EASY OBSIDIAN ACCELERATOR FARM! Destiny 2 Black Armory – YouTube

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“What is going on everybody. It is your boy tiga lizzy. Here. And i m m excited to be bringing you guys another awesome video so in today s video re gonna be covering a really sweet farm inside of the edc so to do this farm.

You re gonna have to load up the burgoo zia forge and you are gonna be farming the obsidian accelerators. What are obsidian accelerators. They are used for black armory weapons you apply this obsidian accelerator to your black armory weapon. And it s gonna give it about a 5 to 10 damage boost.

While you re doing the forges. So this works for any forge. While the forge is in ignition..


You will receive a five to ten percent damage boost. So what that means is while you re doing the forges your weapons are gonna be just that much more stronger. This isn t really super overpowered or i shouldn t say it s overpowered at all because it doesn t apply into the open world or into raids or any of that it only works inside of the forges. But now that we have the obsidian accelerator covered.

How do we farm this item from the game so farming. The obsidian accelerators. Very easy to do very. Simple.

All you need to do is complete the bar. Guzzi ax. Forge..


So if you are a solo player. My highest recommendations is make sure you have the whisper worm and make sure you are around 640. Like these are the biggest two requirements. I would say for this farm because this is gonna make your farm a hundred percent easier right now i am sitting at 6 49 light so when i hop into burgers.

Yeah. I queue up with more 650s and it s a super easy run. I m not gonna lie. It only takes about five to seven minutes to complete it and within an hour.

I can get about ten completions. Done a burger xia and that means. I will receive about three obsidian accelerators..


You receive one about every second to third completion not guaranteed. But your chances of it dropping are very very high from burgoo xia. I don t even know if it drops in any of the other forges. But my best of luck has been inside a burger xia just running the forge over and over and over for about an hour and i get about three obsidian accelerators every hour.

So that s actually pretty pretty good odds. If you are trying to put them on your black armory weapons. Which it only applies to the black armory weapon. So that s gonna do it for me.

I just wanted to make you guys a quick video on how to farm at these obsidian accelerators. If you guys are trying to upgrade your weapons to the next level to make your 4 check ignition is just that much more easier funny thing is while recording and editing this video. I actually had two more drop for me and they were just back to back so you guys can t get these back to back i mean if you get in the bag rewsey afford you you just get to farming them and you know running them and keep clearing them really quickly you will get a ton of these obsidian accelerators probably more than what you actually need so..


It is a really neat way hopefully. Bungie does do something else with these maybe do something where we can craft a new material out of them something along the lines of that maybe even master work our black armor gear and stuff to make it just that much more better in the forges and inside of the raid maybe something in the future hopefully we see from the obsidian accelerators. But yeah that s gonna do it for me guys if you guys did enjoyed this video. Please be sure to let me know by slamming that thumbs up button.

And don t forget to subscribe and i ve been teague lizzy gives me my awesome viewers. And i ll see you guys in another peas. ” ..


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With this easy farm you ll be able to grab around 5 obsidian accelerator an HOUR! Aren t to many guns to grind for from Black armory so with this guide it should be no problem upgrading all Black Armory weapons

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