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“Everyone i m in one of my test rooms. So don t be surprised. Yeah. Yeah.

I often got the question. Especially. Where one person. What my menu looks like i am.

I got almost everywhere 100 completion. So this will be the topic of this video. So i will just switch around and my menus show you everything maybe all the cooking recipes all the room recipes and all the block combinations. So you have everything as a list you can just pause.

The video at the right time. And you can take a look. So maybe this will be something for you so i won t talk too much although i want to show you something before a hand so right now. I m in the darkroom after the strip club.

There must be the darkroom of course so. And thank you for all the support and everything i m really happy about that i i know i missed the opportunity to talk about it in my last video. But i think you know how much i like you guys you re great so enough enough sugarcoating. So wait i need to sleep.

So maybe we can also take a look at all of my collections of my wardrobes and ross. And i will also show the complete monster list the complete item list and i think that s it maybe the blueprints. Although you i think you will all have the same. But nonetheless.

So let s start let s start at the far left music is how all the demonic items. Demonic music rocks earth grass and the creator flocks music all the monster items music all the food you can put down and place somewhere. Don t be surprised about the large number. I will explain it to you in tomorrow s video.

It will be a nice surprise also i put some chests here recently and not very organized. But maybe you want to take a look. It s all the raw foods for more stone and some more sand heart of licious stop putting your stuff in here. Wait we ll be finished music.

So this is like the would items the stone items and the metal ones..

Music. Luxury music musical stuff music windows and doors war machinery and stuff and train tracks lights workstations magnetic blocks and other technical stuff and color stuff. It s more like random stuff like signs a bit of boot and cute stuff. This is a very special one like i said don t be don t be surprised about the numbers.

I will explain it tomorrow. And yeah those those are the special items like the very rare ones. Which you won t find anywhere else weapons of shields and my armor. So we got that and now i wanted to show you a special room and then we go into the menu lists so this seems like a normal rule.

But it s not music. I gave it a murids floor. So of course this guy needs to be blue for this to work otherwise. It will look awkward just put down some glass panels and murud everything below.

That so you have a mirrored look also the door. It s just there in the floor. But when you re walking around you don t notice it. But it s just a test just test.

So here we are another test room. And you notice how kin was disappearing music. I can t recreate it yet. But i work on that so why we are here.

Because yeah. We have a nice black canvas. So now we can take a look music i got many colors. I m now working on bring all my paint buckets to 999 music.

And some stuff. I got from the contests music so this one is interesting. I don t know why. But it s still on 93 maybe i need to unlink some more blocks.

I think maybe that s the reason for all those special items. Which you can get through stuff like buying it at 7 eleven and stuff like that like those heart blocks. So now we go into the food music as i said just press pause. If there s something interesting for you music of course stuff.

Like this the better the meat..

The more stars it gets and the more health. It replenishes music. Although a tells you it is at 93. I got 100 of the food items music.

So if you want to create every food. That is available in the game. Just do what you see here music. And if you want to get milk.

Just go with the jar to a cow and press. The right shoulder shoulder button. So this one is very special the ice cream music and there at the bottom you can see where you can create it like this barrel cooking station. So now we got this oh wait we can go off through the other ones as well.

Although they are not quite that interesting we ll go through each and every item later i wish i could get this item. I would really like to to build this again music or this one this would be great music. If you want to know how to get the weapon isn t in here. Interesting the best weapon in the game.

I talked about it in the 10 hidden items video and move everything you can convert from this stuff here from monster island dimension. So here s a complete list of every item in the game music. Oh wait i meant this item. This is the best weapon in the game.

You need to craft this and then you use the dresser and put this on top of your weapon. Then you get this okay music and items and drank whisperers too music you know all the railroads can t build anymore. The last page. So now we come to the monsters and what they drop.

I think i almost got every drop. I think the mermans and a drool drone. I think there are still missing. But otherwise you can see what they will drop for you and if you want to know the location.

I think just put google translator up and the last point will be where you can find them. Although i think it only tells you on an island music also the icon on the top left this will tell you that you can befriend them or tame them. It s like a 5 chance when you defeat a monster that it doesn t drop loot and respawns at the exact same location and then you can give the monster food. Which was a little sack.

But you will get it in the story music also some monsters are also boss monsters and sometimes they overlap and don t tell you exactly what they want boss monsters drop or the normal monsters so sometimes it s a bit convoluted music so if you re having trouble finding seats on the first island to feed those guys they work a few seats he got a special drop when you miss it in the story he will have a chance to drop it for you so the bottom one is always the rare drop and the top ones are the common one music how many did i oh 4000..

Okay for bunnies yeah. There s something missing although i think it s oil like this yellow yellow slime thing music now comes the interesting drops he has a really low chance of dropping the hero s shield music this one the evil idol music that s like the king s plate or what is it called again music music and here you got the guillotine this one also drops like a little statue of himself. So here. It is kind of mixed up with the normal monster music.

The catalan shield. What is called a waterfall rock. So it makes some splashing music here. I m still missing a few things although i killed them like 10 times.

Still haven t found the common item and here the rare one although i think he drops card like the fish and maybe it doesn t recognize it and tea. I think sardines was something else music. I don t know anymore and now we go into spoiler category. If you haven t played through the game.

Now come. The boss monsters music. Because this one will be a spoiler and this one. So now the next category.

The room recipes. Although i have in that video about it i will show you every music recipe by itself music those great blocks are the block combination. Which we will come to at a later point music. So many boobs music.

When are we finished my finger is starting to hurt music and that s all of them. Although i would recommend watching my room recipe video. Because if there is a block combination like here. I ll explain in detail what kind of block combination.

And how they need to be aligned. We go to the block combinations from the start music. And i linked the room recipe video at the end. And don t don t forget to like my video.

If you find this helpful so now we come to the blueprints. So here are a few of my church was which is still in progress. I haven t forgotten about it and one of the 100 builders build i found this one pretty interesting. It also was in one of the screams of the guys of the game your segments of the church and here.

I tried to make a blueprint of the complete church..

But it cut off at one point. So this was the most i can do we want to count. Many of those are have no idea the height. But i think it is limited to the number of blocks you have in your plan and maybe it also got a maximum size.

I don t know and next we come to all the recipes. I think everyone should have nice. I ll switch through pretty fast music and also if you want to have a second buggy car or buggy buck buck buggy. You can use this you can just push the plus or no.

No the minus button on the switch or the touchpad on playstation you can lay it down and if you build it again you will have a second buggy or even on another island. It will also be used as a spawn as a teleport point. Yeah. And i think that s everything so i hope you found this video helpful tomorrow.

I explain why i can walk through this pumpkin and how i got those rare items to 100. So please give it a thumbs up and i ll see you tomorrow so bye music you music. is right now in dollars. So when you actually get paid by mining.

It like this now that can be really different depending on different posts. Samples you pay out to you when you reach. Like. 001 son will do.

Like 002 and some can even. Do. 0001. So it will depends on the pool and on the profits that they decide to pay out and then that is where here you can see your recent payouts.

How much you got paid tell astounding. I did and when you actually get paid you can compare that to the nicer for example you can might want to be conceivable using also minor and then wanna be on the nice fish and you can compare those profits by looking at the recent payouts. So hopefully this moment will give you hard profits like like it did for me. And we can all get a little bit faster return on investment or each abuse.

So thank you guys for watching this video let me know if it worked for you or. If you have some problems and see you soon in another video bye. ” ..


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Hey I got this question a few times – to show all my menus (which are almost all 100% completed). So I thought after the last video I ll make one a bit more quieter. Hope you ll enjoy it nonetheless 🙂

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