestly.

But when silo number three specifically is opened you can jump on top of the lid. And as you can see continue jumping from little edge to little edge to make your way up this silo and out of this area moving on from there after squeezing through some vents..

You have another new area. This one is pretty simple simply look for the yellow edges and you can jump from one to the other to the other going from right to left to right again until you get to the end. And there s some more vents. But remember to have the first person who completes it activate the button to extend flaps to make it easier for anyone behind these ones.

However will eventually lead to a little pipe and will bring you to the absolute edge of the wall as you can see here now over to if you look to your right. That s actually you can see like the hanging jumping puzzle. Where you go in the normal version of this mission. But for the heroic version.

You actually want to face to the left and go that way now here you can t really see where to go. But just jump out blindly trust that you re gonna make it and then go for these little divots here. Now you can keep going left. There is enough divots to kind of travel along this way or you can jump on top of these pipes as you can see.

But you simply jump from one object to the other continue making your way left along the wall. Now. There is one long pipe. A long black pipe that s semi near the edge of this wall.

And it has the middle section. That will fall out from under it if you re on top of it so keep that in mind..

But eventually you re going to go into this orange coloured pipe. Here and from here you jump around the other side of the wall as you can see again you really won t be able to line this up too well just jump as best you can and then hope you can make it once you re around the corner. Like with the normal version. Any sort of exotic line.

Ramparts or stoppies. Anything that helps you get extra jump is super super useful now once you re on the other side you re gonna see little platforms that raise up and then they re gonna lower after a short amount of time so you actually want to stay there until you see them just raise up and then make your move jump from one to the next one and make your way as far as you can if they re already standing up don t go because they re gonna go down pretty soon and you re gonna fall off to your death in any event. You make your way forward until you have a bunch of different ledges in this part of the wall. As you can see simply jump from one ledge up to the upper one up to the upper one and then you re gonna see a little flap sticking out and underneath that flap is the route to go.

It s the little entrance to another area now once you re in this room. The next step is actually pretty fun you re gonna slide down this vent and you re gonna start going really really fast there s an object on the right and then an object on the left and if you hit them you could just die instantly so try to kind of start off to your left. Once that object goes by veer over to your right and then when you re near the bottom of this slide. You have to jump as you can see it kind of has to be perfectly timed if you do die you ll just respawn like at the very top you can try it again.

But you time your jump just as you re hitting the edge of that vent before you fall into the darkness essentially and die and you re going to propel yourself forward as you can see and then land on this ledge look up to the right and continue along the vents from here. You re actually going to find the fan room that was in the no well difficulty same mechanics apply simply go into the red portions to avoid the blades and actually from this point. You re going to continue forward exactly like you did in the normal difficulty through a jumping puzzle through the avoidance of the little claw thing in the electric room and then through the piston lifts. Until eventually you get to the cryptarch vault.

And as you can see if you try to run through as normal you will instantly die. So how do you get through well as you can see this room is a grid..

It s six deep five across and you actually have to stand on the specific safe squares here s my teammate running it that s the route just watch it back i m just playing no guys. I made my own little map here on microsoft powerpoint. No big deal and as you can see these are the squares. The red ones are the ones you want to stand on that s the route you want to take you kind of swerve around like a snake heading to the left.

Then kind of doubling back then to the right and then winding your way all the way across follow that route and you should be good to go by the way if one person makes it across there is actually a button you can activate that will turn off the death mechanic for the other two people in any event. Continuing on from there you re simply going to go the exact same route and fight the exact same boss fight. However because the additional routes in heroic take a little bit more time than normal you are really gonna be pressured during this gunfight and you are gonna need to take out those bosses pretty quickly so i would just recommend one person with a whisper of the worm. Because it s so good against the tanks the two tanks that spawn that you will need to take down to beat this so that s kind of the only thing i want to mention here otherwise.

It s basically the exact same boss fight as before guys. That s it for the video. I hope you enjoyed found this informative. If you did please remember to help me out by simply rating and especially sharing this video.

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Complete Guide u0026 Walkthrough for the Heroic Zero Hour Mission! This is needed for the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Catalyst!



A new Exotic Quest has just been added to #Destiny2 with a New Update during the #SeasonOfTheDrifter (Season of the Drifter, Season 6)! The Revelry has just ended and a new Patch hit Destiny 2! This Patch introduced the Outbreak Perfected (Outbreak Prime) Exotic Pulse Rifle, an old exotic Raid weapon from Destiny 1!
This Video will showcase a complete guide for how to complete the Heroic Version of the Zero Hour mission, required to get the Outbreak Prime Catalyst!

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