Discussing New Signature Weapon Buffs! (Weapon+Warframe Synergy)

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“Guys and welcome back to another warframe video today. I m gonna be talking about about the signature weapon changes that they did in the last couple updates ago. In t sure about doing this video. Because some of them seemed really powerful like disturbingly powerful in some ways and i m wasn t sure if they re gonna change it or not.

But it s been a few updates and hot fixes and they haven t really changed it. So i m just gonna go ahead. And do this. And i decided to do this voice just so i can give my opinions on each one as we go along and what i mean by saint your weapons as herro came out with an l.

So when you use harrow with the knell you get a certain bonus same with the to nora with octavia and etc. So the first one we re gonna check out is with harrow and when we equip harrow you notice that the knell now has a two magazine instead of one this is good it s not overpowered or anything. But i like in case. You miss a headshot you get an another chance before you have to do it.

And you can notice the reload speed is pretty slow so if you manage to get that headshot you get to shoot it for longer. This is a very mild synergy with harrow. But it is a welcome one now the next. One is we re going to be looking at is the synergy with octavia and the pandora and the to nora.

Now. The nora one it s if you use the alt fire. And you headshot kill an enemy. There s a 20 chance to refill the entire magazine now this is good for lower levels.

But once you get to higher levels. Where the enemies don t start being one or three shotted you might actually just rather use the normal fire because it s strips armor. A lot. Quicker you could also just use the normal fire to strip armor.

And then use that secondary fire to just kill them quicker. I m talking about armored enemies obviously like corpus and infested are still fine with the pandeiro headshots. Killed with the alt fire increase reload. Speed by 20.

Now. This is the one that was concerned about because the reload speed boost actually stacks and it keeps stacking. Until it s basically almost instant and i ll show that in a second now. I m going to take out the and daryl.


Now. When i use the alt fire. I get a headshot now. I just came to reload speed bonus.

And it s gonna keep stacking as long as i keep getting those headshots over and over and over and as you could probably tell it s getting faster and faster every time. I do that and eventually it gets to a point where it s so quick. It s almost you not only instant. It should be about these 20 enemies.

I don t think it might go faster. But it s like it s based on a percentage similar to corrosive removes. 25 of client armor. It s 20 of current speed.

And if it s already lightning fast you re not gonna really notice a difference now here s the thing. I ve never noticed this buff and so even though it s been a while i still have that reload bar. So i was thinking maybe they change it to a ui buff. Where it s like it decays.

Like one stack per second after you use it or it s a single use buff. So you get that headshot bonus. You reload and then the buff ends. But apparently it keeps going so.

That s actually really powerful. So obviously it goes without saying. If you mod your pandeiro with recoil you re gonna have a lot easier time with this because you re gonna have that instant reload. And you ll be able to hit headshots a lot.

Easier basically it turns. The machine into an automatic weapon. Almost which is kind of funny. Obviously.

You re gonna need some way to regain ammo as well now with the two nora it s a similarly good debuff. But like i said it becomes a little problematic at higher level so with these level enemies. I should be able to one shot them so you know i just regain my ammo normal. There well there it is only 20.

So there s actually a chance that you could get no ammo..

Even at even if you one shot every single enemy. See. If i can get one. More.

Said. The obvious that i got the ammo 70. 60. 50.

150. See i managed to get the am back. So. This one s it s another one of those mild ones.

So maybe if you re at a high level. And you re you use the normal fire to strip down the armor of a really heavy grenier and you just happen to like this and you regain your ammo. I mean that s that s pretty good but it s fairly mild it s a lot more mild in my opinion compared to the pandeiro one. I mentioned another fairly mild buff when when you use the noggin taka with garuda.

You gain a one meter punch through with the weapon. I say mild just because i mean punch is great. But it s just like it s just like a utility stat. It is useful so i can just go right through these enemies and hit the other ones behind.

Normally you have to kill the enemy and then they fly back and deal damage. But this is actually very excellent with the alt fire against groups. Because you can just kind of spray and pray and get all the enemies in that line. Which is pretty cool so now with jerez boosts.

She boost the estilo the ball nests and the fusel eye. But to actually show them properly have to use a different frame first so with the ax still ax. He noticed that of 120 rounds in spare in the magazine. I get an additional 80 when i m using guerra with the fusel i i gain a bonus to flight speeds you can notice the flight speed right here and with the vol ness.

Which is this a pretty cool hammer you gain an additional slam real damage. This is harder to test it s very minor against armored enemies. But just trust me when you do a slam attack when you re using this with guerra you just do more slam attack damage so now when i equip guerra. Now you ll notice that my ax stila.

Now has a hundred and ninety to spare rounds in the ammunition..

And when i use the few sly. They re a lot quicker so they re it s easier to get enemies at range. It s not super quick. It s not hit scan or anything.

But it is a lot quicker. Which is pretty nice now so somewhere de guerra. I have to actually use an they re frame to showcase the buffs at the fantasma and the tatsu have four revenant for the fantasma gain extra 15 magazine while total of 15. So it has just a four more but while that s mild for the normal fire that does mean with the charged fire you get a lot more of those projectiles.

So it becomes a a more effective like crowd control bomb than it was before it s a mild buff. But like i said it s pretty still pretty useful with the tatsu when you kill enemies you get a charge that you can do with a slight attack and instead of five you get a nine cap of the charges now i haven t actually tested this weapon since i reviewed it reviewed the changes so i m actually just gonna actually see if that even works now. So i know you gained eight charge. There s gel case.

So i see at times. So it is working now so i should get up two times five. And that s it yes okay. So let s see what happens.

After that it uses all the charges at once that s disappointing unless unless. I okay let s try that again unless. I missed that i didn t see that enemy okay so all the enemies over here let s shoot okay did absolutely nothing cool. I ve got you good to see that it s affected by walls.

That s extremely disappointing okay. Let s just spawn another set enemies. I really hate i have to do this because there s there was still enemies out it s a sixteen. I leave and i come back now it s nineteen really hate how i have to do that so let s kill at least one more enemy don t know why i m rolling guard on let s see and okay so it does hit multiple enemies.

But that s kind of disappointing. Because look. I was only able to do one charge attack. Oh man that s disappointing anyways with revenant.

I should be able to get up to nine. So i should be able to stun up to nine enemies. Wait is it always 90 mediately or what there s one enemy killed soul swarm. And it s just a soul swarm.

Again is this still bugged for revenant that s unfortunate..

So i can t actually test that properly. Oh well. So with this. Alt.

Fire. And i can charge. It up takes a little longer because it goes by how much in the magazine. And i have more of those projectiles obviously they have travel life and if the enemies are far away it ll dissipate.

But this makes the weapon. A lot more better against crowds. If you re using revenant and now for the latest buff. You can see with the tech.

Oh i have a 26 percent status. And when i like this it says ten percent. You can see now the status goes up to 16 percent and with my mods on and it s actually 41. Which is actually a lot better.

And it actually lets you actually deal status cuz. This weapon is actually has a poor status chance compared to a lot of other melee weapons. And this actually helps a little bit. I m not sure you why you d use the tech.

Oh with outlet. I mean i d prefer the high ruto since it heals him and so she has us a large our armor pool especially with his petrify you can gain his armor so much that his health. Just barely takes a hit and then you can use that haruto to heal and gain extra health. Um.

See how that s the signature weapon. Changes to some pretty old videos probably a lot longer than i thought. But hey i thought i d do it with my voice so yeah thanks for watching music. ” .


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Reviewing the signature weapon features introduced in Update 24.6 that allows weapons that came with Warframes gain new buffs only with that Warframe! While most are pretty mild, they are nonetheless worth checking out.

Shame that the Tatsu is completely bugged out with Revenant and only holds one charge, not sure if that was just a simulacrum bug or what. The fact that the Tatsu fires *all* charges at once is also incredibly disappointing. Generally speaking there is no reason to keep more than one charge in that case. I was hoping it would save up charges that you can use over and over but maybe i was hoping for too much.

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