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“Guys today we re gonna go over the exotic sword quest align. So basically this this is how to get an exotic sword. I ll say this up front since probably want to know the exotic sword does not replace your legendary sword. You get to keep your legendary version.

So the first thing that you need to do is make sure that you have completed the main storyline. So that s finishing regicide and all that next you need to go do the story mission dread patrol. Just go get that done when you ve completed that you should get the quest. A broken will from eris.

She ll then send you to lord shaxx just a few feet away. He will tell you to go get 25 hat i. m flakes from the dread nots and then purify them with motes of light. You ll also need 25 planetary materials depending on which sword you want arc solar or void and note that whatever element you choose here will be the element of the exotic version of the sword so if you choose solar now your exotic is going to be solar turn that in and you will have your 220 sword the next requirement is hidden you need to level up your sword to 280 attack.

Before you can trigger the next part of the question. When you do that go talk to shacks the first quest. He ll give you is to go kill 50 majors and 25 players in the crucible..


The only advice i have for the crucible part is to get familiar with the gourd function. It is your best friend and yes they have to be sword kills. None of this fuels while a sword is equipped nonsense like with the chaperone quest as for the majors you can go kill the hive majors in the cosmodrome. If you want that works just.

Fine you could do something like the undying mind strike. Which has a lot of majors. Whatever you want to do once you ve done that come back to shaq s and he ll give you a quest to go kill x. Our sword of oryx to do this first go to the dread nots.

Then head to the founts like you re. Doing the sunless sell strike drop down into the lower level hook. A right and then another right to enter this big room in this room next to the big door will be three wardens of each element. These three wardens need to die.

Very quickly within a certain time span of each other 1015 seconds probably 10 seconds. All i know is that it s very very quick sunbreaker titans have it pretty easy here get all of them to very low health. Then kill them all very very quickly..


If you do it fast enough. The door will open if you re too slow go to orbit and try it again head inside to fight xr. His shield can only be damaged by your sword. So have fun with that fight once his shield is off you can use whatever damage you want.

But let s be honest. It s gonna be way more fun having a sword battle with this guy than anything else. Anyway. Once you are done with that head back to shaq s turn that in and he should give you a new quest called a sword reforged you ll talk to shaq s and then he ll tell you to go gather ten of a rare material and to brush up on your elemental kills depending on which sword you grabbed i had void so i went to mars for my materials and i needed void ability kills you need a lot of ability kill so just stick with that subclass for a while it s gonna be a pretty slow process as for the rare materials.

I was getting one every 15 or so nodes it s gonna take you a solid chunk of time to do this part pretty time consuming you have to go farm those material nodes. You cannot just dismantle any materials. You have on you or anything. Like that i never got any materials out of chess.

It might be possible. But i m not too hopeful about that after that is done you will have to wait for arms day aka v. Wednesday reset the quest will automatically pop up on your screen as soon as your arms de packages go live so don t worry about that the final part of the quest is to go to a special edition of the sunless sell where you need to go kill your respective warden and a lock hull within 30 seconds of each other so no this does not mean you only have 30 seconds to kill them total you need to kill your warden first then a lock..


If you kill a lock first that s no good your warden will correspond with the type of sword. That you are getting so if you re getting a void sword. Then you re killing the void shield guy also important to note. This is a light level 300 recommended activity.

So those with gear. Not as good as light 300 may find it slightly more difficult this took myself in my group about seven minutes to do just because we wanted to be absolutely sure that we would get it to happen correctly. If your fire team has multiple quests to complete with different targets say arc and solar. It is possible to do both at the same time you re basically going to leave your warden alive.

The whole time get a locks health down. Really really low blow up your warden and then kill the boss right away or within 30 seconds. A lot of jumping around a lot of waiting. But ultimately not too hard once you complete that you are done and are awarded your exotic sword.

I leveled mine up with 15 motes of light and it might not even require that many so it s pretty easy to level up and like i said you get to keep your legendary sword as well which i know is a very big worry for a lot of people because they ve liked using their sword. But they didn t think it was worth the exotic slot or wanted to use an exotic. So that s a very good piece of news let me tell you something though with the bonus abilities on these exotic swords..


I can see why these are maybe worth the exotic slot in certain situations. I grabbed the void one and wow this thing tears tears through stuff. It has a whirlwind attack. But the attack locks onto a target.

However it will still hit everything in the immediate area of that target as well so it s super good for clustered up stuff even its single target damage is really good using the ability be aware that the special ability does cost five ammo to use though so you will burn through ammo super quickly if you spam. It man is it fun. Though it is super fun to use those bigger abilities is it gonna be worth the exotic slot. Maybe i think there s a small chance that they end up being useful in some high end pve maybe not any of the kings fall bosses.

But you know situationally useful in some spots maybe. I m gonna let the rest of the gameplay roll here but that is how you get your exotic sword. Thank you all very much for watching and i ll see you next time applause music music. ” .


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The exotic sword quest line was eligible to be completed recently, so now that we know all of the steps, let s take a look at what you need to do in order to get a bad-ass sword for yourself.

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