Earn 2.6 Million DP in One Duel – Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Duel Academy (No Cheats)

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“What s up it s scrub buster here. I m showing off a cool way way to earn a ton of dp and gx duel academy and the first thing re gonna need is a black luster soldier on void beginning you are going to need a bandage of the light you are going to need a machine creature. I m using cyber end dragon the more attack the better and you re also gonna need two primal seed. And that s the main combo tool.

We use here. And we re also going to use limiter removal. So first off you want to have banish of light face up on the field. Then you want to use limiter removal in order to double the attack of your cyber end dragon.

And since banished rate of light is on the field limiter removal gets removed from play..

Which allows us to get it back with primal seed and so now prime will see gets removed from play. And we use limiter removal. Again and then we use our second primal seed in order to get back the limiter removal. And the first primal seed.

So then you use limiter removal again and then you use primal seed in order to get back limiter rule and primal seed and so this is the infinite loop. That we set up in order to increase the attack of our cyber end dragon to a really high amount and so since this is basically an infinite loop. I m gonna speed this part up here to make it a little bit quicker so since the game only shows five numbers for the creatures attack points once you reach over a hundred thousand attack points you ll see the numbers start to do some weird things and once you do it so many times you ll see the creatures attack points reset to zero. But this is actually a good thing and it means that the attack number is just off the charts.

And it doesn t know what to display it as so it shows a zero..

But you can actually use limiter. Removal too many times in order reset cyber end dragons attack back to 4000. So you want to find the perfect amount of limiter removals to use for whatever creature. You re gonna do this with in order to get the highest mmm of dp possible so finally after 15 limiter removals.

We have a cyber end dragon at zero and to make this a little bit safer we re gonna use bot cluster soldiers effect to get rid of this creature and then we re gonna attack straight through with our cyber end dragon oh no it s zero oh no it s a. Ton. Oh my god we won and there we go 26. Million dp and so you get this number because you del 131 billion points of damage to little syrus and the game will give you points based on how much damage you del over the duel.

It will give you one hundredth of the damage that you d out so if you deal 8000..

Points of damage over the duel you get 80 points of dp at the end of the duel. And if you deal this damage in battle instead of through the effects of magic and trap cards or whatever. Then you get an extra bonus. So we get an extra bonus on a 131 billion points of damage and that gives us two point six million dp and we beat him before the 40th turn marker.

Which means our dp doesn t get haft and if you have a good enough deck with enough draw power. Then you shouldn t run into that problem in general. But you can get pretty unlucky. So yeah.

It might take some time to set up..

But once you do it basically pays off for the entire game you can buy whatever you want so yeah. Thanks for watching everyone if you liked it please like the video. Please. Subscribe and have any problems.

Please let me know in the comments. I ll be happy to help you and have fun getting your game on or chatting it up or whatever all right guys. ” ..


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Big thanks to gergerbb for coming up with this method

Black Luster Soldier – Envoy being legal in this game allows you to use the Primal Seed + Banisher of Light combo which allows you to use any spell card you want infinitely so with limiter removal we can pump a machine monster to an insane amount. This is also a nice way to get DP because it doesn t require having to do the dropout event and can be done on anyone.


Primal Seed: buying 90% of “Spell Collection 1” unlocks “Spell Special 1” which has Primal Seed (you can get it early by watching the spell tutorials)

Limiter Removal: available in “The Machines” pack which is unlocked by beating Cyrus after becoming an “Average Duelist” (at least 10 wins and pass an exam) which will trigger the Zane appearing event, you can win or lose and you will unlock the pack

Banisher of Light: available in “Fairy Dance” pack which is unlocked by waiting 3 months after the start of the game and then meeting Alexis in front of the Girls Obelisk Blue Dorm on a Saturday night and they think you are spying on them or something (you should receive a message on January 3rd about the event) you have to beat all 3 Obelisk Blue girls to get the pack so its good to save beforehand.

Black Luster Solider – Envoy of the Beginning: available in “The Warriors” pack which is obtained by beating Gerard once. Gerard shows up by remaining in Slifer Red for at least 4 months. This one takes the longest to get without the code but he requires 20K to buy from the machine so it takes some investment. I use a life gain deck with the Fontaine dropout event to get enough money to get him early.

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